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Threads4Treads|10 Pack Moisture Wicking Mens Athletic Socks Cotton Mens Work
Threads4Treads|10 Pack Moisture Wicking Mens Athletic Socks Cotton Mens Work
  • SOCK ME ONE SOCKS PACK A PUNCH! If you are looking for 10 pairs of white men's quality crew socks, try these and your feet will thank you!
  • Punch #1 Comfort - A perfect combination of 80% Cotton, 15% Polyester, 3% Nylon, 2% Spandex, with a reinforced heel and toe. And these thick cushion socks won't slip.
  • Punch #2 Proper Fit - Comfort that's fitted to the form of your foot. These crew socks are a sock size of 10-13, which equals a men's shoe sizes of 6-12.
  • Punch #3 Design - This classic design keeps sweat away, reducing 'stink' and odor. Your feet stay dryer, and blisters are reduced with a thick cushion. Also called no sweat or moisture wicking socks. Used for exercise, sports, work, hiking, athletics, walking or daily activity.
  • Punch #4 Experience - At Sock Me One, we keep an eye on the quality. We have listened to our customers feedback to give you high quality sox!

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  • Date First Available: October 11, 2019
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #68,698 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry (See Top 100 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry)
    • #18214 in Men's Shops
    • #454 in Men's Athletic Socks

    This is my first review after years of shopping Amazon.
    I felt compelled to comment on this purchase.

    I bought these a few months ago, and liked them. Thick, pretty good construction.
    A few were not matching. Had a hole develop on one after a week.
    Not a big deal for me since I liked the thickness for my job (Commercial Electrician).

    My personal complaint is the price increase. I bought these about 2 months ago for $16.
    I wanted to order more a few weeks later. I saw the price went to $19. I figured I'd wait a few weeks until the price "surge" subsided.

    But No, the price went up to $23 !!!

    I like these socks, but can't help but feel like I'm getting pushed to the most I can spend , rather than getting a fair deal.

    I'm crazy that way. Don't like getting "Gouged".
    Just me.

    I seldom write bad reviews on products and don't do so lightly.

    When I opened the package of SockMeOne Mens 10 Pack of White Crew Socks I purchased at Amazon, I was met by a very strong and unpleasant chemical smell, almost like some kind of petroleum. The socks had been completely sealed and there were no stains or discoloration. So, I put the socks in the washer with an extra rinse cycle. After the first wash, the chemical smell was unabated. I washed them a second time, also with an extra rinse cycle. Afterward, the smell was unchanged. I then put them in the dryer and dried them. Still the smell persisted. Finally, I air fluffed them in the dryer for an hour, hoping a good airing would get rid of the smell. It did not. I have no intention of putting these socks against my skin for any length of time, so my money was just wasted. I wouldn't even use them for rags. I strongly recommend you NOT buy this product. If I could give it zero stars, I would.

    UPDATE: I was able to return these for a full refund, despite the fact that I'd washed them, with shipping paid by Amazon. Another good reason to buy from Amazon.

    Update: after 2 plus weeks of wear and washing we still stick with 5 stars.
    Son no longer coming home with foot pain.

    We were searching for the right pair of socks. Something sturdy around arch, would not slip down or twist in shoe, comfortable and durable. The Sock Me One Men's crew seem to meet and hold these requirements.

    No more aching feet.
    No more socks turning to washcloth like feel after a few wear and washes.

    My son is a dancer, hip-hop, jazz, tap, musical theatre and ballet. He rehearses several hours each day. We needed moderately thick and supportive sock The moment he put them on, he sighed with relief. Tried all his dance shoes on and as a teen, was demonstratively happy.

    The real test was how he would feel after dancing for 4 hours tonight.

    Good news, his feet felt great!

    Wow - these are nice! If you've gotten used to the thin, threadbare excuse for socks that the name brands have all become over the past few years, then you're in for a real treat with these. Thick and well cushioned, these are the standard of what socks USED to be.
    I think the review(er)s stating that they find them too thick and 'thermal' are from those who have become used to the cheap, shoddy, disappointing socks that seem to be the only thing available now. (Hanes, are you listening?) I've only had/been wearing these for a week, but was very pleased with them right out of the package. A great purchase.

    *Update 12/27/18 ' - I bought 2 more packages of these to give as Christmas gifts & they were a big hit; Socks for Xmas, you say? If they are these, YES! Thick, warm & cushiony. Well done, SockMeOne!

    I ordered the 10pk of these socks, based solely on reviews. I just never seem to have good luck with socks...they either lose their elastic or their durability altogether. But oh man, these socks...They are as snug as any man would desire; not overbearing elastic yet 0% chance of slippage. After 1 day of wearing these, I tossed all other socks in my drawer. Yes, they were all that bad. I now have 1 design of sock to contend with in the laundry. Also, these socks serve well with both dress and casual shoes.

    Great socks ...feels better than any duty sock I've ever worn ... however ... I recommend you wash them inside out .first couple of washes ... leaves dye and lent on your feet if worn all day

    Thick, absorbent, and sturdily made. These are very well made like they use to make back in the day.
    You won't be disappointed if you buy these.
    Look at the reviews, you can't go wrong with these!

    Heavy, warm nice, I'm happy with them in the hold weather:)