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Easy Fit Compression Socks | Big & Tall Mens Black (1 pair) | 8-15 mmHg | Size 13-16
Easy Fit Compression Socks | Big & Tall Mens Black (1 pair) | 8-15 mmHg | Size 13-16
  • 83% Polyster/ 13% Spandex / 4% Nylon
  • ✅ ALL DAY COMFORT: Ultra Soft | Cushioned Footbed | Moisture Wicking | Seamless Toe
  • ✅EASY ON AND OFF: 8-14 mmHg Graduated Compression
  • ✅ PREMIUM FABRIC: 83% Polyster/ 13% Spandex / 4% Nylon
  • ✅ HIGH QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Durable Reinforced Nylon Footbed with built in Arch Support
  • ✅ METICULOUSLY DESIGNED – SAY NO TO: Sweaty Feet | Leg Fatigue & Ache | Rolling Down Legs | Blisters
Sugar Free Sox

Sugar Free Sox Athletic Compression Socks have a soft fabric with a cushioned footbed supplying comfort with a rugged durable nylon reinforcement to endure high performance wear. Use while training or after for leg recovery to reduce leg muscle aches, pains and swelling.

  • Moisture wicking fabric
  • Cushioned footbed with durable nylon reinforcement
  • Seamless toe and built in arch support
  • Lite graduated compression for all day comfort 8-15 mmHg

Easy to put on and off! Also excellent choice with boots. Cross stretch of fabric at sock top- 11 inches.

Fabric Content: 83% Polyester/ 13% Spandex / 4% Nylon

OTC/ Knee High Length

Available in three sock sizes: 9-11, 10-13, 13-16

Athletic Compression Socks

Running Compression Socks

Other product lines we offer in dozens of styles, colors, and sizes.

Active Fit Diabetic Socks

Diabetic Socks

Compression Socks

Active Fit Non-Binding Socks

Avoid the sock ring imprint.

  • Non-Binding Top with Stay Up Power
  • Flat Knit Inner Cuff Liner Maximizes Comfort
  • Moisture Wicking Fabric
  • Cushioned Footbed
  • Seamless Toe

Health & Comfort Dress/Casual Non-Binding Socks

Avoid the sock ring imprint.

  • Non-Binding Top with Stay Up Power
  • Flat Knit Inner Cuff Liner Maximizes Comfort
  • Big Stretch Fabric
  • Seamless Toe

Dress/Casual Compression Socks

Energize your legs.

  • Graduated Moderate Compression
  • Avoid Leg Fatigue and Aches
  • Stay Up Power
  • Extended Toe Construction
  • 15-20 mmHg Compression

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Sugar Free Sox

About Us

The story behind Sugar Free Sox, begins with our simple belief that everyone should be comfy in their socks- whether you’re soothing sensitive feet, avoiding the dreaded sock ring imprint, or seeking circulatory relief…Sugar Free Sox has go your feet covered.


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Product details Color: Black
  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 3 x 5 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 3.4 ounces (View shipping rates and policies)
  • ASIN: B00CEM1DZ8
  • UPC: 892622002896
  • Item model number: 33501
  • My doctor recommended I wear compressionn socks due to varicose veins and poor circulation. I drive truck which involves a lot of sitting over extended periods of time.
    I've been wearing compression socks now for two years. I didn't want to do any reviews until I had some solid idea of what I really liked. After 2 years of trying many different compression socks I'm finally ready to do a review on my favorite socks.
    First off I found out that it's difficult to find a sock that fits well. Alot of them are too short in the foot (size 13) and they end up hurting your toes even causing ingrown toenail nails because of the pressure put on them.
    Second I found alot of them don't go as far up the leg as they should. They really need to get very close to the knee cap and many don't.
    Third I found that compression socks are difficult to get on and many will rip or tear in the process.
    So I look for socks that are strong and don't rip easy. Socks that fit both the foot and the leg.
    There is only two socks that I recommend. For me these socks come to a tie in first place. These socks and the dr. Scholl's CoolMax are my ultimate favorite.
    The difference. The doctor Scholl's cost less is strong durrable and fits perfect how ever they are tighter and harder to get on.
    These socks cost more and are made of a lighter material. Maybe not as strong as the doctor Scholl's but I still give them a 5 stars because they fit very well give good support and don't rip. Another reason I give them a 5 star. They go on easy. These socks are probably the most comfortable and compared to other socks go on the easiest.

    My 6'3" husband has huge calves and works on his feet all day. I learned a long time ago that if I was going to buy him socks that fit I'd have to get crew socks. All of the one that went any higher would cut off his circulation they were so tight. I took a chance on these, because I thought they may help his aching feet after working 13 hours day stretches. They did! He loves them and they are quality. They fit him great, just enough compression. They really seem t help him be less sore after work.

    These socks work well for me. I thought they might not because I am substantial, but they stretched and really help reduce swelling in feet an ankles. Over the last year I have now bought six pair, 12 socks, two of which stretched fairly quickly, one (one sock not one par) seemed a size smaller when it was shipped, and one which snagged and formed a hole, but the other eight socks are doing well. Again, I am at the upper limit of what they are designed for I'd bet--so stretching is to be expected I guess. At 70% of this price I would have given them five stars, but I will be buying more soon anyway because they work well for me.

    These are AWESOME! I bought these for my hubs while he's been going through chemo treatments and they are great! He wears a size 16 shoe and these slide on easy over his boats..lol He can wear them all day and not have them be too tight and cut into his legs. He's even worn them out to the store walking around and didn't get too hot, have them fall down, or cut into his legs. Thank you Sugar Free Sox!!

    On advice from his physician, I bought these socks for my husband; he says they are very comfortable. I gave them a 4-star rating because the picture shows them to come up to the bottom of the calf. However, they go up over the top of the calf. However, he is very happy with them. If we could find these type of socks that are short in length, we would also buy them. Overall, a good product.

    I'm 6'0" 285 size 16 w shoe. Had a operation on my rt foot hen I was in a boot still and Doc said it was time to put weigh on it 75 to 100% I foot was swelling a lot. Dr. suggested a compression sox so I ordered two different ones. This one fit well was not to hard to get on and went up to my knee. I could wear for 10 hrs and was comfortable. Swelling in my foot reduced a lot until I take it off and then elevate my foot for a couple hours. then by morning back to normal . I thought it would be a waste of time and money, but it is helping a lot with midday to end of day tenderness, caused by sitting at the desk then walking or going up steps. I am reordering

    Finally one that fits! Feels great.Not too tight,not too loose. I have a 20" calf. 13 shoe size. Will be getting more!

    Great material, fit well overall. I wish it were a bit less tight at the top. I have 19 inch calves and it felt tight at the top. I tied them again and they are simply too tight and left indentations on my leg. I wish they made a larger side and I would but them. I believe there is a market for them but I have tried a dozen compression socks and they are all dangerously tight and can cut off circulation rather help circulation.

    Great product except one sock is shorter than the other. However the company is sending a replacement pair.