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James Fiallo Men's 12-Pairs Performance Low Cut Athletic Sport Socks
James Fiallo Men's 12-Pairs Performance Low Cut Athletic Sport Socks
  • MATERIAL: 95% Polyester 5% spandex
  • SIZING: Fits shoe 6-12 (sock size 10-13).
  • STYLE: 12 pairs. 2 pairs of each style shown in the picture.
  • Cushioned Sole Provides Ultra Comfort and Enhance Performance.
  • Moisture management to Help your Feet keep Cool and Breathable
  • Great for Everyday active People & all Kinds of Athletic Use

James Fiallo No Show sock makes any trip to the gym a little more fun

  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Date First Available: October 15, 2017
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #5,847 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry (See Top 100 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry)
    • #1596 in Men's Shops
    • #55 in Men's Athletic Socks

    I have bumped up my rating from 4 stars to 5 because of how well these socks have held up over the last 4 months of constant use.

    Anyway, these socks aren't bad for the price and the colorful and interesting designs you can choose from make it worth it. Now I know these socks were made for shoe sizes 6-12 and I wear a 13 and I was certain these socks wouldn't come up as high as I would like but they do fit around my feet the way I like my ankle socks to fit: Nice and snug with no looseness around my toes or ankles. These socks are also on the thin side which I like a lot because I prefer my ankle socks to be thinner than thicker but everyone is different.

    The one thing some people might consider to be a negative is on the inside of the socks is a lot of stringy fringe (pics 14, 15, 17) leftover after manufacturing but I've been wearing these socks for a couple of weeks now and I can say that the stringy fringe has NO BEARING on the comfort of these socks. In fact, I didn't know the stringy fringe was there until I took them off after work and they come off inside out and that's when I saw the stringy fringe.

    As for the fit of theses socks they come up a little past the middle of my ankle bone when I usually like my ankle socks to come up about a 1/4 inch above my ankle bone. But again, I wear a size 13 so I figured it wasn't gonna come up as high as I like but that's not really a big issue for me. I would say if you're a size 11.5 and under these would come up above your ankle bone. And these socks do have a thicker bottom part while the top is thinner. Also, I was surprised that with these socks being 80% polyester it wasn't more slippery when walking around my house which is a plus for me since I wear socks around my house all the time.

    So far I'm digging these socks but since I've had them only a couple of weeks I will update my review in the future after I see how well these socks do over time since some reviews have said they got holes very quickly. I can say that one of the pairs I received came with a tiny hole (pic 16) right out of the package but it doesn't make sense for me to return them since you're paying only $1.25 a pair if you order the 12 pack like I did. I'll just eat that $1.25.

    Don't forget to check out my pics of the socks to give you a better idea of the look and fit of them.

    --------------------------------------------------UPDATE 3.31.16--------------------------------------------------

    So I've been wearing these socks practically everyday for the last 4 months and they are holding up really well. Still holding their shape well, still comfortable and, most importantly, no holes forming. I have bumped up my rating from 4 stars to 5.

    I had to buy new socks because my old trustee pairs starting losing their grip and would slip back over my heel and into my shoe. I thought to myself, "I should buy some new socks because this is really annoying." So I bought some new socks. I did this because a sock that doesn't want to stay on your foot is no longer serving its purpose and should be put to rest and replaced. I was ecstatic when the FedEx man dropped off the box o socks! Immediately I throw the first pair on....

    You know that feeling when you put on new underwear or fluffy socks? I WAS EXPERIENCING THAT! I was stoked.

    FOR 3 STEPS.

    3 steps is all it took for these garbage clothe toe warmers to try to slide over my heel. Whoever created these is only alive for one purpose. That purpose is to watch the world burn. Watch the world burn while innocent people stand helplessly by trying to pull their ankle socks back over their heel while still wearing their shoes. They are bent over in an awkward yoga pose using what little dexterity they have left in their thumbs and forefingers pinching and pulling socks back over their heels. They work hard at this... over and over again. These poor poor people. Men have stopped trying to hide the tears from their wives. They are sobbing uncontrollably as if the TV went from their team losing the big game straight to the end of Old Yeller. Women are out of tears. Most of the ladies are just staring off into space. A few are stomp-walking around "looking for the manager." I saw one tell a lamp post to, "escalate this to your superior." The world has lost it and this man, this horrid horrid man, is standing at his window sporting an ear to ear grin and...FLIP FLOPS?!?!?! He's hated socks all along!

    He's vegan and he does crossfit too.

    Bottom line, these socks are awful. Buy them only if you support frustration, anxiety, and tears.

    I was ready to write a 5-star review; (the design is good, great colors, and they do not shrink in the wash) however, after 4 wearings or less, 3 pairs developed holes--check out the photo.

    I was looking for socks that will not pill. I have polyneuropathy and a rough sock bothers my feet. The socks arrived and they look great from the outside but the inside is FILLED with the end strings from seams. It was terrible, even if you were normal. I purchased twelve pair and my wife and I spent an hour trimming the threads from the inside of the socks. These were not short threads, many were over an inch long. Some pairs were worse than others. After trimming they are OK, so I will keep them. We'll see how they hold up. One pair had a hole because of improper sewing. They also run a bit small for my 11.5 size foot.

    Been using them here and there for about 2 months now, gotta say, these are excellent quality. At first they looked like they'd be too small given the thickness even factoring stretching, but the fit is perfect(11.5). Can fit a number of sizes due to this (I'd gauge 6-12) and as a result some of mine got "borrowed". Anyway, I've never paid attention to the additional support/cushioning claim of some socks, thinking it's too insignificant to factor, but I get it now. These are easily the most comfortable socks I've ever bought, and challenge insoles for the immediate difference in comfort(compared to non-cushioned). They do all this without feeling too thick either. Some may mind the fringe from the stitching on the inside of the sock, but I've never found it to affect fit or comfort, and hasn't been an issue in washing so far(I don't wash them inside out). Really great for the price, quality socks in the no frills price range, will definitely be buying more to expand the awesome designs/colors.

    Managed to pick up a dozen pairs of socks cheap, so cheap that I didn't really know what to expect in terms of quality. They're good though... nice patterns on them, well made and they fit well. Dropping one star due to some of the loose threading within them meaning that I needed to cut them out as they kept getting tangled in my toes - but that is a minor point. I recommend these.

    Very nice comfortable ankle socks i bought myself 2 packs but within 5 minutes i was left with half a pack. I guess thats the joys of living with all boys in the house. Never mind will gradually get them back when they come through the wash lol. Could have done with some different colour patterns as quite dated colours and patterns thats all that lets these down

    Good product for price.. 1 pair was a little lower quality then the others but even they were still good..overall would definitely recommeNd

    As expected good quality !

    A better fit than the last set of 12 socks I purchased.


    I like this sock. I used it for my running. Keep my feet warm.

    Good quality material, comfortable, breathable and stylish. I do enjoy wearing these in my runners and walking shoes they are really comfortable and they don't make my feet feeling sweaty. They are slightly smaller so order one size up, definitely recommend them.

    Note: If you find my review helpful hit "like" I do enjoy giving reviews the people find useful.

    They look alright, but some of them feel cheap. Threads loose on many of them, I feel like they're coming apart after only a couple washes. Fit is a bit small as well and I only have size 11 (US) feet. Also they're not super good for athletics as they have multiple layers and I feel like my feet move around in them while inside my very tight shoe.

    Me gustan los colores tan divertidos y los diseños tan diferentes (estaba ya un poco harto de los aburridos monocromáticos). También me gusta como ajustan y la altura que tienen. Sin embargo, los veo algo calurosos y un par venia con un defecto de fabricación: la punta del calcetín venía cosida, así que al meter el pie se queda el dedo gordo separado del resto. Me he aguantado con el inconveniente (por comodidad, el calcetín con el cosido siempre tiene que ser el del pie derecho) por no devolver todo el lote.

    Really great socks that are comfortable and are decent quality. Missing a star because one of the sock had a lot of loose threads.

    Très bon bas comfortable et d'assez bonne qualité. Malheureusement l'un d'entre avait beaucoup de fils mal cousu (lâcher).

    I had read the few reviews before buying these and was not disappointed. They match the description, are comfortable and a good fit.

    The most concerning review for me was the one about the socks holding too much moist while working out and I have to say that I have used them for both walking and running and it didn't bother me, however I do understand the issue and I could see them becoming uncomfortable if your feet sweat too much.

    Overall a good price for what you get, though.

    I’ve worn only half of the dozen I ordered. But since there are only 6 designs I can comfortably review the socks. They fit great, tight like a new pair should be, not restraining. If you workout, little to no blistering. I have 1 pair that’s already losing its shape and elasticity though and I’ve had them for about 2 months and I wear them 1 hr a day 5 days a week and about 12 hours each day on the weekend.

    Nice socks for the price. They're super comfortable and the designs are pretty cool. Slightly thinner than I expected, so we'll see if they last the test of time. I'm size 8.5 shoe and they stretch a tiny bit to put on, which is exactly what you want in a sock.

    Great quality socks. Have had them for about 5-6 months and not one has ripped, which was a problem with other brands I have had.

    Next time I need socks I will definitely be re-ordering. Quality and Price cannot be beat.

    I like their comfort, their style and the price. The low cut is perfect, and my 12" feet fit in. The only thing that could be improved would be the durability, but I guess it's not easy to build anything that can resist a 200 lbs man stepping on it every week. I recommend this product.