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TeeHee Flip Flop Big Toe Cotton Socks 3-Pairs Pack
TeeHee Flip Flop Big Toe Cotton Socks 3-Pairs Pack
  • 85% Cotton, 12% Polyester, 3% Spandex
  • TeeHee Flip Flop Big Toe Cotton Socks 3-Pairs Pack.
  • Wear Your Flip Flops All Year Long & Keep Your Toes Warm.
  • Perfect For Every Outfit & Your Flip Flops
  • Afforable, cute socks engineered to stay soft on your feet.
  • Sizing Guidelines: Socks Sizes 9-13 (Shoe Size 7 - 10). Machine Washable, Imported.

TeeHee Flip Flop Big Toe Cotton Socks 3-Pairs Pack, Sizing Guidelines: Socks Sizes 9-13 (Shoe Size 7 - 10).

  • Date First Available: June 27, 2018
  • ASIN: B07F2M5BK2
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #51,565 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry (See Top 100 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry)
    • #237 in Men's Casual Socks
    • #13621 in Men's Shops

    These socks function as well as can be expected from socks. They proficiently cover my feet and provide a comforting median between my skin and my shoes. It isolates the big toes, but let's face it, the other toes don't like them anyways. Additionally, as an Asian- American individual, it also provides some amusing irony which, considering that they are hidden by my shoes, entertains only myself. All in all, a very decent pair of socks. You will probably not regret your purchase as much as some of your other life choices.

    I love the idea of these, and they do work well for wearing my flip-flops around the house all year long (and keeping my feet warm at the same time in the cold months). HOWEVER..... the fit is VERY very weird!!! I ordered my correct size, but they seem really long -- the heel is very far away from the toes, so when I put them on, the heel is up in back of my ankle. BUT, the section for the toes is too small!! I can fit the big toe just fine. When I try to get my other toes in their section, it feels way too tight. It's just not wide enough for the other 4 toes. I have to tug and pull and stretch the fabric out just to be able to wear them. And then only 3 toes fit into that section... the pinky toe ends up outside (on the side of the sock). Also there's tons of sock lint sticking to your feet when you take them off (which I don't see with any of my other socks). Great idea, not so greatly executed. :(

    Socks are surprisingly warm with flip-flops. Size 10.5 shoe size would probably be maximum for decent fit. Colors are pretty--just as pictured. Seem reasonably sturdy, like any regular sock. No severe shrinkage after washing either. Just dry on warm to minimize shrinking. I'd buy more. I like 'em. The Cotton Tabi Toe socks are thinner and maybe a tad less generous on the fit. But they're still comfortable to me. Not fancy. Just an inexpensive pair of cottony socks. Not any better or worse than socks you'd buy at Target. I like these too. I'd buy them again. Nice to be able to wear socks with flip-flops!

    These are fun socks, and I live in my flip flops most of the year. When it gets cold, and can still wear my flip flops. Gave a pair to my adult daughter who loves them. They are comfortable and warm. Highly recommend if you like your flip flops like I do.

    I like them very much. They aren't really thick but still keep my feet warm. This style socks wouldn't work well with thick material. Traditional slippers make my feet sweat even in the winter, but these socks with thong slippers let my feet breathe but keep them warm at the same time. I wear an 8.5/9 W but not 'pudgy' and they fit me fine. The heel easily stretches past my heel so should fit larger sizes just fine. Might be considered too large for smaller feet especially if one stretches them a lot when putting them on. They are elastic enough not to sag though. I don't understand the reviews that say they are too small. Perhaps they were made differently at one time or different prints might have been made differently.

    I wear only tabikusu and have dozens of pairs. They usually are purchased in Tokyo, but I didn't get to go to Kichijoji last time, so I ordered here. They seem to be well made and feel good. They are not too thin or too thick; perfect for casual shoes like loafers. (I wear mostly running shoes.) My only complaint, I wear size 7B in USA shoes, and these socks are too long. They would fit my husband who wears 8 in men's shoes.They are very stretchy and fit smoothly to the foot, so I can adjust them to fit with no discomfort or weird sensation at all. Since I like them and they are made well, I gave them 4 stars.

    The sock material quality seems fine, however, one sock had a hole in it about where your little toe would be. The fit in general is good, but they are not as pictured here in that the photos show the length above the ankle to go partway up the calf like a crew sock, but the ones I got did not go up nearly that far even though the heel is at the right place for my foot size (8 1/2 women's). The tops only come up a little above my ankles like footies. All three pair were consistently the same size. I need them for tomorrow, so no time to send back and replace. Without the hole, they would be fine if you are needing only a very short coverage above your ankle.

    Unfortunately, I only wore these socks for a few minutes before I decided to return, first because I immediately started itching! Second, they fit much too snug. The big toe would be ok but the space for the 4 other toes is way tool small. Then, they slip down. Lastly, I am not sure what kind of cotton that is (doesn't feel like the usual 85% cotton) but it seems that I am allergic to it.

    Nice fit. Arrived quickly. Allow me to wear my flip flops in the colder weather which is great. Haven't washed them yet so cannot comment on whether they stay the same size or shrink a bit, lose colour etc.

    Well made, comfy, like the Halloween theme

    My wife loved these socks and they are decent quality.

    Great amusement value, received well as a gift. Exactly what person wanted!

    Awesome socks very comfortable

    Bought these for a different purpose than intended (because it is never fashionable to wear socks with flip-flops). I actually use these under my ProFoot bunion correctors so they’re more comfortable. They feel kinda weird between the toes but you get used to it, and they’re good quality.

    I ordered them just to get up to the $35. so that I could get free delivery. I love them better than the toe socks that I really wanted. I am diabetic and my Dr. did not want me to wear shoes while my toe healed (I had an abcess on my toe) He wanted me to wear flip flops and it is too cold in Alberta for flip flops without socks in the winter. So I ordered the toe socks and they are ok but these socks are the best. I love them.

    Ho visto tabi migliori, sia per la forma che per i materiali utilizzati.
    Se volete approcciarvi al mondo dei calzini giapponesi, possono essere un primo acquisto ma, se volete una buona qualità, orientatevi verso altri modelli/marche.

    These socks do what they are supposed to but they are not soft at all, I didn't like the material at all. Rough cotton.

    These aren't bad, but fit a little large. They stay on OK if I'm just walking around the house, but slide around a bit and want to slip off if I'm actually walking any distance.

    Love them great for travel if you going south and not wanting to bring winter shoes, wear them in your flip flops

    Would be perfect if they were not so small. Got a few for myself and as gifts in my size but it was tight. I own a lot of tabi/flip flop socks so I was a bit disappointed. But they made a great gift!

    Socks on the thick-ish side; but ok. Fit well, feel nice. Not as high as depicted as they come barely up to ankle.

    I love these socks. AT -2℃ (28.4℉) my feet were still warm after 15 minutes - while wearing these socks with flip-flops!

    good quality and as advertised.