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James Fiallo Mens 12-Pairs Funny Funky Crazy Novelty Colorful Patterned Dress Socks
James Fiallo Mens 12-Pairs Funny Funky Crazy Novelty Colorful Patterned Dress Socks
  • MATERIAL: 95% Polyester 5% spandex
  • SIZING: Fits shoe 6-12 (sock size 10-13)
  • CHIC STYLE: 12 Different Styles with a Huge Variety of Funky Colors to Match any Outfit!
  • Great value! Affordable Lightweight comfortable dress socks!
  • Surprise your husband with this Great gift for Christmas, Birthdays, or any holiday occasion!
  • Contact us for any problems you might encounter and we will do all we can to help!

James Fiallo Mens 12-Pairs Funny Funky Crazy Novelty Colorful Patterned Dress Socks

  • Date First Available: December 15, 2016
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #19,851 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry (See Top 100 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry)
    • #13 in Men's Dress Socks
    • #14 in Men's Novelty Socks
    • #5263 in Men's Shops

    To start, I wear a size 11 sock (right in the middle of their size description. The socks received were of terrible quality. Two out of the twelve pairs had holes in them right on opening the package. One pair immediately started pilling after being worn for three hours. I haven't checked all the other socks, but I speculate I would find more holes and damage should I actually go through them.

    I understand that socks don't last forever and that socks at this price might have short half-life, but less than one wear is unacceptable. I will never order from this company again, and I urge you not to as well.

    Anyone considering buying these, I STRONGLY URGE YOU to consider ALTERNATIVES.

    I loved these socks. I am size 11 and they fit well, see photo below. I don't agree that they would fit shoe size as low as 6. Perhaps 8 - 13 is more accurate. Now I have variety and can get rid of my old boring sox. If anything changes after washing them, I will update my review.

    *** UPDATE (9/9/2016) These socks do not last long. Some did not even last half a day. The construction at the toe area is not good and easily tears. See photos.

    If I could give this 0 stars I would. The quality of these socks is horrendous. I would avoid this completely. Sure there are like 2 or 3 pairs that are decent but you can see the threading and what not inside the socks itself. Its hard not to get your toes tangled up in all that thread.

    Very disappointed, the pictures make it look better than it actually is. The sock pattern to the right of the pink one on the bottom row doesn't even have any elastic to it. I feel like everytime I wear it I'm going to end up ripping it as it doesn't come off the heel well.

    Too many loose threads too. These won't last more than a month.

    Update- so I have had these socks for four months today. I have worn these things pretty much for any and all activities. Yard work, on the job, church, you name it. No wear or holes at all. The socks that I received are very good quality and very comfortable. I still recommend these socks. I don't know if the previous comments about holes and quality were from an earlier version or they just received a bad batch, but quality wise these are some of the best socks I have ever owned. I use a lot of Bomba's socks and they are a very close quality with the Bomba's.

    When I was checking these out I saw several reviews about holes in socks, material not lasting, wearing holes after one time of wear, etc. I noticed they were all from around 2013-2015 so I sorted by recent and didn't see any of those type comments. I went ahead and ordered the socks and quite honestly I think they are nice socks. They are very comfortable, none had holes upon receipt, and I have worn several pairs to work, church, and even put a couple pair through a day with my work boots in the yard doing landscaping. No holes, and they were very comfortable. Based on my experience I would recommend these socks if you are looking for something whimsical and comfortable.

    These socks are a good value for the price. Nice variety of designs, soft feel, and thus far they haven’t started to pill or leave bits of fabric/lint all over my foot after wearing them all day.

    On the down side, the sizing is inconsistent. A few of the pairs are so tight around my leg that it feels like they’re limiting circulation and are hard to put on. Others are looser and fit normally.

    Edit/Update: One thing I have noticed is that these socks are SMELLY. There is something about the fabric content, which doesn't include any cotton, that encourages odor compared to socks that are a cotton blend. If you are someone who often removes their shoes and just wears their socks (under your desk, at home, etc.) these socks may not be for you.

    Buying socks on-line??? Really??? So much could go wrong. But to my surprise these are not just good socks, I can claim them to be the best I have ever owned. Hold up on the ankle, fits fine (I have normal feet), and I got the most conservative design and I wear them to work. Love them and I haven't even broken into the 2nd pack of 6 yet,,, even after a few months and many washes later of the 1st (6) pairs. I'd buy again.

    I usually am not too picky if you look at my other reviews, but I can’t wear these socks. They are way too tight in the lower calf and actually cut circulation a bit like compression sock! The inside of the socks have so much extra fabric and string just hanging around. They also for some reason irritate my legs.

    I will say they did wash well and held up. So 1 extra star for that. Just not for me. I was really hoping since they are so cheap compared to other local stores for cool socks

    These socks are only marginally worth writing a review, but definitely not worth writing home about...
    Do not expect quality apparel, and you will probably still be disappointed! They ARE colorful. I was going to give them 2 stars, but I received two pairs of Tuesday socks...I guess where they are made they just skip Thursdays - thus, only worthy of 1 star.

    Taking size 11 shoes I find most socks which allegedly are for up to size 11 are too tight. These were a comfortable fit. Good quality and excellent price & value. They were delivered next days and whilst they were not quite as colourful as I like they were certainly not plain

    I'm a size 13, and they're a bit too small (photo attached for reference). Aside from that, the quality is ok at best. After just a couple wears, they are beginning to fray (2nd photo attached). Also, some of the socks have strands of thread running tightly horizontally through the sock as a result of the pattern. This made it a bit difficult to get the socks on, and uncomfortable and tight feeling once they were on. Aside from that, I like that within this pack of socks, there is a sock to match just about any outfit that you can possibly put together (I like to match my socks to my shirt or my tie). Overall, the value of these socks is ok. I suppose that one must keep in mind how inexpensive they actually are, and attach that price tag to your expectations.

    Colours of the socks seem dull compared to the picture which is a shame.

    My wife asked me what convinced me to buy 12 pairs of ridiculously coloured socks. I told her the price, and not to shame my love of colourful socks. She said I looked like generic coffee cup. 10/10 would buy again.

    Socks a good. Some socks seem cheaply made compared to other socks in the same package. One sock had a tiny hole from brand new.
    Overall I am satisfied with these socks. I get lots of complements when wearing these socks.

    I bought these because the designs were appealing but am thoroughly disappointed in the quality. The first time i actually wore any of them was today and it is already torn near the inside ankle. If there was an option for 0 stars I would have given that rating

    They are nice looking however the quality is definitely lacking....you'll notice it just after one wash in the washing machine and i didn't even put it in the dryer...

    Purchased these for my husband to wear with his work attire. They are quirky and starts conversations! Wash very well and seem to be well made. Only time will tell if they stand up to the tests of time.

    Very pleased with my purchase of these bright colourful, and fun to wear socks! Fit is excellent. Very happy with the quality of these socks. Would definitely purchase from this seller again! Prompt service!

    -many funky colours
    -lots of compliments

    -not sure if I have stinky feet or these socks are too thin and don't absorb moisture so great, but I find that I can't go a whole day without having to change the socks

    Purchased these for my husband. Socks are a lovely quality. Soft, and stand up to the washing machine well. No fading and minimal shrinking after multiple washes. Great patterns, too!

    I was really excited when these socks arrived! the patterns are unique and the colours vibrant. I did not read the reviews about the colour fading but have not washed them yet. I put on the first pair this morning and there was a hole on the side of the heel! Brand new socks should not have holes on them. I will look at the rest tonight and see if there are any more holes.

    We bought these as a gift. It comes as four packages of three pairs of socks size 10-12. My husband ended up keeping a package for himself and we wrapped up the other 3 to give away. When we opened his pairs we found that the brown pair with bright orange on it was defective and slashed up the middle. Here's hoping the other sets are not in the same shape as we gave them away as gifts...

    Bought these for my husband and he loves all the fun patterns and colours. Every day he comes down the stairs and shows off the quirky peek of colour from his socks. Definitely recommend this item. Would make a great stocking stuffer or Christmas gift.

    On the positive side, they look great and fit reasonably well (I'm size 11 US). On the negative side, they do not breath well and are a bit shorter than I would prefer (causes them to slip down your leg over the course of a day). Overall I would say they are good value for the occasions when you want to wear fancy socks.