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FUN TOES Men's Toe Socks Lightweight Breathable-Value 6 PAIRS Pack- Size 6-12
FUN TOES Men's Toe Socks Lightweight Breathable-Value 6 PAIRS Pack- Size 6-12
  • 25% nylon
  • PERFECT COMPANION FOR TOE SHOES Our toe shoes socks are ideal for use on all toe shoes; They keep each toe separated and spread, giving you the full benefits of shoe design.
  • MONEY SAVING VALUE PACK Our toe socks pack gives you 6 pairs of the best toe socks for men on Amazon! Why pay more for toe shoe socks of lower quality when you can get the best for less?
  • A PERFECT FIT Our toe socks are sized 10-13 to fit men with shoe sizes between 6 and 12.5! You'll love the comfortable fit. Made of 70% Polyester, 25% Nylon 5% Spandex barefoot socks!
  • MAKE RUNNING & EXERCISING FUN! Fun Toes toe socks let you stay cool and dry mile after mile! The fabric of our barefoot running socks wicks sweat away, and they're lightweight for maximum comfort
  • PROTECT YOUR FEET WITH EVERY STEP When used as toe socks or toe shoes socks with other brands of 5-toe shoes, our toe socks for men reduce friction to cut down on the risk of blisters

Meet the Perfect Companion to Your 5 Toe Shoes. Five toed barefoot running shoes can help you promote proper foot alignment to reduce strain and lower your risk of injury, but without toe socks your feet can end up sweaty and covered with blisters. That's why FUN TOES Toe Socks for Men are a must-have companion for any pair of 5-toed shoes! With their 5-toe design, they provide you with a number of benefits. Our barefoot running socks can help you by: - KEEPING YOUR FEET COOL AND DRY. Our barefoot socks are so lightweight that you'll forget they're even there! The 70% Polyester, 25% Nylon and 5% Spandex helps to keep feet dry even when temperatures climb, so you feel more comfortable and your shoes can last longer! - PROTECTING YOU FROM FRICTION. Our toe shoe socks provide a layer of protection from friction across every part of the foot, dramatically reducing your risk of ending up with painful blisters. - MAINTAINING PROPER TOE ALIGNMENT. Our barefoot running socks for men keep each toe perfectly positioned to complement the fit of five-toe shoes. - BEING INVISIBLE BENEATH YOUR SHOES. The no show cut of our toe shoe socks allows them to stay beneath the tops of your shoes, so don't just feel your best in them--you look your best, too! - SAVING YOU MONEY. We've designed the absolute best toe socks for men at an incredible savings so you can experience the FUN TOES difference. Our toe socks pack gives you 6 pairs for a great value! Get all of the benefits of toe shoes without the risk of blisters and sweaty feet!


Whether you're looking for casual wear or sports socks, Toe Socks are the best and healthiest choice for your feet.


Casual wear in the house

Toe socks help prevent Blisters, Athlete Foot and at the same time provides proper balance and improves performance.

All type of sports

  • Helps Prevent Blisters
  • Boosts Blood Circulation
  • Improves Performance
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Unlike regular socks Toe socks manufacturing go through a lengthy process. Using state of the art machinery for each step and with the most up to date equipment.

We also source our products from manufacturers that provide a clean safe and comfortable environment for their employees

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  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Date First Available: July 15, 2015
  • ASIN: B011PU8V40
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #10,475 in Sports & Outdoors (See Top 100 in Sports & Outdoors)
    • #129 in Men's Sports Socks
    • #170 in Men's Athletic Socks
    • #44 in Men's Running Socks

    After a few bad choices from other vendors on here I decided to go with these particular toe socks because of mixed reviews I was leary but one thing I kept seeing over and over was that the manufacturer was actually reaching out to people and trying to make them happy with their product and for this one reason is why I decided to give their product a shot. Now I had never tried toe socks prior to about a month ago but because I have been having issues with taking regular socks off and felt like there was something between my toes I went on line to find a solution and in comes toe socks. Now the first pairs I came across were like super expensive I have a real issue paying between $14 and $17 dollars a PAIR for them so like anyone I looked for a cheaper alternative. The first pairs I ran across were like 13 bucks for 6 pairs which wasn't to bad so I bought two packs, when they arrived I tried them on and WOW! i loved them right away they fit was great and they breathed well the issue was that after one wash the elastic started coming out of the sock on all of them so I sent those back and started looking again, after looking through several brands I chose these for the reason mentioned above. This time I bought two pack of white 1 pack of grey and orange and 1 pack of Black-Orange/ 2 Black-Grey/ 2 Grey-Yellow) so 4 packs altogether yes I paid a little more for these as opposed to the previous ones but I figured the more you pay the better the quality. So I waited anxiously for them to arrive I have Prime so I didn't have to wait to long. When I received them I wanted to try them right away starting with the white pack I took a pair out and right away was regretting my decision... the very first pair had elastic coming off the cuff and a stain of some sort? As seen in the first picture, super disappointed I looked through the others until I found a pair that didn't have that issue and after the third pair I found some that didn't have to much thread and elastic hanging off them and started the process of placing them on my feet. Now keep in mind im a size 10.5 shoe, these socks say they will fit a size six to twelve and a half shoe size and a ten to twelve sock size and noticed right away they were a bit snug before I started trying to place my toes in the fingers even this did not deter me I was determined to like these socks and kept going. After a few min of finding the right toe finger to toe I got them on WOW what a really tight fit in fact so tight they stretched the finger thin to the point of seeing through the material checking again to make sure I bought "men's" socks I was saddened when the packaging confirmed that I had, so ok the toes were tight the sock itself was tight but with anything new it may be a bit tight right until you break it in, so I went ahead and wore them already noticing that the toes didn't go all the way to the inside crease of your toe (too short) I went ahead and convinced myself this wouldn't be and issue and wore them. After a few hours I started noticing that there was pain in the top of my foot kinda traveling down to my large toe so upon inspecting the sock I found it was digging into the top of my foot right below the ankle and cutting off the circulation leaving an indention, I pulled them up and kept going after a few min it started again, taking my entire shoe off this time I found that because the fingers to the toe had not gone down all the way to the web of my toe it was actually pulling them up and the toes were coming out of the fingers which was pulling the entire sock forward and putting them in the same spot on my ankle cutting off blood flow! VERY disappointed by this... I had to remove the socks. Thinking it may be that one pair I tried a few more pairs with the same outcome and it wasn't just the white ones all of the socks I bought were made the exact same way in between the third and fourth toe especially was extremely short as shown in the below picture im not sure why the manufacturer thought that these two toes were the same size but that's what they did and it causes fitting issues. I have noticed that prior to 2018 there were a lot of reviews that were complaining of the extra material at the tip of the toe the vast majority of the people that said this were females that had bought a male sock, I do believe the manufacturer overlooked this and started catering to the female market more so then the males because these socks are more of a womans size then mens as said before I wear a size 10.5 and there is no way these socks are that size at all not with cutting off circulation and toes being so tiny. On the plus side the material that they were made with seems to be very sturdy not to thick but just thick enough, unfortunately that's the only nice thing I can say about these socks and why they got one star instead of negative one, as far as the fit the quality of producing the actual sock it falls very short of this customer being satisfied, I will to my dismay be returning these, hoping they read this review and change the production method to cater more towards the male market, id say if you were a size 4 to 8 male or a woman size 6 to 10 these would be a great buy for you but any one above that size keep looking these socks will not fit you.

    Executive summary: I wouldn't buy these again. They show wear too quickly and slide under my heal when running.

    I purchased these socks instead of buying another pair of Injini toe socks. I am one of those crazy people who loves their Vibram Five Finger shoes for running but need socks on longer runs to avoid blisters. Injini charges 3x as much, so I thought I would give these a try. I can't say I hate these socks but the quality is definitely lower. After just two uses of 30 minute runs I could see wear on the heal. This wouldn't be a huge deal necessarily except that the socks also slide off my heal and bunch up under my foot as I run. I can deal with it on shorter runs, but for anything longer than 30 minutes I can't stand it. If they make a heavier weight sock that is crew length both problems may be minimized (or made worse). I am keeping these for now as they are usuable but would not buy them again.

    I bought the six pack of fun toes and 1 pair of injini toe socks. I first tried the fun toes which seem to fit fine and looked nice but after a few hrs the space between 2 of my toes on one foot were hurting a bit, I thought well maybe it's because I'm not used to toe socks so I let it go. But after I tried my injinji's