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PIZZA SOCKS BOX 4 pairs MIX Hawaii Italian Pepperoni Cotton Socks Made In EU
PIZZA SOCKS BOX 4 pairs MIX Hawaii Italian Pepperoni Cotton Socks Made In EU
  • 80% cotton/17% polyamide/3% elastan
  • PIZZA SOCKS FOR EVERYONE - Are you a fan of pizza or colourful socks? Then, Pizza Socks Box is an ideal product for you! The fashion for colourful socks flourishes and you won't be able to find crazier socks than pizza socks that are packed in a box that looks like a real pizza. Our socks look funny and original also on their owner's feet. They match both casual clothes, a pair of jeans as well as a jacket and a suit. Pizza socks are funny, crazy, colourful and happy!
  • ORIGINAL IDEA - Our Pizza Socks Box is the only product of this type on the market. It was invented "from scratch" by a lover of pizza and colourful socks who decided to combine these two things and create Pizza Socks. Pizza Socks Box is a guarantee of an exceptional and unique gift which is an outcome of the love of the popular and beloved Italian meal that is Pizza. If you've got a friend who loves to eat, it is an ideal solution for you :D
  • FANTASTIC GIFT - Surprise your closest friends with the contents of the box! Owing to a traditional packaging in the shape of a pizza box, Pizza Socks are ideal as an exceptional gift for your friends and family. Fun and lots of laughter guaranteed :D Show your nearest and dearest your sense of humour and give them a little bit of colour accompanied by a wide smile. Our Pizza Socks are cheerful and funny, yet equally practical as they will be useful for the gift recipient in the following years
  • HIGH-QUALITY EU PRODUCT - Pizza Socks are produced in a small family production plant in Central Europe, where the quality of the product is treated as a point of honour. The cotton that we use during the production process has been confirmed by OEKO-TEX certificate which is an international symbol of the best quality of textile products.
  • MULTIPLE TYPES - We offer a wide selection of "tastes" and sizes. We offer 4-pack Pizza Boxes in versions: Pepperoni, Capricciosa, Italian, Hawaiian, and Vegetarian as well as 5 different Mixes so that each sock has a different pattern. Three pairs are respective types of pizza, and the last pair has always the pattern of fluffy pizza dough. Each Pizza Socks Box comes both in women's size S (US 5.5-9 EUR 36-40) and men's size L (US 9.5-13 EUR 41-46).
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At first glance, it may seem that the products that we create are simple socks. Of course, that’s pretty true, but it doesn’t fully reflect who we are and what we do. In the form of a sock we encapsulate what we want to share with the world, that is engagement, joy and a conviction that every-day reality can be extraordinary.

Socks are probably one of the most banal and inconspicuous parts of our wardrobe, but the passion that we put into their preparation each time reminds us that it is exactly enjoying the small things that changes our lives for the better. We deeply believe in what we do. We think that sharing our approach and effects makes sense. We are a small company and we personally engage in each project. We come up with ideas and test our socks on our own to later improve them by following our customers’ remarks. It is your delight and the appropriate functionality of our products that are the final measure of our success.

Regardless of whether you’ll be wearing our funny, specialised, or the simple regular socks, we want them to put a smile on your face each morning. It doesn't matter if you put them on, put them on your child’s feet, or you grandparent’s feet, we want you to be aware that your feet are in good hands. We’re certain that Rainbow Socks can remind you throughout the whole day that items created with passion are truly valuable.

And what if you forget that you’ve got them on after a moment? Well, that probably means that they are extremely comfortable.

Fancy some pizza? Italian Hawaii, Pepperoni Menu. Pepperoni, hawaiian, vegetarian, italian, capricciosa, seafood You don't have to bake it on your own! Ingredients. Proper flour, fragnant tomato sauce, chewy cheese, favourite topping Rainbow Socks. Where feet and colours meet
  • Product Dimensions: 9.45 x 9.06 x 1.18 inches
  • Date First Available: September 10, 2017
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #17,876 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry (See Top 100 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry)
    • #97 in Men's Casual Socks
    • #4732 in Men's Shops

     The presentation alone is worth 10 stars! I was a bit jealous that I hadn’t ordered a set of these socks for myself. I gave them to my boyfriend for his birthday and he was so thrilled with them.

    The only thing I might suggest is maybe adding divots or slots to include a gift card to a favorite pizza place, but otherwise a perfect product!

    Love the design & concept -- wish I could stand wearing these. I where a US Men's Size 11, and these are too small to fit comfortably. Additionally, the seem near the toes is positioned on the BOTTOM of the sock, which is incredibly uncomfortable to walk on all day. Decades of wearing socks, and have never seen a pair with the seem on the bottom?! Do not recommend.

    I ordered the "pizza socks box" with four (4) pairs of mixed designs five (5) months ago as a gift for my pizza-loving boyfriend. The packaging was as depicted in the photos here on Amazon, so, yes, it's as cute as you think! As for the socks themselves, my boyfriend is pleased with their fit and comfort, and he says they have held up well to being washed and dried in washing machines and dryers. That said, the socks were thinner than I had thought they would be, hence this rating of four (4) stars, instead of five (5).

    I got these as a gift for my older step brother. We aren't THAT close so I honestly had no idea what to get him -- he's pretty easy-going and fun, so I thought this would be entertaining, yet practical. The design of the box is great - they even had the little plastic pizza stand in the middle (he appreciated it). They are cotton and the colors are vibrant. I don't quite know how the sizing went, but I would think that it would be hard to mess up sock sizes, so based on the description, I think they fit (haven't heard any complaints). It was a hit and everybody loved the gift.

    My ONLY small note -- kind of unrelated to the product but more for your thought-process when buying this -- my step brother is vegetarian... and I totally forgot that although pizza CAN BE vegetarian, the socks did have meaty details... I mean he has a great sense of humor and used to eat meat, so it went by totally fine and it was laughed over, but if you are buying these for a more uptight food-sensitive individual... that might be something to consider:)

    My girlfriend loved them! She’s an avid pizza lover! And love socks. It was a win win. I’ll come back to comment on the fitment of the socks.

    The box looks very good and I loved the style too. Very well placed. The only issue I had was that when socks went for a wash they shrunk to half the size of what they were. I expected good quality for the price paid.

    I think the idea was great. It was shipped very fast. The packaging and the socks was exactly like the picture. However, it did not fit. I got the men's size for my boyfriend and it did not fit at all.

    I bought these for my 28 yr old son who is currently stationed in KY (US Army Special Reactions Team). He always complains about the pizza (being from NJ we KNOW pizza). Since I couldn’t sent him any pies I figured I’d get him these (as a gag gift). Well let me tell you, they were NOT considered a gag gift to him, he LOVED them. Said they were probably the best gift I gave him (umm I gave him many exspensive gifts for his early Christmas) goes to show you price isn’t everything. The quality of the socks were great. They fit well and didn’t make his feet sweat. The best part was the presentation. The pizza box was adorable and the creative way the socks were rolled to look like an actual pie was so cool and it even had the pizza protector (you’ll see). He took a Snapchat shot and sent it to all his military buddies and even his Sgt said for pizza Friday he just HAS to wear the pepperoni ones. All the guys on the team are going to order them now. I’m so happy I stumbled across these socks. If you have a pizza lover in your life I’d highly suggest this as a gift.

    These socks have been washed 3 maybe 4 times now and they still seem to shrinking. They have never been in the tumble drier, only air dried and boy...are they getting small. it's a shame because I would go for them again for the design. It would be great to get any feedback from the manufacturer.
    I notice that most reviews are from buyers who have purchased the product as a gift, but not as an 'end user' so they have only commented on the design and packaging.
    Great looking, fun socks that seem to be well made. The design is woven rather than printed. For some strange reason the seem that runs along the front is on the underside so sits under the crease of my toes which is a bit irritating!
    Although I washed them according to the instructions - 30 degrees there is a fair bit of shrinkage after the first wash, which makes them rather tight afterwards to the point of being careful not to tear them when putting them on. I'm a size 8 (UK) and I think anyone who is larger than that is going to struggle getting them on after the first wash.

    I ordered these as a gift and I’m so chuffed with them. They come in a very convincing pizza box . You open the box and there are four pairs of socks displayed in the form of a pizza. Brilliant! The dough is made with mushroom socks and then the toppings are pineapple, pepperoni and Italian. I have very carefully unwrapped one sock as I didn’t want to spoil the look but wanted to see the quality of the socks. They look and feel great quality. Very well made and I can see they are true to size. I did manage to fold it back successfully so now it’s all ready for the recipient. She’s gonna love them.

    I bought these for a fun gift for someone who loves pizza, and was not disappointed. I loved the different choices of different pizza topping socks! I'm sure that the gift will be well received. I can't write how they fit yet as it's a Christmas gift but they look decent quality and hopefully the sizes will be standard.

    Excellent product, and a great Christmas present . I bought two different designs and both my adult sons loved them on Christmas morning. One son even took a photo of them in their packaging .
    Slightly expensive , and more importantly the seller was really keen to get a review. I had several emails in a short space of time. So I left it till April for this review.
    One son refuses to wear his as they are so pretty !

    Makes socks look more than just socks .. bought as an extra stocking filler.. don’t know how they fit yet but they look the right size .. nice gift very happy thank you

    I bought these socks for my brother birthday and I'm so in love with them they are awesome. My brother loves them too and they fit really well. Love the unique design and especially the way they are arranged in the "pizza box". Would highly recommend buying these especially as a present. Also the socks back me up in saying pineapple does go on pizza.

    As socks, they're good enough- sturdy, fit well, and our dad loved them. But what really makes them is the presentation! They really do look like a little pizza, and it definitely tipped it from a maybe 4 star to a definite five. Highly recommend.

    I bought these for my husband for valentines day. He loved them so much and the pizza box is really sturdy and put together! It’s definitely worth the money and i will definitely be buying this again

    These look great in the box and caused much amusement as a gift for a pizza lover HOWEVER after their first wash at 40C they shrank so much they were too small. Socks are NOT meant to be SINGLE USE. Amusement level doesn’t out. weigh the cost so don’t waste your money!

    Simply brilliant, me and a friend always try to buy each other fun gifts for birthdays/ Christmas etc.
    I saw these and they are perfect.
    The box/ packaging is brilliant and they are even laid out to look like a pizza inside would definitely recommend these I’m even going to buy myself a pair as I’m quite jealous.

    Omg these are amazing!

    Bought for secret santa gift and it went down so so well. The whole concept is fantastico and they are executed to perfection (even with the little cheese table!)

    What a unique gift! Not only the socks are great quality but the funny packaging does the charm. My partner was really surprised, he thought it was a pizza in the box.

    Its unusual and the perfect gift for, a difficult to buy for, male. Dont know about the quality as its a present but it looks absolutely fine and a lovely idea.....

    Bought for brother as a gift. Absolutely loved them. Groovy concept. Package delivered on time even due to lockdown. Loved the packaging and style. Very pleased. Will look out for more ideas and your products again.

    Amazing!!! Unfortunately can not show you how nice it looks as it is already wrapped. It is going to be a funny gift for my half Italian friend and I am 100% sure that he is going to be happy with it. Nice and very well packaged. Very quick delivery. And it looks just so good!! Funny and original gift for someone who likes colorful socks and pizza. I would definitely recommend.