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Alexander Del Rossa Men's Warm Fleece Robe with Hood, Big and Tall Contrast Bathrobe
Alexander Del Rossa Men's Warm Fleece Robe with Hood, Big and Tall Contrast Bathrobe
  • RISK FREE GUARANTEE - We know that one of the biggest drawbacks to buying clothes online is the fact that you can't try the product in person - that is why we absorb that risk for you. Order this plush robe now and if you are not completely satisfied, you can return it for a full refund, no questions asked.
  • WARM AND PLUSH - This warm ankle length robe for men is made from plush 330 GSM coral fleece to keep you warm no matter how low the temperature drops. Enjoy the comfort of plush microfiber fleece every day as part of your morning and evening routine.
  • SAVE 10% - Enter code 10HISANDHER at checkout to save 10% when you purchase (1) qualifying mens (B07Y5RFC4H) and (1) qualifying womens (B07DNH7G93) fleece robe from Alexander Del Rossa
  • INNER AND OUTER TIES - This robe features an inside tie closure to keep your robe secure no matter how you twist, turn, or bend and an adjustable outer belt tie for a perfect fit.
  • GIVE THE GIFT OF RELAXATION -A comfortable robe is a thoughtful way of telling him "You deserve to relax" - making it the perfect present for Christmas, Father's Day or his birthday.


Made from super soft 330 GSM coral fleece, this robe will keep you fully covered and warm even on the coldest winter nights. Coral fleece is plush, warm, and easy on your skin.


Throw on this robe to walk to the bathrobe, kitchen, or mailbox without having to worry about other people seeing you in your underwear. The inside tie closure keeps your robe securely fastened and the outer belt tie can be tightened to fit your waist perfectly. Use this robe when your in-laws come to town or bring it with you when you need to pack light.


Relaxation is key to a healthy life, and you can’t relax unless you are comfortable. Order this plush robe today so that you can relax no matter where you are and no matter who is around.

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Hold Your Phone

This robe features two large patch pockets designed to hold your smartphone and keep your hands warm.

Keep Your Robe Closed

No matter how you twist, turn or bend, the inside tie closure on this robe will help keep you covered.

Customize Your Fit

This robe a great fit for any body type thanks to the adjustable outer tie.

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  • Product Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 0.7 inches
  • Item model number: A0125BKSMD
  • Date First Available: May 5, 2018
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #47,376 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry (See Top 100 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry)
    • #47 in Men's Bathrobes
    • #12548 in Men's Shops

    Well, I’m pretty bummed. I decided to treat myself and go with the more expensive robe because I wanted to feel super comfy and have a high quality product. There were cheaper options but I figured you get what you pay for so I may as well pay more. I’m sad I did. I got a robe that came out of the package looking like it got pulled from a truck stop crime scene. The robe itself was covered in pieces fuzz and even had duct tape stuck to it. Not to the package, but to the robe itself. Did someone else already buy this robe, wear it to do manual labor on a construction site, and then return it after a hard day’s work in the sun? I’m really not sure. But what I got was far from the luxurious relaxation garment I was hoping for. Even after washing the robe it still looks like it should be a background piece in an episode of COPS.

    I am 6’3” 215 pounds and I bought the 1XL 2XL in Black with gray trim. It fits well with extra room if you were bigger around. I love how long it is going down to just above my ankles.
    Now this robe is the thickest warmest robe I’ve ever had. And I own 4 robes of different makes. I just walked out front to get the paper in 25 degree weather and it was fine.
    It runs a bit large if anything but it’s a robe, large is good. I’m not sure if different colors fit differently because they look different in the pictures on Amazon.
    It is definitely worth the cost and would be a great gift. I love it.

    Saying I'm a big guy is an understatement. I'm 6'6" and 330lbs. Even after reading reviews I was very skeptical about the fit and if it did how good it would be. It fits me great and it's very well made. I'm very surprised as I usually have to pay more given the extra material for this size especially compared to my wife's I bought at the same time for the same price. She loves hers to by the way and is very much smaller than me. So, if you're a big guy buy with confidence and if not you'll still love the fit and solid quality you'll get here.

    My wife has worn a robe forever, it seems like, and I personally never saw the attraction, until having to adjust my schedule at home after work to accommodate coursework mandated by my employer, which kept me up a lot later than I wanted to be, as I report to work pretty early in the morning. I needed to break the pattern. Why work all the way through the evening, and then shower last, making bedtime that much later, when I could shower earlier? But then what? Change into casual clothes, and double my load of laundry, leading to an opportunity cost that I just didn't want to pay on the weekend, with more laundry than you could shake a stick at to wash?

    So my wife suggested getting a robe. I'm 51, and it seemed a little late to start wearing one, but she broke down the advantages for me. I knuckled under, but told her it had to be a perfect fit, and where was I going to find that, as I am slightly taller than average, broad-shouldered, and unfortunately, more well-nourished at the moment than I wish to be? Robes at the local clothing stores either had the length, but fit tightly around the shoulders, fit nicely around the shoulders, but weren't long enough to hit the basic quotient of modesty, or were just too snug for a Buddhic girth that has just sadly moved beyond its once-embryonic stage. Where was I going to find one? She suggested Amazon.

    This robe fit all of my needs. It's long enough for a slightly tall frame, wide enough to fit comfortably along my shoulders, and pretty forgiving of a midsection that's been fueled by what has lately become an indiscriminate intake of protein and carbohydrates ingested at what's just clearly, clearly the wrong ratio. It's also soft, warm, holds body heat without promoting an external sense of cloying humidity, and comes with a nifty little hood for evenings that sometimes grow too nippy for my follicularly-challenged scalp and forehead, with the pleasing aesthetic effect of making me look like I'm ready to conduct a Saturday evening mass in some tucked-away little semi-rural parish during the height of the Middle Ages, a modern-day Brother Cadfael, only without his investigative portfolio. It's easy to launder, and comes in a natty shade of neon black, with a sturdy gray modesty tie. As soon as I dry off from showering this goes on, and I want to whale on my forehead for not making the transition to this robe much sooner in my life then I did.

    Sure, the price is a little steep, but you're buying it for comfort and durability, a robe that's in it for the long haul and makes no bones about the sheer handsomeness it displays aside from its utility value. Get yourself one, and you'll at least feel pretty, if not witty or wise.

    I ordered Large/XL size. I liked the basic style, the thickness and the deep blue color of the robe I received. It fit my lower body perfectly but was far too small for my upper body. The arms were 5" too short and the shoulders were too tight. I am 6 feet tall and weigh 162 pounds. I would suggest the manufacturer rethink the cut of the robe to fit more normal body types. Regretfully I sent it back as the robe was warm and snug.

    It's a bit big all around but I'm 3xl and this is a 3xl/4xl so no surprise there. It is long but again I'm a little over 5'10" so if your 6' and stocky this will fit fine. I'm going to have it shortened a couple inches because it is very warm and comfortable. The static electricity from the fleece could probably power a small town but doesn't bother me. If you have light colored pets forget fleece. Between the static and the way fleece collects fur you'll be looking like your pets big sibling in short order. But I like it.

    I love this robe. I wear robes all the time, so I can tell a good one when I wear it. I am 5'10", about 200lbs, and wear 36x32 Levi's; my L/XL hooded robe fits like a dream. It comes down to my ankles, and the chest and waist size is perfect; whether worn loose or clinched and belted tight the pockets are in the right place. The fabric is plush and warm, and the manufacturing is solid.

    My only complaint is that the sleeves are a little too short. It's not enough to make me look like a scarecrow, and it is actually a feature when I am cooking, but it just bothers me a little bit. To be fair, the cuff is turned back and held in place with a few stitches, so I 'could' cut it and make the sleeves a touch longer, but since the craftsmanship is so good, I don't want to ruin a great robe until my seeing skills improve.

    Bottom line: I will buy this robe again in a year or two

    Hola Buenos días

    El producto que compré me quedo grande

    Solicite la devolución

    Y ya compré de nuevo el producto con una talla menor

    Me mandaron una etiqueta

    Y ahorita que fui a a Paqueteria me dicen que el costo de envío es demasiado caro, de echo es ma caro que el propio producto

    Me pueden ayudar por favor ?

    I have received my order in less than a week. This is a good product with the right size for me (6 feet, 195 pounds). The model i have ordered is the red an black. I would probably give it 5 stars if the belt was black as shown in the picture. Instead, i have received a red belt.


    Muy buen producto , satisfecho

    Sehr gutes Produkt waren angenehm überrascht, jeder Zeit wieder bereit zu kaufen! Können es empfelhen.

    the belt on the robe could be a little longer

    Stitching could be better but still nice.