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Boardroom Socks Men's Over the Calf Merino Wool Ribbed Dress Socks
Boardroom Socks Men's Over the Calf Merino Wool Ribbed Dress Socks
  • Merino wool Blend
  • Made in USA
  • COMFORTABLE: Crafted with premium, breathable merino wool that provides all day comfort - no slipping or bunching
  • ELEGANT: Classic ribbed style, timeless look; pairs perfectly with suits, casual slacks or your favorite denim
  • DURABLE: Knit with a reinforced heel and toe for long-lasting quality
  • OUTSTANDING DESIGN: Over the calf length ensures consistent coverage of your legs; designed to stay up over your calf all day
  • MADE IN THE USA : Proudly manufactured in the United States using only the world's finest yarns

The journey to create our wool dress socks began with a simple goal: to design a comfortable and durable sock crafted with premium materials. We chose soft merino wool, a natural fiber that breathes and wicks away moisture, keeping your feet cool and comfortable. To provide additional durability, we reinforce the heel and toe with an extra layer of yarn to prevent premature wear. We add just the right amount of high strength spandex, ensuring the socks stay up on your leg throughout the day while maintaining a comfortable fit. The final step in our manufacturing process is to stamp the Boardroom Socks logo on the arch of one sock from each pair. This stamp represents our commitment to provide you with premium socks as well as premium service. Welcome to the Boardroom.

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The Most Comfortable Dress Socks

Our merino wool dress socks are a staple for the professional man's wardrobe. Featuring a variety of solid colors knit with a vertical rib, these socks are appropriate for Monday's meeting or Saturday's dinner party. Merino wool is a soft, natural fiber that breathes, providing daylong comfort in warm and cool weather. These are designed to fit men with a US shoe size of 8 to 12.

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Designed to Stay up All Day

These socks are knit with a specialized spandex to comfortably keep them up above your calf throughout the day. Not only do these eliminate the slipping and sagging of traditional socks, but the over the calf length also ensures that no bare skin is exposed when crossing your legs.

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Classic, Premium Dress Socks, Knit in the USA




American-Made Quality

We started Boardroom Socks to support the tradition of American textile manufacturing. After mills closed throughout our region, we wanted to see production come back. Many factories may have closed, but the knowledge of the American textile craftsman remains. We are committed to partnering with these experts to produce every pair of our socks in the United States.

Finest Materials 

Our wool dress socks are knit using premium merino wool and are made with a higher percentage of wool than many other manufacturers. This results in a sock that wears comfortably against your skin and better manages moisture and odor. Our founding principals have over 40 years of yarn acquisition experience, enabling us to source premium materials from around the globe.

Boardroom Style  

These solid-colored socks are knit in a classic ribbed style, adding texture and sophistication to their overall design. Our patterned dress socks (listed separately) feature a flat finish accented with tasteful splashes of color. Whether you prefer solids or patterns, each pair is designed to be appropriate in both formal and casual settings. Wear Boardroom Socks anywhere, and be assured you look stylish and professional.

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  • Date First Available: December 18, 2018
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #83,844 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry (See Top 100 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry)
    • #91 in Men's Dress Socks
    • #22308 in Men's Shops

    Very mixed feelings here. I ordered three pairs of these because the Gold Toe Windsor dress socks I've worn for years have cheapened in quality to the point where they fall apart after one wash and wear. At this point I'm looking for a replacement, and Boardroom is one of the few brands out there that make a reasonably priced wool blend OTC dress socks. They are much more expensive per pair than Gold Toe but not as expensive as the $30-40 English and Italian socks you'll find at high-end men's stores. The problem with these socks is that the durability doesn't seem to be there and they are sized in a skimpy manner. I wear a 9 or 10 size shoe and these barely get up to my calves. Anyone with larger feet or muscular calves is going to have trouble getting these on. Further, the thread that seals the trim around the elastic top appears to be loosening after a single wear before I've even washed the socks. I'd rather Boardroom charged $20 for these and got the quality and sizing right than cut corners to sell them at $15 a pair. As such I've spent $45 on 3 pairs socks that just aren't up to snuff. If anyone has suggestions for good quality wool OTC socks I'd love to hear them. I've even tried Pantherella socks years ago ago and those were overhyped and overpriced.

    I'm 6', about 250#, 57yrs old. Active, but pudgy.

    This is my first pair of wool socks. I'm pleasantly surprised at their comfort and coolness. The quality seems to be decent (used to cheap socks though). The toe piece (put on last) is comfortable.

    Con: Though you can wash them, you have to dry low air. I'm a bachelor middle-income man used to buying clothes that are "toss in washer, move to dryer, DONE" without over-sorting or anything "fancy." A woman friend suggested I buy a pantyhose wash bag and wash in there.

    After around 8 washings I started forgetting to put them in the bag, so I started drying them. They're fluffier now (more wooly) but still soft. This probably comes as no surprise to people who are more patient with laundry and used to the hassle of special handling.

    After wearing them about weekly for around 4 months, they don't really stay up all that well. I mean, they're "OK." If you wear OTC socks regularly (dress or sports) these will probably stay up just as well as your others. Me? I'm still hunting for better, yet affordable, socks. I will probably buy a few more pairs of these, since they are my single pair of OTC dress socks and they DO feel good.

    They deserve 4 stars for quality for the price.

    I agree with much of what the other reviewers have had to say about these socks. Wool is a vastly superior material for socks period. Cotton should stick to shirts and jeans. I also believe OTC socks in the dress space are vastly underrepresented, while they are the most practical option. Now it is no secret the the Italians make the most beautiful, softest, and best constructed wool dress sock in the world. If I could afford to purchase 20 pair of dress socks at $40+ a pop I would choose a fine Italian sock for daily wear. Alas I can not so for many years I bought three packs of Lands Ends wool blend OTC dress socks at about the price of a pair of these. If I wore a pair out I simply ordered another three pack. Then they only started including two pair at the same price. Now they are mostly man made materials with too little wool to offer the excellent qualities of the material. What I liked about those socks before they became unwearable was their sturdiness. They were never the fine silky wool of the Italians but they were great workhorse business socks. I have LE socks from 5 years ago that are still in great shape today after weekly wear. These boardroom socks are indistinguishable from those LE socks as far as I can tell. I have not yet washed the BR socks but they are so similar I expect to confuse them with my LE socks. So why four and a half stars? Price. These socks would be a good deal at $10 a pair and a great deal at 2 pair for $16 (w/prime shipping). I will likely buy more provided they hold up to multiple washes as my LE socks have from the past. If the price at this quality point were a little better I would fill my sock draw and not think twice.

    I have to second all the other 5-star reviews. These are the kind of high quality dress socks that used to sold in all the good menswear and department stores, but have become increasingly hard to find. They have the kind of rich color and solid feel you only get with wool, but with a comfortable medium weight and durable stretch. (Mine are labelled 69% merino wool, 30% nylon and 1% spandex.) Plus, they're made in the USA. I just hope enough people appreciate the difference between these and cheap import 3-packs to keep the makers in business.

    Good socks. Almost identical to gold toe Windsor socks . This what you want for business dress or church socks.

    Updated review after six months use: I've worn these socks once per week for 6-7 months along with my Gold Toe Windsor socks. They have begun to sag after several hours of wear, and the over the calf socks end up above my ankles by lunch. There is no wear in the sock itself, but the elasticity is failing.
    You will be better served by Gold Toe Windsor socks.

    July 2018 It's been a little over a month since purchase After about 5 washes, the socks are balling and there is already a hole in the toe
    August 2018 Update - Unsolicited by me, the vendor refunded my money, and sent me two pair for free, so I'm giving them another try. This time, washing them in a lingerie bag and air drying So far so good.

    These I have not been able to wear. Not even once. As usual, when I buy something, I washed them first. On cold and dried briefly on low and air-dried after. Just like I treat all my other merino products. They're way too tight.
    And I have pretty skinny legs, so I can just imagine how they must feel when you are over 150 pounds.
    Makes me wonder how those 87% of people that say "fits as expected" like their socks?

    These are high-quality socks. I moved to them after two different brands of socks that I used to like went the "cheaper," "lower-quality" route. I wish that the Boardroom socks were not so pricey, but I enjoy their quality.

    Great socks but I prefer them more snug !!

    Held their shape and elasticity after a few washes. So far, so good.

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