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Copper Infused Athletic Low Cut Socks for Mens and Womens - Moisture Wicking Ankle No Show Socks with Tab
Copper Infused Athletic Low Cut Socks for Mens and Womens - Moisture Wicking Ankle No Show Socks with Tab
  • 80% Combed Cotton/20% Copper yarn - prevent painful blisters for training, sports, every day or simply relaxing.
  • ABRASION PROTECTION & COMFORTABLE - Foot loop will cover the foot completely to increase double protection from wounds caused by the excessive friction and shoes.
  • COPPER INFUSED & KEEP FRESH FUNCTION - The copper ions in the yarn can produce a natural protected area, eliminating 99% of the sweat, keep fresh in the shoes. The blended copper ion fabric is very soft, smooth and moisture wicking. It helps to get rid of embarrassing feet.
  • MOISTURE WICKING - Provides soothes aching muscles, while the fabric maintains airflow so your feet stay fresh; Powerful moisture-wicking material with mesh venting blend keeps your feet cool and improve your feet performance, which is super comfortable for casual wear and sports activities.
  • FOUR SEASONS & ALL SPORTS - unisex sports socks are not too thick or too thin, warm in winter and breathable in summer. Professionally customized for all sports, mountain climbing, football, hiking, running, tennis, marathon, hockey, soccer, basketball, golf, cycling, etc. The shining style socks fit any everyday dressing for adults and teenagers; Size - S/M size fits Shoe Size 7-10 US, L/XL size fits Shoe Size 10-14 US.

Copper Infused, Breathable & Moisture-wicking!

What’s the benefits of the copper yarn?
> Keep fresh air caused by sweat.
> Creates a free environment around the skin. It helps to speed up the cicatrization process.
> Maintains copper performance after use.

FASTER RECOVERY - Enhanced blood circulation by improving venous return. Reduced muscle damage upon ground contact, providing stability to the muscle, resulting in a faster and easier recovery, improved performance.

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S/M size fits Shoe Size 7-10 US
L/XL size fits Shoe Size 10-14 US.

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  • ASIN: B07C6DX7WM
  • These socks are amazing. My feet were smelling terribly for a few months and i couldn't shake it. I tried everything from teabags to zeasorb and nothing worked. I thought about copper being naturally antimicrobial and figured I'd invent some copper infused socks. Well, they already have copper infuses socks. So i ordered them and the foot odor was gone within a day.

    I had to come back to let you all know my experience with these. I work in manufacturing and my feet were always getting sweaty which leads to bacterial and the funk. Ive tried all sorts of "breathable" socks but nothing helped. I was very skeptical about "copper threaded socks", figuring its some sort of gimmick. When the socks first arrived, they were actually made with quality, stitches were good, but i didnt see any copper threading (i expected copper looking threading LOL). I wore them anyways, i did buy them so i was going to try them regardless. I have been wearing them daily since i bought them months ago and lets be real here, my feet have been drier and funk free since. No gimmick. Not getting paid for this. I just want to help others that are here for the same reason i came here. These socks have NO wear on them at all so far, where other socks would have already gotten thinner on the heals and so forth. I highly recommend these and will definitely be replacing the rest of my socks with these. I cant aay if theres actually copper threading, unless copper threading isn't copper color, but what i can tell u is they do exactly what they claim. Dont sleep on these, get u aome and try for urself.

    I highly recommend NOT using these with old shoes, that defies the whole purpose. If u get new socks, get new shoes. You don't want all that nasty bacteria nested in ur funky shoes transferring into ur new socks.

    If u want a comfortable durable pair of shoes and walk on concrete all day, i have found success with the Rock Port Pro Walker Catalyst 3 shoes. Extremety comfortable and will help ur spine from compressing om hard crete all day. I had terrible back pain untill i got these shoes. I added to the comfort by buying Timberland Pro Anit-Fatigue insoles. They are thick and cut to fit. I didnt think they would fit since they are so thick but they do and they are like pillows in the rockports!

    I have size 12 stinky feet. These socks definitely help with controlling the smell compared to the socks I normally wear. The style is pretty nice too since they are ankle socks but have almost a "lip" to prevent skin to shoe contact in the Achilles. I had to knock a star off the review since I bought the size 12-14 socks and they are a bit too big for me. It seems the elastic band that is right before the heel (look closely at the pics to notice it) wants to ride back onto my heal which then stretches the sock out. It doesn't always happen but when it does it is annoying. In the future I will buy this brand again but the size 10-13 size option which I recommend if you are a size 12 as well.

    I experimented with numerous copper and silver infused socks. I'm one of those that has eczema and, occasionally, suffer from AF. I've loved nearly all infused socks I've purchased, but not only are these in at a competitive price point, but I love the quality and comfort. They hold up really well. They feel soooo great! The tops of my feet breathe perfectly and the bottom have a nice balance of comfort and breathability. I had to share the problems I suffer from because I really feel like this help with all health concerns too. Also, since I've been this honest, I'll come right out and say it, my feet don't smell! Well, their feet, of course they do. lol. However, I'm not sure if it's the quality, the breathability or the metals or a perfect combination of all these, but they help keep my feet in a healthy balance. Now, when i go over to a friends that has a now shoe in the house policy, I'm much more comfortable!

    I had holes wear into a pair after the first day of wearing them. I walked maybe a total of 3 miles in normal sneakers that are well broken in. Would not recommend

    Great sock overall, adequately cushioned for daily use and working out, but not necessarily running; and has pretty good anti-stink properties... My main complaint is that three times now, they’re sizing has been way off (I wear a size 10.5, and my first purchase fit great with all three packs, but the same type and size of sock are now more around a 14 to 15 shoe since purchasing again 4-5 months ago and a few weeks ago. I had even bought some for my brother who has a 10.5 wide foot, and the heel is at the upper part of his Achilles. Not sure if they will be correcting this anytime soon, but I am probably not going to buy these again.

    These do work very well! My feet get stinky in about half of my footwear, even open sandals, it's weird. These keep my feet smelling like the shoes and not like stinky feet! It's not the best the smell in the world, but far superior to the alternative. Now that winter's coming, I might get more.

    These fit great! I ordered the medium and wear an 8.5 to 9 women's shoe. I love that they're 80% cotton, which is a big selling point for me.

    Great socks and fit size is accurate.

    I'm a ladies 9 and they're perfect, I think they'd fit anyone between a 7 and 10.

    The height is nice at the back, they come up far enough to protect your foot well from the shoe but don't stick out far enough to be noticeable.

    They fit around the ankle and over the foot arch snugly and don't move at all, very comfortable.

    Each pair is colour coded with a thin line so easy to pair.

    Recommended as a sport sock or all day sneaker sock. Even my fussy teenager likes them!

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    Those socks are thin compare the one I have that I purchased from Asia.

    They did not absorb as quick compare to cotton socks for athletic's foot that I had from Taiwan.

    However, when you take off your shoes those socks will release the wet by their own technologies.

    But overall is not really worth the price and it did not really fit with the recommend size chart

    I'm picky on my socks and kept getting let down by highly rated socks from other companies. But these? Fantastic!

    They aren't heavy or overly thick, they are light and breathable. Have to say, exceptionally happy with this purchase.

    It is difficult to find decent fitting large socks.
    The 12-14 size easily fit my size 12 feet, with room to spare. Good quality as well, have been using for ~4 months with no issues.

    The seam can be uncomfortable in the wrong spot but overall not bad for the price.

    Not good if you want blood to reach your foot; regret buying them for this reason.

    I have reduced stars because I got only 4 pairs where as it was supposed to be 5... Guys be careful when you are changing color ... It's not 5 pack for all colors even though the listing says 5 pack

    Perfect for the gym and hot weather!

    Socks are comfortable and fit well. I know the copper is there and it works because... no more smelly Shrek feet!! Would recommend.

    Stop working after one wash. Not recommended

    A great price for great socks! They fit well and they last.


    ça fonctionne vraiment!

    The socks embête good value for money and are very comfortable

    I have size 10 feet and can barely get these on.