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Loose Fit Stays Up Men's and Women's Casual Crew Socks 3 PK Made in USA! Cushioned Sole
Loose Fit Stays Up Men's and Women's Casual Crew Socks 3 PK Made in USA! Cushioned Sole
  • 25% WIDER IN THE FOOT, ANKLE & LEG - Perfect for those who have regular feet as well as wide feet, and are tired of tight socks that cut off circulation. These socks offer a more relaxed fit and are truly wider in the foot, ankle and leg! They stay up and are easy to put on and take off.
  • CUSHIONED SOLE FOR EXTRA COMFORT, ADDED PADDING AND DURABILITY - Essential for absorbing shock, and reducing pressure while standing or walking. Padded cushion provides comfort with every step.
  • COTTON BLEND of 72% COTTON, 27% NYLON AND 1% SPANEX - Ideal blend for a softer breathable sock. They are durable and very comfortable. See Product Description below for size information.
  • MADE IN THE USA - No shortcuts in materials or workmanship. The Extra Wide Sock Company stands behind their brand and superb quality. Your feet will feel better!
below for size information.
  • MADE IN THE USA - No shortcuts in materials or workmanship. The Extra Wide Sock Company stands behind their brand and superb quality. Your feet will feel better!
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    After buying every size except Small, I finally bought the largest size they make and it's still too tight on the calves of my legs. I have undersized calves and my shoe size is a medium width and size 11½ and medium is a little too wide. A few years ago, I purchased a size 13 sock at a well known nationwide clothing store and it was gigantic - could not even fit my foot and giant sock in my shoes. Again, I have slender calves and narrow feet. Do NOT believe the shoe chart. It is just plain wrong. You need at least two sock sizes bigger than they recommend. Or best to just buy the X-Large socks and work your way down. I started with a medium and ended up at X-Large and wish there was an XXL size. These must be Chinese sizes out in the rural areas where they don't get enough food to eat. I lived in China. I know what I'm talking about. Shanghai people are much bigger.

    I laid all three sizes of socks I purchased on top of each other with the largest size on the bottom. The diameter of all three sizes are virtually identical. I washed the Red XL size in cold water and then let them air dry. These are cotton and they absolutely do shrink if you use warm water or put them in the dryer no matter how low the temperature. I am an acclaimed engineer and I believe in facts. I'm currently rated #212 on Amazon and was as good as #151 when I had to stop the Vine program because it hurts my neck too much to write reviews. A drunk driver at noon going the wrong way on a one-way street hit me broadside at the intersection breaking my neck. The only difference between sizes is the overall length of the socks. This is an exception to my rule of not writing any more reviews. I do not know how this product is rated so high unless they have changed to a cheaper design in recent times. The only size that begins to fit me is the XL Red size. And it covers nearly my entire calf, which is good in the winter, but very hot in the summer. It's still too tight and I am six feet tall and weigh 178 pounds with very little fat on my body. I have a large stock of the medium green size that I will donate. And a sizeable number of blue striped socks. I do like being able to identify the size with the color strip above the toe. However, the green striped socks I received have only a very faint color I never even noticed until I bought the blue size. The red size is much better. My wife who is absolutely not colorblind agrees that the green striped ones are almost invisible. If you look in just the right place in bright light, we can only see a hint of green. My expensive Sketcher shoe size is size 11 and that is a little too wide. The arch is perfect.

    Until washed a couple of times, the part that goes over my foot is too big and bunches up when I tie my shoes making it uncomfortable in which to walk. Be aware these socks are high percentage cotton and they definitely after they have been washed a few times, that part of the sock will shrink and fit better. Do NOT use hot water or they will shrink too much. But since there is a significant amount of cotton in these socks, that means the entire sock will shrink. And the part that goes over my calf will shrink as well, my main pet peeve. By the time I take the socks off, there is a rather deep dent all around my leg at the top - good way to get edema - swelling above the ankles because blood is not returning up to the heart. I've had edema one time briefly and it is extremely painful for weeks even after the swelling has gone down. You have to take diuretics to excrete urine and thus excess fluid and that depletes your potassium - the other salt that makes your heart beat. No potassium, no heart beats. Buy balanced salt with potassium. I've had that happen and nearly died from a stupid doctor giving me the wrong blood pressure medicine. Turns out I didn't even need blood pressure medicine in the first place.

    There don't seem to be any socks with variable diameter - one diameter for the foot and one for the calf of the leg. This summer I weighed as little as 172 pounds, so I've put on six pounds of winter weight, but not in the sock or calf area. If you are built with giant calves ideal for football, these are not going to work for you - may be better than regular socks, but still like a tourniquet on the top of your calves.

    My suggestion is no matter what size sock you normally wear, buy the very biggest sock this company makes if you care about your blood supply returning from your foot. I don't know why they can't make a normal size for the foot and a wider size for your calves. One sock fits everybody in the world mentality. The photos must be fake or taken back when they were a different size than now. Americans are built in all different sizes, some giants and some skinny people. Why can't they make socks for Americans, the people who purchase these kinds of socks? I lived in China for five years, and when I arrived in 2005, I was always the tallest person on the subway. But five years later, the new generation with adequate food supply while growing up was as tall or taller than I am. Some women were nearly as tall as I was. But they still have slender legs because it is a national disgrace to be overweight in China. They've stopped eating rice because now they realize it causes diabetes. It's simply not the same China anymore. They still speak 55 different languages and blends make the language barrier even worse. They are trying to standardize on Mandarin, but it's going to take generations to do it.
    Original review of Medium Green Label Socks: One very nice thing for families is the socks are color-coded for size. The only place these socks are extra wide is on the foot. On your legs, they are only slightly larger than the normal tourniquet style stocks with extra strong elastic to choke the blood supply. After being washed several times, the lower part of the socks that go over your feet, shrink and become normal size, but still very thick and cushioned. I like that part. At first, the socks over the foot were extra long, about an inch too long. Repeated washings will shrink that extra inch back to a normal length. Consider this size to be an extra small sock after repeated washing. I exaggerate only slightly.

    I ended up buying two sets of the biggest Extra Large Socks and they are barely suitable, but they are a keeper nonetheless. The socks are quite long and go over the top of my calf - good for cold weather and not too much blood choking dents in my legs. I wash them in cold water and most importantly, the coolest temperature in the dryer. The dryer is the main place the sock shrink. Tumble dry if necessary.

    What irks me is the part that goes over my calf is hardly any better than any other sock. I don't think people with big feet necessarily have skinny calves. It's more likely the opposite. Normal feet and big calves. They just want to manufacture socks that are the same diameter from toe to the other end for convenience. These socks leave deep imprints on the skin of my calves and I have skinny legs. For people with truly big calves on their legs, I can only imagine how tight these socks fit on their legs. Yes, they will stretch some, but that does not solve much of anything. It inhibits lymph fluid circulation to stagnate in your legs - not a good thing medically if you value your feet.

    I've been searching for a company that makes sensible socks that are not so tight on my legs for years. I've even looked into making my own custom socks from a company in China, but the initial cost of one prototype pair of socks is $300 and the minimum order of socks of each size is 10,000 pairs. So even though I think that's a good business opportunity, I do not want to gamble that much money living only on social security. I thought that these socks were what I wanted, but they only have half the solution - people with extra big feet. I have slender feet, so these socks are too big on my feet and too tight on the calves of my leg - the only thing I wanted. I wanted socks for large diameter calves that didn't leave an imprint of the socks on my legs. I suppose there is no such sock in existence. It seems so obvious that this is a big market. Thought these socks were the answer, but the description and the actual results do not match. But they are still the best I've found, just the hype doesn't match the socks.

    Maybe I will try a "Go Fund Me" project to build the perfect sock - a sock with one diameter for the foot and a bigger size for the calf of the leg. And offer different diameters of calves from normal to extra huge. Leave a comment if you think this is a good idea. I know my way around China a little and have one clothing contact in particular. I know they make very expensive socks for morbidly obese people, but even though the epidemic of obesity continues to increase in American, I don't want to be in that business.

    I had contacted the company to ask if these would fit someone who wears a size 15 wide shoe, if that person had slightly swollen ankles from time tot time and was told they would. And they do.... until you wash them. I am very gentle on sock washes... room temp water, gentle cycle, low heat to dry, etc. But after just one washing these started to become a little uncomfortable to wear - after two washings they were noticeably tighter.

    They are built well, I'll give them that. But they do not fix a size 15 wide food that has some swelling issues, so keep this in mind. Wish they actually made a XXL size - just one up would work. Oh well.

    These are very well made socks, and I find them quite comfortable. I waited to write my review until after I had washed them. Life is too short to worry about how I wash my socks. So, I just threw them in the washer with a dark load and tossed them in the dryer. They have held up just fine after two washings and didn't shrink at all. I'm not sure how others managed to shrink them.

    I have inflammatory arthritis in my ankles, toes, and elsewhere. These socks are perfect for me. The seam doesn't bother my tender toes at all. The socks stretch, without being binding or too large and bunching, which also causes pain. You can see where your big toe was after you remove the socks, but the socks don't feel tight at all. They do stay up as advertised.

    I find that the white socks run larger than the black socks. I bought the white socks after wearing and laundering the black ones. I don't wear any of my other socks now. I even ordered their wool socks and hope they're as comfortable.

    After reading other reviews, I debated ordering a size up but ultimately ordered my normal size, which falls in the middle of the medium. And I stuck with the medium when I ordered more. I'd definitely order a size up if I were at the upper limit of the size or if I liked socks that were loose the way regular men's sweat pants would be. They do seem to have considerable stretch, but I would imagine they would feel tight with very large, swollen legs, such as with diabetes. In that case, I'd be tempted to order a size up as well. I'm not tiny and am fairly swollen, but not past my ankle and the swelling doesn't encompass the entire circumference of my leg.

    These socks are a medium weight with some cushion. They won't fit in the trendiest, dressy shoes but my guess is that if you need these socks you have enough common sense or pain to realize you shouldn't be wearing those types of shoes anyway. No heels gals & guys too! All kidding aside, they aren't crazy thick and will fit in most shoes that you would wear for business casual for men and many women's shoes as well. They also work well for sneakers.

    3/2019 Update: These socks still look 'like new'. I bought some for my father, and he loves them. He doesn't have any swelling, but he likes that there isn't any seam across the toes. The wool socks, on the other hand, look horrible, and I don't wear them even half as much as these.

    12/2019 Update: I bought a size XL in black to fit over a badly swollen ankle after a recent injury. The XL was larger from toe to heel but was no larger in any other dimension. If anything, the XL felt tighter than my usual M, which still fit but wasn't too comfortable after the injury. I thought the XL would be perfect. Silly me! So, the mediums are great, but the larger sizes really ought to be larger in every dimension, not just longer. I still love the socks in the medium, and they still look great.

    What can you say about socks? Well, I can say that I'm mightily sick of sorting the weird, flimsy diabetic socks that my hub has brought home from various flea markets and drugstores over the past couple of years. He's not diabetic or overweight, but regular socks bind his legs and drive him nuts. Crummy socks drive me around the bend (why? I don't know), so I did an Amazon search and found these things. Kind of expensive (compared to the .99-centers from the flea market), but they don't turn into stringy dishrags after the first washing and should last a long time. Nice cushy soles, too. Now I just have to go through his underwear drawer when he's not looking and toss the worn-out, skeevy skivvies.

    Its way too constricting by the second wash .I bought the xl mens . Ruined my day . Ouch .