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Men’s Compression Socks (6-Pack) – Graduated Muscle Support - Athletic or Medical
Men’s Compression Socks (6-Pack) – Graduated Muscle Support - Athletic or Medical
  • VERSATILE – Great for everyday use or athletic pursuits. Ideal for athletes, nurses, truckers, teachers, flight, travel or anyone that sits or stands for prolonged periods of time. Ideal companion for your athletic endeavors: running, yoga, cycling, CrossFit, soccer, volleyball, hiking, walking and more. Provides support for people suffering from Edema, Diabetic, Varicose Veins, Shin Splints, swelling or general leg, calf, joint, arch, heel, ankle or foot pain.
  • REVITALIZE and ENERGIZE – Avoid muscle fatigue and promote healthy blood flow. Compression socks enhance blood flow to the leg area, keeping aches and pains at bay. The compression on our socks increases gradually down towards the ankle and forces excess blood and fluid up your legs to prevent swelling or pooling. Better blood and oxygen circulation helps reduce lactic acid build up and aids muscle recovery.
  • RECOVER – The 8-15 mmHg graduated compression of our socks provides instant pain relief for tired muscles, arthritis, and swollen ankles, providing great support for anyone standing, sitting or working out. Compression socks promote healing and recovery from injuries such as strains and pulled muscles.
  • COMFORT – Our socks are made from 55% Cotton, 40% Polyester, and 5% Elastic. Many compression socks on the market are made of 100% synthetic material and as a result are ridged, unbreathable, scratchy and downright uncomfortable. Our specially designed material blend allow our socks to be soft, comfortable and functional for athletics and everyday use.
  • QUALITY – Our socks are guaranteed to be 100% comfortable! Our loyal customers love these socks and we’re confident that they will become your favorite pair of socks. Pembrook socks are machine washable and easy to care for, so you can rest assured that your socks will survive the wear and tear of everyday life. Pembrook has been a family business since 1976 and we fully stand behind the quality of our products.

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  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 7 x 0.8 inches
  • Item model number: 403106SM005
  • Date First Available: January 1, 2017
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #11,764 in Sports & Outdoors (See Top 100 in Sports & Outdoors)
    • #1358 in Running Clothing
    • #5839 in Men's Shops
    • #184 in Men's Athletic Socks

    A year ago, I had deep vein thrombosis. One of the outcomes was weakened circulation. I began have substantial swelling in my ankles and feet. I went after the problem aggressively and quickly learned that a necessary part of the rest of my life is compression socks. Not having any knowledge of brands, I purposely bought three on Amazon and have been wearing them daily for six weeks. The three brands are:
    Pembrook "Men’s Compression Socks (6-Pack) – L/XL – Black, Gray, Navy - Graduated Muscle Support, Relief and Recovery" ($5/pair)
    Iseasoo "Copper Compression Socks For Men & Women-3 Pairs,15-30mmHg" ($4/pair)
    Dr. Scholl's Men's Premium Diabetic and Circulatory Casual Crew Socks [2 Pack] ($5/pair)
    My summary observation is that the Pembrook socks are address my needs substantially better than the others. I rated the socks in four categories: Support (especially managing swelling), Comfort, Breathability (management of body heat), and Cost.
    Support: Pembrook was 1st; Iseasoo 2nd; Scholl's 3rd. This category is a bit like Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. Pembrook socks go on the feet and legs with moderate effort and stay where they are placed. These are high socks, going up to just below the knee (I am 5'9"). For me, going higher is dangerous. The Pembrooks hug the calf with choking my legs. Even after a full day, they feel good and manage swelling very nicely. The Iseasoo also extend to just below the knee. They are very hard to put on and they feel substantially too tight. They do, however, accomplish my goal for managing swelling. Scholl's only go to mid-calf, which is ok with me. However, they provide substantially less support and feel like relatively loose athletic socks that don't promote compression (of which I have many). I was quite surprised at the apparent lack of compression. I'm not a scientist, but they didn't help me more than regular, and much cheaper, socks.
    Comfort: Pembrook was 1st; Scholls was 2nd; Iseasoo 3rd. Pembrook hits the sweet spot for me between compression and comfort. They simply feel great to wear. Scholls is as comfortable as a regular sock, but doesn't do much compressing. Iseasoo was too tight. And even though it's tight, the fabric (which is substantially different than Pembrook) allows it to slip down my legs. It leaves marks on my calves when it doubles over (sometimes) and "eats into my legs. I'm already avoiding wearing them until the others are dirty.
    Breathability: Pembrook was 1st; Scholls 2nd; Iseasoo 3rd. Fabric is important! Pembrook is a very breathable cotton/polyester mix. Wearing any long socks in August is likely to create too much warmth. Pembrook was fine and I give it very high marks. Scholls is nearly entirely polyester. However, it is only a mid calf sock with a loose weave so it didn't create much heat-discomfort for me. Iseasoo is "unique copper-infused, breathable, moisture-wicking fabric" which means I don't know what the fabric is. It was definitely uncomfortably hot. I couldn't wait to get them off at the end of the day.
    Cost: At between $4 and $5, they are practically all equal. Scholls is cheapest and should be. It didn't provide me with the performance I expected.
    Pembrook wins hands down.
    Final note: I have some mid-calf white athletic socks (I couldn't find a brand!) that provide substantially better compression, comfort and breathability than Scholls. I can wear them with short pants and not look like a 'dweeb'. I bought them at Costco. I'm going to buy more for warm-day outings (short pants days). I won't buy Scholls again. I'm going to buy another pack of Pembrook. I might buy Iseasoo for winter but would try to find a larger size (although I'm just a medium build).
    Main point: Compression socks are SO important for so many people. I hope this review helps with your decisions.

    Fits well. I have size 12 feet. Swollen ankles and pain, probably gout related as I age. The socks have brought me great relief.

    UPDATE: Feet don't sweat in these like some other that are 100% synthetic. After six washings, cool water and out of the dryer after 10 minutes to then air dry... they are still good. No elastic failure.

    I like them enough that I just ordered a second pack of 6 pairs.

    Update: I had a question that I posted to the seller. They gave almost immediate and positive responses. They seem to really care about their customers.

    I have now ordered for a third time. They work well for me and are priced right. They hold their stretch just fine. They launder well. They don't cause feet to sweat.

    They look funny with shorts... but if you're man enough, then wear them with pride. (grin)

    These socks provide light compression from just below the knee through the feet. I am on my feet ten hours a day and using them has definitely reduced swelling.

    Past experience with other compression socks has not been positive. Socks I have previously used have been made of artificial fabrics, have been extremely difficult to put on, have been uncomfortable because of a very tight band at the top, and [email protected] been very expensive.

    The Pembrook compression socks are great. The price can’t be beat (under $5 each). The material includes cotton, which makes these socks feel like regular socks. The socks are quite easy to put on. I have worn, washed, then worn a pair again and the socks have held up well. At this point I highly recommend the Pembrook compression socks: price, comfort, ease, and effectiveness is all A+!

    I didn’t know how good compression socks could feel! Through my chemo, I’ve continue to walk a couple miles each day, but my legs felt like they’d walked ten. These socks feel great. I’ve washed them once (cold in the machine, rack dried) and they’re fine. I wear a women’s 10.5 which always falls between sock sizes— L/XL fits just right. (But could stretch foe a larger foot). I’m 5’8” and they fit comfortably just below my knees.

    Great compression socks. They provide adequate compression. They're nice and long, go all the way up to my knee and I'm 6"1. I order L/XL btw. They're pretty thin and it's very obvious when I put on my shoes, they feel very loose compared to my normal socks. The price is good and the quality is good. Although you can rip them if you're not careful when putting them on. They're not as durable as the medical grade compression stockings. I'm pretty happy with mine, I ordered 3 sets.

    Much more comfortable than the all poly pak I tried. Also better compression and thicker material than the copper ones. Had 2 grey, 2 blue, 2 black all with nice patterns looks like a dress sock, only put one through wash held up well. Will update if needed but I like these more than the others, better compression, thicker yet breath better, better looks.

    My husbands calf area of his legs have been swelling lately During work he's squatting or on his knees, a constant up and down. Stair & scaffold climbing as well as walking distances ... I will update after he tries them, but for now...
    I was worried when I tried them on. I thought they were going to be too snug, little difficult to get on but I'm used to this as I wear compression sleeves for my shin splints. Once on though, these socks are extremely comfortable and not tight at all. My calves are size 13.5" at the thickest part, hubbies measure 14". Depending on shoe brand for both of us, he wears a size 9 to 10 shoe, I'm a size 6 to 7.
    Until later...

    They are helping with his calf swelling, the only thing he doesn't like is they cause his feet to sweat. Guess you can't have everything. ;-)
    Hope this helps others.

    These socks keep leg swelling down. I have less fatigue at the end of the day.

    Están muy cómodos y tienen una buena durabilidad.

    the best... you will love them

    My Dad loves his new socks and his legs don't get as sore.


    Quite nice and way less expensive than at an orthotics or drug store.

    Como se esperaba