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Hanes Men's Solid Knit Sleep Pant
Hanes Men's Solid Knit Sleep Pant
  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Machine Wash
  • On-seam pockets
  • Adjustable fabric drawcord for custom
  • Comfort flex waistband
  • Tagless

Hanes - Mens Knit Sleep Pajama Pant, Comfortable Hanes Comfort Elastic Waistband, Drawstring Tie To Allow for a Perfect Fit, Button Fly, On Seam Pockets, Easy Care Fabric, Waist Size S = 28-30 M = 32-34 L = 36-38 XL = 40-42 2XL = 44-46 3XL = 48-50 4XL = 52-54 5XL = 56-58, Machine Wash Tumble Dry, 100% Cotton, Made in China, #40100

  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Product Dimensions: 12 x 11 x 1 inches
  • Item model number: 91001
  • Date First Available: October 20, 2012
  • ASIN: B008YWF86C
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #4,564 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry (See Top 100 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry)
    • #2 in Men's Big & Tall Pajama Bottoms
    • #11 in Men's Pajama Bottoms

    UPDATE: After a year of wearing all three brands (Hanes, CYZ, and Fruit of the Loom) with constant washings and dryings, major differences are clear:
    1) The Hanes came out to be the best, by far--most durable and least shrinkage. The button is still very secure, the band is strong, and there was no fraying. The 60% cotton and 40% polyester apparently works to deter shrinkage.
    2) The Fuit of the looms (100% cotton) shrunk so high that they are half way up his calf in length (they look a little silly but he still wears them), and the draw string is very frayed.
    3) The CYZs still have a problem with the fly, which is flimsy and the button still comes undone (too small for the hole), so you definitely don't want to be wearing them in mixed company. Otherwise, they were as good as the Hanes in terms of low shrinkage and strong construction. These are also 60% cotton and 40% polyester.

    ORIGINAL REVIEW (after only one wash):

    My husband decided to try three top brands: Hanes, CYZ, and Fruit of the Loom. The photos show all three brands after washing and drying. My husband is 6' tall with a 32" waist and wears a "medium." He loves all three brands, but there are some differences.

    - All have pockets, button fly, and elastic waist band with drawstring tie.
    - All three are very comfortable and fit according to specifications.
    - All three have close to the same fabric weight, with minor variations.
    - All three held up well in the wash (photos show one wash for each pair).
    - The drawstring weight and form are actually about the same (the Fruit of the Loom drawstring is softer and gets a little scrunchier when washed).

    - The Fruit of the Loom seems to have the most substantial waist band and fly construction, followed by Hanes and CYZ. The CYZ also has smaller button and does not stay buttoned as well as the others. So, the fly is not as smooth on the CYZ as it is on the Hanes and Fruit of the Loom. However, my husband likes the CYZ pair for their light weight and comfort.
    - The CYZ and Hanes are 60% cotton, 40% polyester, and the Fruit of the Looms are 100% cotton. However, the Fruit of the Loom bottoms did not shrink any more than the CYZ or Hanes after first washing and drying.

    Overall, my husband is very happy with all three brands and "lives" in them when he's at home.

    Okay, I know these are men's pants.

    And I know they're "lounge pants."

    And I know they're probably intended for sleeping or at-home relaxing and not normal wear.

    And I know the folks on the "what not to wear" shows would pass out from sheer horror if they knew I was wearing them out...

    But, man, I have to tell you: I wear these freakin' things EVERYWHERE!


    I can explain!

    They're made of what seems to be a mid-weight t-shirt material. It's very soft, stretchy, and just has a nice drape to it. It flows quite nicely when you're walking.

    The pants are cool for summer activities, but warm enough that I wore them camping in the mountains with no need to switch to heavier jeans or sweat pants.

    Sure, they're meant as super-casual sleepwear, but they still look fine for the office if paired with a slightly longer top or jacket.

    Here are the caveats: they have an un-sewn, one-button fly, presumably for easier toilet access for men. You'll want to wear them with something that will cover the fly. (I usually wear longer tops anyway, so it's not a problem.)

    They also have grey lining on the pockets, so ideally whatever you wear as a top should cover those as well. But hey -- POCKETS, ladies! Pockets! Who doesn't love pockets?

    One of the best parts (besides the pockets) is the drawstring/elastic waist. The elastic is comfortable, and even the drawstring is a bit stretchy. One thing to be aware of is that if you have too many heavy things in your pockets (lots of keys, phone, etc), the pants will tend to sag unless you tighten that sucker up. But it's so nice to be able to wear these pants at several different sizes! Lost weight? Tighten it up! Gained weight? Loosen it! The material drapes so nicely that they look lovely if they're oversized with the drawstring cinched.

    IMPORTANT: I've found that if you just throw these in the washer and dryer, they will shrink lengthwise and you'll end up with Capri pants (or just "floods"). I wash mine in the washer on cold, then take them out, stretch them lengthwise, and then hang to dry. Once they're mostly dry, I throw them in the dryer on the lowest temperature (or on no temperature) with a fabric softener sheet to fluff them up a bit.

    At this point, I have about six pairs of these and have worn them for gardening, yard work, camping, dance rehearsals, Pokemon safaris, lunches and dinners out, meeting with clients, and even to the opera.

    (Yes, really.)

    I've even gotten compliments on them!

    But mainly, they're comfy, adjustable, flowy, and have POCKETS! What more could you want out of pants?

    If they made these without that silly one-button fly, with the pockets lined with the same color as the pants, and pre-shrunk, I might never buy any other pants ever.

    I bought medium in blue. My waist is 34. I'm 5'9" at 180lbs. The pants are about 10-12 inches too long. Great to keep my feet warm but bad when I walk around. The pockets stick out to the side like there is too much fabric. This provides an illusion of being the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. The crotch sags on itself and there is so much extra fabric between my waist and the beginning of the inseam, I could fit six people in there. These pants fit terribly. Seriously, Hanes?! I love their stuff and buy from them regularly. In fact I recently bought them in black. The black fit perfectly. But these pants.... Shew.

    I am 5'11" and the large (L) pair of these I ordered back in 2/2017 fit perfectly and I love them. So of course I ordered a second pair 1/2018 and they seemed to fit the same -- until I washed/dried them. :-o ...the legs shrunk a ridiculous amount, maybe 3-4". Now they sit at my ankles. Unacceptable. In comparison, I've washed/dried the original pair many times and there has not been any of this mysterious shrinking leg length business. I'm guessing Hanes went super-cheap on their manufacturing last year, and now these damn things shrink big-time. Very disappointed about that. So, of course I ordered an XL pair in the hopes that it would compensate for the leg length shrinkage. Alas, the waist size is much larger on the XL pair, so they still don't fit right. Returning both pairs with great disappointment. :(

    The length is very inconsistent. See the attached photo of my blue and black pants both of medium size.
    Also, the label on the blue and black one says 100% cotton.
    However, the label on the gray one says it is a mixture of cotton and polyester.

    These are nice looking pants but they are 100% cotton, although the description is 60% Cotton/40% Polyester. I bought them specifically because they said poly/cotton. I had previously purchased 2 pairs from Marks that were 100% cotton and they shrank the first time I washed them so that they were unwearable. Because I believed that these were a blend, I didn't check inside the pants themselves before I washed them and they shrank too much to wear also. I returned them and Amazon was, as usual, great to deal with.

    They are actually 100% cotton. Very comfortable material, however are NOT pre-shrunk. I washed them as per the directions on the tag, and they still shrank like crazy. Went from being a half inch too long to way too short.

    Comfortable enough and cool enough to sleep in, and they can substitute for sweat pants around the house. The sizing is an issue though. After following their online size chart, what I got was a little too snug in the waist (I'm not overweight) and about an inch too long in the leg - you could trip if you weren't wearing them a bit high.

    El producto es de muy buena calidad y muy cómodo. Aunque para mi gusto es un poco más grande y olgado de lo que esperaría.
    Soy talla 44, y de acuerdo a la guía de tallas me correspondía el XXL, sin embargo creo que me hubiera ido perfectamente con una en talla XL.
    También es más largo de lo que esperaba.

    I expected pretty much garbage when ordering these. But, I was very pleasantly surprised! While they're not high end, they're very good.
    The cotton is really nice and soft, and the waist band is thick and stretchy. They're also pretty long, which is another bonus. They're soft, brightly colored, and incredibly comfortable.
    As someone with chronic illness, I spend a lot of time in pjs, and I'm so happy that I managed to nab a few pairs of these on sale over Christmas.
    I hope they'll wear well. Over a few washes, they've done fine.
    They do run slightly large. I could probably go down a size, but I don't mind the roominess right now.

    The XXL fit like shorts. Ok I am not tiny at 6 foot 3 inches tall but these should not fit me like shorts. These are supposed to be relax around the house pants not karate work out pants for guys with washboard abs. At least not in the XXL size. Very disappointing waste of money. I have being buying Hanes all my life. How can you make underwear that fit but forget sizing in longer lounging around the house pants?

    Bought these to replace my old Hanes knit pants. They are a different style. Mostly the same but there are changes made. They appear to be an inch or so longer than before; not a big deal, except these pants were already running quite long. For pants that are meant for a 40-42 inch waist, the legs are easily 6-8 inches too long. I have short legs (30 inches) but that still seems unusually long for the size.

    Can't speak towards its durability. The previous pairs lasted two years before the material started getting rips. The quality appears identical so I expect the same mileage.

    i was skeptical abut the fit of these pants, but they were a big ;pnger in the leg. i take 30" they came in 32. But after first wash they did shrink but ore than expected, they come a bit large, so be ready for that but they do fit excellent after 1st wash. I would not dry them at all. hang dry. they probably will shrink more. I would say they are excellent soft but the 4 stars was because of the price, they are a bit expensive.

    Nice sleep pants, correct fit, large elastic band on the inside that does not bunch up at the waist, combines with an adjustable string to keep things tight. Material breathes nicely but feels a bit thin. Definitely not warmwear. Not sure how long they'll last, but will be a fine addition until then.

    Están bien. Pero la talla viene enooooorme. Los pedí para mi marido, regularmente es talla M. Aunque son pijama y entiendo que van holgados, parece que bajó 30 kilos y era su pijama de gordito. Quizá si empieza a engordar como loco... podría usarlos... como en 6 años. Mejor pedir una talla menos. Se me pasó la fecha para regresarlos.

    Mine are 60% cotton and 40% polyester, not 55/45. I'm 5' 10", 150 lbs, and the Large size I ordered fits well, though the legs are about 3" too long. The material is thin, but this enables wearing them under my trousers in the winter. There was no shrinkage after hand-washing in cold water and letting them air dry on a towel in the floor.

    I like 100% cotton pants and I ordered this pant because it was mentioned in some of the reviews that it was 100% cotton and it was true. And some say that it shrinks. However I washed it in cold water and didn't put in the dryer and it didn't shrink. The material is pretty good for the price. I like it.

    pedí este articulo para traer algo ligero por las mañanas y antes de dormir, es muy delgado lo cual es perfecto a mi parecer, si buscan algo para clima frió, creo que esta no es la opción, es bastante suave y muy cómodo, definitivamente volvería a comprar un par mas.

    These pants come with two leg sleeves. Just what I was looking for in pants. They are comfortable, made of soft material, and I especially appreciate the style of elastic at the waist which is akin to Hanes undies. I think I might buy another pair.

    I'm female and bought these for lounge pants because the women's ones were all fleece-lined. They are very comfortable and fit as expected. I'm happy with the purchase and will buy more.
    If someone is looking for a baggy, roomy fit, I would recommend they size up.