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Hanes Men's
Hanes Men's
  • 79% Cotton, 16% Polyester, 3% Rubber, 2% Other Fibers
  • Imported
  • Elastic closure
  • Machine Wash
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Crew socks that keep your feet comfortable all day long

  • Item model number: 970A10
  • Date First Available: April 24, 2019
  • ASIN: B07RB2V438
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #37,032 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry (See Top 100 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry)
    • #181 in Men's Casual Socks
    • #9889 in Men's Shops

    I'm not certain why I'm adding my voice to the chorus of disappointed buyers posted here. One more 1-star review probably won't make much difference because people will continue to buy these socks. And why, you may ask, would people go against all the poor reviews? Are they just stupid? No. They're not. The fact is that they have no choice. Read all the reviews here of men's crew and boot socks and you will find numerous 1-star reviews of EVERY DARN SOCK BEING SOLD. All of the men's cotton socks listed on Amazon have multitudes of disappointed buyers. Apparently all cotton crew socks now being made are thinner, flimsier, wear less well, fit poorly and just plain suck. So if you want to buy some here, you just have to flip a coin and take your chances with the offerings listed. I chose these and now after wearing one pair twice, they are developing holes in the heels. Did I mention that I haven't even gone out of the house in them? Did I mention that I only wear them in the house with sandals? No, they have never seen the inside of a boot and yet they are starting to give up the ghost. I wear a size 10 shoe, but these stupid one-size-fits-all have the grey heel halfway up my Achilles. Am I surprised at how bad they are? NO. I read the reviews first and took a chance. Since about 85% of everything made now is less sturdy, less reliable, less functional, poorly designed, and made in some foreign place with poor materials, but costing twice as much as 10 years ago, I wasn't surprised. Maybe I'll cut them up and use as Kleenex replacements since that venerable product has now deteriorated to the point to where you had better use 4 of them to blow your nose if you don't want a hand full of goo afterward.

    This is the first time I purchased these socks online vs in the store. I've been wearing only hanes socks for well over 10 years so I know what the normal quality is supposed to be like and these are not it. They are very thin and feel like they have about half the amount of cotton as my previous pairs. Normally when my old pairs have been through the wash hundreds of times and are starting to get holes that's when I know it's time to change them out. These almost have that feeling right out of the package and I haven't even washed them once yet. I'm going to use them as my around the house socks and once a hole shows up they will become rags or go in the trash. Guess I'll have to go back to paying full price in the store at least I know what i'll be getting. I uploaded a photo held up to the window with daylight in the background. You can clearly see how less material is in the new socks compared to the older ones.

    these are much thinner they have been. more polyester than they used to have. way, way, way, too tight on the calf.

    Hanes makes several versions of their Men's Crew Socks and this listing is for their Value Crew. The name says it all. This is not their best sock. It doesn't have the most padding, thickest cotton or wicking/cooling features. You can link to those other versions in this listing description where they are shown as 184V12 Cushion 12 pack,184/6 Cushion 6 pack,84/10 Ultimate 10 pack,CL84 Ultimate 6 Pack. This is the sock I buy for a home bound family member who rarely puts on shoes or slippers. These keep the chill off of his feet and don't create indention marks on his legs. He will blow out the heels of these after a few months of wear but they're priced right and there's no use paying extra for reinforced heals when he is going to do the same thing to those as well. I think pretty much any sock worn as a shoe is going to have a short lifespan so why spend more to see the same results? Also, when I have bought more expensive brands, he has complained that the elastic that holds them up is too tight. He likes these so this is what I buy. I have uploaded a scan of the back of the package for those who may be interested in seeing the detail provided there.

    I have been wearing Hanes crew socks for years, because of their durability. Not any longer. I bought two packs of these and neither has survived more than a month before holes began appearing in them. I put new ones on, wear them for a day at work, and by that evening there are thin spots that look terrible. I have never had this issue with Hanes socks before. Either these aren't Hanes or Hanes has really gone down hill.

    Been a Hanes crew sock wearer for 30 years. I knew it the second these arrived; they've skimped on the cotton. Fabric is much thinner than the socks I've always relied on. The feel thinner; they fold smaller. They just don't feel as durable. Still, hoping for the best and figuring they know more about sock-making than me, I washed them and put them in the sock drawer.

    Finally wore a pair today. I typically get 2-3 years of Fall-to-Spring use out of Hanes socks before even the tiniest bit of wear starts to show through at the toe or heel. These I only wore once for 10 hours and both toes already have stretched to the limit and exposed starter-holes. I'll be lucky to get three wears before they disintegrate.

    I guess it makes sense, sell a thin sock and people will have to buy more sooner. But guess what brand I won't be buying to replace them?

    *sigh* All good things...eventually get ruined by profiteering.

    I didnt like these socks. I cant fit into my runners with these socks on. Also the shape is very straight and the fall down all the time. Poor fabric. Would not recommend for general purpose socks

    I was a bit disappointed in how thin the material of these socks are. They fit well but I don't think I'll buy them again.

    Great quality for the price of a 10 pack. Will repurchase. Still white, even after multiple washes.

    Same as I've been buying for years

    I like these socks as they fit just fine but the material is a little thin and I will have to see how they wear.

    thin , good for summer

    good socks

    Just what I ordered and wanted-Fit perfect-Would order these socks again.

    Very Comfortabe