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Hooded Herringbone Men's Black Soft Spa Full Length Warm Bathrobe With Grey Kimono Shawl Collar
Hooded Herringbone Men's Black Soft Spa Full Length Warm Bathrobe With Grey Kimono Shawl Collar
  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Tie closure
  • 0.7" high
  • 14" wide
  • 100% Polyester.This house coat is better wear after drying body.Stay warm with KEMUSI's new Men's Spa collection. Slip into this beautiful all season fleece robe and relax. Midnight black color hooded robe with Gray trim. Styled with traditional patch pockets, double lops and belt.
  • Wash it at least once before first wearing.Material: Imported, High quality, durable and super soft eco friendly fabric.60 days customer service.

Bathrobe Features

Black color base and Grey Shawl Collar with a Hood.

Full long robe covers shins to keep your whole body warm.

Large hood to keep your ears and neck warm.

Two large patch pockets.

Double belt loops for a custom fit.


Sizing Recommendations

Small: Robe length 48 in,Chests 25.2 in,Shoulder to shoulder 24 in

Medium: Robe length 50 in,Chests 26.4 in,Shoulder to shoulder 25.2 in

Large: Robe length 52 in,Chests 27.6 in,Shoulder to shoulder 26.4 in

X-Large: Robe length 54 in,Chests 28.7 in,Shoulder to shoulder 27.6 in

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Washing Instructions

Wash in cool water with like colors and Dry on low heat.We recommend using a light detergent to keep your robe looking it's best.

  • We recommend tumble drying your robe to keep it fluffy and cozy.
  • Avoid touch with skin care products as they may stain your bathrobe.
  • Do not use bleach or any other harsh chemicals.

Full length and large hood keep you to stay warm hug.

Be handsome and luxuriously soft.Relax and unwind with the KEMUSI Plush Kimono Robe.It's delightfully cozy.You'll never want to take it off.KEMUSI Men's Coral Fleece Long Hooded Plush Spa/Bath Robe is perfect for the lounging around the fireplace during the cool nights.Lose yourself in the pure sensuous softness of this microfleece bathrobe.

  • Wonderful quality - We are extremely proud of the high quality of our products. Each bathrobe is designed and made to deliver the very best, so you can enjoy an authentic, luxury experience.
  • Be your gifts - Buy it for yourself or send it as a warm hug for your loved ones.KEMUSI robes would make the warm memory year after year.
  • Best backup - Easy come easy back.
  • Wash it at least once before first wearing.
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Robes' Details

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Whole Large Hood

With KEMUSI robe big hood,do you wanna to try to become a movie star?

Enough Sleeve

Not too long ,not too short,just fit.Cover all arm length during a light weight soft touch.

Everything-in Packets

Why not ask when or where I put all my treasures in my pockets?

Real Full Length

Cover all your body.Not anymore cold,just be cool style.

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Warm Level +++ ++ ++ +++ +++ +++
Length Full Length Full Length Full Length Full Length Full Length Full Length
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Product Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 0.7 inches
  • Date First Available: August 7, 2016
  • ASIN: B01JVO1WX4
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #35,055 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry (See Top 100 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry)
    • #32 in Men's Bathrobes
    • #9378 in Men's Shops

    Originally I really liked this, The material is nice, fluffy and warm.

    Only reason it is not 5 stars the belt that came with it is smaller than I expected. I bought the XL

    Edit after owning a month and 1/2
    Originally I liked the robe and to be honest I like the material, However after putting some money in the left pocket and getting it out it ripped, there are now holes in the seams by the underarm both left and right arms, So after a month and a half of use it has started to fall apart, So from 4 stars down to 1 star.

    I bought one of these a size medium and returned it because it felt as though it was made for someone 6" taller and 100 lbs heavier. Why the hell do they make these things so big. Thing is though, that this is a really sweet bath robe and if you're 6'2 and 250 lbs you're going to love it. But if you're 5'6 and 135 lbs, you might wish for something a little less voluminous. I returned mine in hope of exchanging one for a size small, and guess what? They only carry size large now. I guess I'll just have to stick with my much too large, one size fits all (sic) fleece robe that I got in Macy's 10 years ago, and hardly ever wear since I feel like it's just too floppy and large. So I rate it pretty high and hope they will come out with a size small at some point.

    It’s just so soft and can’t resist not wearing it. And just to let anyone know, Incase anyone is worried about sizes, I’m a male 21yrs old about 5’11’ weight 135lbs, and I ordered a medium and it fits great, if I pull my sleeves down all the way they might reach the end of my fingertips and the robe length goes about 4-6inches from my ankles. Hope I can help!

    Very comfortable. I have found two problems which keep me from giving this five stars, but neither would keep me from buying it again. The first problem is with the sizing. I am a large man and normally buy my clothes in an XL size. I found the sizing descriptions confusing, so went with what I am used to. The XL is huge. I would need to be six foot four and weigh 350 to fill this thing out. I can live with large though. The other problem is with static. Even after treating it with static guard, I need to be careful when wearing this or else I end up giving my wife a very big shock. The static shock is bright enough to make a decent flash in a dark room and loud enough to be heard in the next room. It also really hurts!

    The fabric is soft! It is so luxurious and comfortable. I hope it will last me many years.

    Very soft but the pockets ripped the first time I washed it. Cold wash low dry. It's also a static machine.

    I ordered the wrong size, that's on me, and I don't even care. If you are Texan, buy XL. I'm ordering another one!!
    Hands down my favorite bath robe. SOFT! So soft, and thick. The hood is fantastic, and large enough that I enjoy walking around the house pretending to be a Star Wars character lol. Insert light saber joke at will.
    I cant wait for my next one.

    I gave this to my husband this evening, within minutes he was completely docile!! So relaxing, I was able to try it on for a moment, I am going to purchase one as well. To quote my husband: "You have no idea how comfortable I am," and "I feel rich.". We live in the frigid, windy Rockies, so be confident that you will be warm & happy!

    I bought this for my 6' 1" son who only weighs 118 pounds.. It is very hard to find anything that is long enough to fit him (especially jeans!) and this robe is a great length on him. he is always cold and wearing things too short on him.. I saw how this model was the same height! the hood is great because my son loves hoods since his neck gets cold too.. he is always cold. Well he loved this i gave him as a birthday gift. Haven't tied to wash it yet because he loves it so much lol... didn't expect the outside to be so soft too, he liked the outside of the old one but he ended up loving all that this cushy robe has to offer! he was funny did a darth vader impression lol right on the mark!

    So I spent about a year looking for the perfect hooded robe for my spouse, he 6’5 so finding something with a suitable arm length is a pain in the ass. After reading the reviews on this robe I thought I had found the perfect one, perfect length, not too hot, not too cold, just the right fabric temperature, super soft and a nice neutral colour. Everything seemed perfect until I washed the bastard. Now there are blacks fluffs absolutely everywhere, in the shower, on all our clean laundry, all over the carpet, in my shoes, in my car, in my dishwasher, hell I wouldn’t be surprised if they were in my neighbours house and they were trying to figure out what they are and where they came from. You have been warned , this robe is extremely comfortable in every way possible but your life with be taken over by black balls of fluff.

    This was great when I first got it, so warm and soft and fit great. Would've had a 5 star review. But it fails the second you wash it. Large lint balls start forming all over the bathrobe which seem impossible to remove and if you happen to wash other clothes with it like I did, well they are now covered in lint too. There's black lint everywhere now, on the carpets, the furniture, anywhere your robe goes there will be black lint on it. Would not recommend unless you never plan on washing it

    This bathrobe is the first one that I have owned. It is honestly very comfortable to wear and is great to wear. My package came opened so I was a bit disappointed, idk if it was a returned unit or what but would have appreciated more if it came resealed and well packed. Nonetheless, it is a good product overall.

    One thing to note is the fact that the sleeves for your arms are really big. It is such a wide circle and I always have to fold it up as just raising it drops it back. I hope that sentence wasn't hard to understand. I am average size about 180 cm and weigh 65-70 kg (google can help you if you don't know what that means). You can check the photo to see what I mean.

    Overall, I would recommend this and buy it again, would be happier if the sleeve is fixed. As you see in my 3rd photo I opted to fold the sleeve in and that’s why this is a 4 and not a 5 star review.

    Hope this was helpful for you :)

    This Bathrobe exceeded my expectations! Given that I am a tall man 6'3'' and 220 lbs it is difficult for me to find a bathrobe that is very long and just the right length in the arms. Well Cosmoz is the product for us tall guys! It is very comfortable lightweight but very warm! Washing the bathrobe is very easy for those concerned of shrinking. I wash mine in cold water and hang dry it in my bathroom. The colors did not FADE like other robes I have had in the past purchased at clothing stores. I was so impressed I purchased another one for safekeeping! This bathrobe would make an excellent christmas gift!

    Initially I loved this thing, super soft and warm but I noticed it was leaving little balls of black fluff everywhere. I thought this might be just because it’s new so I was ok with it but it didn’t stop. I tried washing it, following the instructions and this made it even worse. My bed sheets, tshirts, socks, everything is covered in black fluff, everything!!!! I can no longer return the item as I’ve waited too long, which is unfair considering I was giving time for the problem to stop, anyway great bathrobe if you want black fluff to infest your life :)

    The pattern is nice, it fits as expected, but for the price I'd expect better quality. The material is soft but a little light, so satisfaction depends on your climate - I was hoping for something a little heavier. The assembly is what bothers me, the reviews here saying it was ruined in the wash are likely right as I wouldn't dare wash this for fear is would fall apart (and I get the feeling it is going to fall apart from use). It looks cool, if it was half the price i'd give it 4-5 stars, but for what they are charging, I would look for another product.

    I have always been cold so I feel like an idiot for not getting a robe earlier in life. This is my first and it is insanely comfortable. Great for days when you're feeling chilly or just want the soft fabric against you.

    But holy crap, this thing causes static like crazy. Every time I wear it and touch a light switch, I get a nasty zap. I have now developed the habit of touching the screws of light switch plates with my elbow first to discharge the static since it's less painful than using my fingers. Remember when Peter Griffin got those feety pajamas and started zapping everyone? It's like that.

    But hey, for that price range this is more than great !
    Comments and pictures led me to think it was on par with 150$ wardrobes which it is not. But for a 40$ wardrobe it is much much better than the average wardrobe.

    PROS :
    Warm, very warm.
    Nice colors, exactly the same pictured in the photos.
    Very soft.

    CONS :
    This is the right size but the fit is not as slim as expected.
    A LOT of static electricity. I hope it will go away with time.
    Fabric is good but does not feel high quality, it wrinkles more than expected.

    Overall, I am very happy. I will use it in winter, at the cottage, to walk outside to my spa. The very warm fabric will be very welcome :)

    Others have said the same, this item while nice at first reacts poorly to being washed, degrades rapidly. I recommend either hand washing or the gentlest setting your washer has, treat it like delicate underwear for washing.

    But it's still comfortable to wear around the loft all winter. Not super thick but I wanted something light and this was fine for that! Even if it doesnt last forever, it does feel good.

    Fluffy, and as some one at 6'2" it actually fits! (XL)
    After having worn it for a bit, the material feels a little thin to me, but it's washed well and I've had no issues with stitching, color fade, or the belt loops ripping off like I've had with some other styles. To date I'm a happy customer, and I might need another one to keep my wife from stealing it!

    Fits well & is very soft & fluffy! (...though I think I still prefer the cotton-based type you get in a hotel)

    Plan is to use it for hot tub entry and exits. Should be perfect for colder nights.

    Was a bit static-y coming out of the box, but seems better now.
    Came very quickly!

    Would buy again. Thanks COSMOZ!

    I found this product to be somewhat small. I'm a relatively skinny guy but the robe barely wrapped around me and left my legs exposed. Also I found that the material sheds like crazy and gets everything covered in copious amounts of grey fuzz.

    Very, very comfortable and soft! Did not have the issues others had, so love it! Wash it as a delicate and have no problems at all! Perfect for the price and would buy again! Oh and my cats love cuddling when I have it on!

    The bathrobe’s quality is so bad you can literally pull lightly on the material and a ball of the cotton or whatever material comes out, no wonder why someone posted in here that they put it in the washing machine and is completely ruined. Very disappointing and I would like a refund.

    Soft, warm, comfortable and durable. Been using it for a couple of months already, machine washed it twice, and it’s still 100% awesome!

    There will be fuzz on the robe upon receiving it. One wash took it all away