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Enerwear Mens Thick Wool Cushion Crew Socks 4P Pack
Enerwear Mens Thick Wool Cushion Crew Socks 4P Pack
  • 72% Merino Wool, 18% Acrylic, 8% Polyester,2% Spandex
  • Material : 72% Merino Wool, 18% Acrylic, 8% Polyester, 2% Spandex making it thick, to keep your feet at optimal level warmth
  • Features : Full cushion feet with reinforced, heel and toe, Breathable mesh with arch support
  • Design : Designed for extreme weather conditions, outdoor activities and sports like skiing. Terry-loop cushioning throughout the entire foot, making the socks suitable for hiking, mountaineering, outdoor camping, cycling
  • Size : 10 – 13 US
  • Ocassion : Cushion throughout the entire foot, making the socks suitable for hiking, mountaineering, outdoor camping, cycling
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Pack Size 10 Pairs 4 Pairs 6Pairs 4 Pairs 4 Pairs
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  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Product Dimensions: 9.06 x 3.15 x 7.87 inches
  • Date First Available: November 8, 2018
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #97,612 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry (See Top 100 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry)
    • #26294 in Men's Shops
    • #618 in Men's Athletic Socks

    I like a thick, cushiony sock. I was looking for some replacements for my cotton athletic socks, but unfortunately the company that used to make those socks is now selling a much inferior sock. I found these on Amazon and figured I would give them a try. I wore my first set for a week and immediately bought 2 more packs. I've retired my old socks and have been wearing these exclusively for several weeks now.

    These are perfect socks. They're very soft and cushiony, with some grip around the arch. They handle a range of temperatures very well without getting sweaty. I work in an office that's usually around 72 degrees F, and I go out for half-hour walks during the day in Michigan weather. Since I started wearing these socks, I've repeatedly been out in weather as cold as 20 degrees and as warm as 55, wearing the same tennis shoes I wear indoors. In colder temps my feet have been toasty, and in warmer temps (including indoors) they've been perfectly comfortable; neither overheated nor sweaty. I believe this is the power of Merino wool. :) My cotton socks would get sweaty indoors, but these socks have stayed dry. They've been through the wash several times now with no noticeable pilling, shrinkage, or breakdown of the fabric. I use a gentle cycle with a mild detergent, wash them inside out, tumble dry until they're mostly dry and then flip them to outside-out and dry the rest of the way.

    I'm not sure how these will do in summer, but so far it seems like they would be fine. Really a great, great sock. Probably the best I've ever worn.

    I have cold feet in the winter and hot feet in the summer and I am always on the quest for the perfect sock. These socks are not as thick as your typical wool sock and the thickness almost feels like a normal tube/athletic sock. However, they are extremely soft and comfortable.

    I did an extensive comparison with these and the Omni-wool Merino middleweight sock that is here on Amazon. I wore one of each and rotated which foot I wore them on to have a fair comparison. The Omni-wool seems like a tighter woven sock that is more sturdy/dense and will probably last longer. But, it is a bit tight, not very elastic, and I have a harder time putting it on my feet because my feet are a bit wider than normal.

    Once on my feet, both socks felt the same and I could not tell the difference. However, I found myself reaching for the Everwear socks more often because they are very elastic and so much easier to put on my feet.

    The Omni wool socks are 80% wool.
    The Everwear socks are 75% wool.
    My everyday socks are 85% cotton.

    I then compared the Everwear socks and my cotton socks. On a cold day, the cotton socks were colder. On a hot day, the cotton socks made my feet sweat more and were more damp than the Everwear socks. I plan on making in the Everwear socks my daily sock.

    I hope this helps.

    I like to walk around the house without shoes and my socks don't usually last very long. These socks are very thick, good quality, soft, and comfortable. My shoe size is 10 and these socks fit very nicely. They should last a long time.

    Bought similar socks last year but are unavailable or discontinued. I wear men’s size 9-9.5 and require socks to be snug. The Enerwear merino socks I bought last year are the best year round socks for me. I purchased these because I liked the color and thought they would be similar based on recommendation. They are enormous, made from cheaper material based on feel, and have seams in the wrong places. To me they are unwearable.

    First of all, these are not "thick" for wool socks. They are a medium weight at most. Second, the wool is already rolling and pilling after one day of wear. I expect they will completely fall apart after a few wears and washes. I should have known better at this price, but I dared to hope. If I wasn't away from home, I would be returning these. As is, I'll try to get my money's worth.

    I HIGHLY recommend these socks. So easy to put on you'll be amazon. No more pulling the heal in. This is my experience only, yours could be different. next time when you sign in to Amazon, Sign in like this https:// www.smile.amazon.com with every dollar you spend a portion is given to "The Ethical Treatment Of Animals. Amazon cannot advertise this call customer support. If Amazon does advertise this I never have seen it. It cost you the same exact prices on everything at amazon. con. Just add the word smile.amazon.com or call Customer service. Please

    Great sox they fit and feel great.

    Wool is the largest percentage of fiber content for this sock, so often a sock with only 10% wool is marketed as a wool sock..... NOT! Definitely a good deal