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Saxx Underwear Men's Boxer Briefs - Daytripper Boxer Briefs with Built-in Ballpark Pouch Support – Pack of 2
Saxx Underwear Men's Boxer Briefs - Daytripper Boxer Briefs with Built-in Ballpark Pouch Support – Pack of 2
  • DAYTRIPPER BOXER BRIEFS 2 PACK: Combining softness with effective moisture control, this pack of 2 boxer briefs are underwear for men who need comfort and support for their active lifestyle.
  • RELAXED FIT: Made from super soft moisture wicking fabric and built with a fly and anti-roll waistband, these men’s boxer briefs underwear have a 5” seam and sit comfortably mid-thigh.
  • BALLPARK SUPPORT: Our boxer briefs come equipped with the patented BallPark Pouch to reduce friction and keep your man-parts in place with breathable mesh panels for chafe-free comfort.
  • BUILT-IN TECH: This underwear has a Three-D Fit for complete ergonomic comfort, and Flat Out Seams to prevent irritation. The easy-care boxer briefs are machine wash and tumble dry for zero hassle.
  • SAXX MEN’S UNDERWEAR: Creating high quality men’s underwear to support guys in driving positive change in the world, we design game-changing underwear for men who are constantly challenging the status quo.

Daytripper Boxer Briefs – Double Down

Our Daytripper 2-pack boxer briefs are versatile men’s underwear for the guy whose everyday is active. The boxer briefs for men provide functional support, super softness and breathability along with effective moisture wicking and impressive durability. This everyday underwear comes in a relaxed fit, so the boxer briefs are form fitting around the waistband and open up near the leg, finishing mid-thigh with a 5 inch inseam and fly.

BallPark Pouch

Each pair of our boxer briefs comes equipped with the BallPark Pouch. Designed to reduce friction while keeping everything supported and securely in place, this patented pouch technology features breathable fine mesh panels for chafe-free all day comfort.

No Rubbing or Chafing

Daytripper boxer briefs are constructed from 97% polyester and a 3% splash of spandex for everyday comfort. Designed to keep moisture away from your skin and prevent chafing, the boxer briefs feature Flat Out Seams, which place the softer, flatter side of the underwear seam against skin. The boxer briefs have a Three-D Fit design which builds the underwear from nine panels around the thighs, hamstrings, quads and glutes to support every move you make.

Take Action

Daytripper boxer brief packs are available in a wide range of color and pattern combinations – pick your favorite and introduce your favorite body parts to complete, all day comfort and support.

  • Product Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 0.7 inches
  • Date First Available: July 18, 2019
  • ASIN: B07PFKPR73
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #16,027 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry (See Top 100 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry)
    • #126 in Men's Boxer Briefs
    • #4168 in Men's Shops

    Like you, I wanted to wear boxer briefs but I found that they offered little or no ball control. If I did regular man stuff in regular boxer briefs my junk would stick to my leg and I’d have to readjust all day long. I dropped $100 bucks on all the different ball control brands I could find and here’s my take. I tested them working, working out, sleeping and just every day stuff. My junk is on the larger side and therein lies my problem with boxer briefs. I’m listing them below best to worst.

    1. Saxx. These were the biggest surprise. I thought no way these would work. The design is so simple and that’s why they do work. When you put them on your boys go in between the two barriers. There’s plenty of room for them to hang out yet the barriers keep everyone in line and nothing sticks to your leg. When I take a leak I like to pull everything over the top as opposed to some hole or flap in front. These work great in that regard. And when you drop your junk back in, it goes right back into place. Your junk hangs out just as it would in nature, no holes to stick your shaft through. These are the most comfortable to sleep in. The barriers keep everyone in line without rubbing or binding. Morning wood occurs without any discomfort. These look like normal boxer briefs when you wear them. These are my favorite and I’ll be buying more. They are expensive so I’m taking off 1 star. 4 stars.
    2. SHEATH. These are pretty good. You have to poke your shaft through a hole and the twins have their own little pouch just underneath. Once you set up it’s pretty secure. They are comfortable while driving and working. I honestly forgot I was wearing them, which is the whole point. When you take a leak it’s best to go through the flap but I’m an over the top guy. When I dropped my junk back in it would sometimes go right back into place but other times I’d have to fiddle with it which is annoying. But once everything is back in place they are quite comfortable with good control. There is perhaps too much ball control for sleeping in these. The ball pouch can ride up a little and rub you the wrong way. If you get morning wood, everything gets really tight and the pouch pulls on your balls even more. Not very comfortable. I had to pull everything out in the middle of the night because of this. I’d still give these 4 stars. Not my first choice but I will continue to wear them. There’s a good chance I’ll reorder. Oh yeah, expensive.
    3. Sepratec. I’m pretty sure these are identical to the David Archy brand. These are similar to Sheath. Your shaft goes through a hole and the twins stay behind. There is no pouch for the twins but there is decent room for the twins to hang out. Your shaft has its own pouch to hang out in. This feels weird to me because it’s just a little too much contact with fabric. Let’s face it the shaft is sensitive. These offer pretty good control and keep everything in order. They are ok to sleep in. There is no ball pouch like the Sheath so they are little more comfortable while sleeping. But all in all there is just too much contact and they are just not that relaxing while sleeping. They make your package stick out so wearing them in a locker room will draw unwanted attention. They are the cheapest of the bunch. I’d go 3 stars on these. I will continue to use these but probably no reorder.
    4. 2 UNDR. I honestly thought these were going to be the ones. They have the right idea but the bottom line is there is just not enough room for everyone to hang out. The pouch is just too small. The twins do not fit in the pouch and they go wherever they want. There is little or no ball control. The bottom of the pouch rides up on your sack and/or shaft and they are just plain uncomfortable. If you have a smaller package perhaps these will work for you. Forget about sleeping in these. You might as well get some regular boxer briefs. They might be able to make these better if they offered larger pouch sizes but for now they do not work. I’d give these 2 stars. Unfortunately I will be tossing these into the landfill.
    5. MyPackge. Same idea as 2Undr with all the exact same problems. The pouch is just too small. No ball control. I’d go 2 stars on these as well.

    maybe a little late to the blended fabric underwear revolution for guys, am i. but once i turned 100% cotton corner onto thinner/stretchier boulevard - there was no turning back. i have some ex-officios - and like them - maybe even more than like them. the designs are a little needless - stitching hither and yon, like a drunk tailor's angry night at the sewing machine - but they feel pretty great. but the SAXX underpants are another thing altogether. at first glance, they seem a little staid: where are the racing stripes, and hot colors like the ex-officios? but these underpants? (btw: underpants is a funny word, in a vacuum. say it anywhere, just that word. underpants.) these underpants kind of bend the horizon. the ballpark pouch is like a microwave level game changer. your own compartment? a delight. once you've had it - it would be near-impossible to go back. these are future underpants now. the kitten's eyelashes. A-game u-pants. viva le pouch.

    These are certainly one of the most comfortable pairs of boxer briefs I've ever worn. I bought them for the gym hoping for something more comfortable than the usual, tight and restrictive gym underwear, unfortunately, I don't think I'll be wearing these in the gym. Prepare to feel and LOOK like you're not wearing underwear. The way the "Ballpark Pouch" fits, you might look even more like you're not wearing underwear than if you actually went commando.

    With loose fitting and lightweight gym shorts or pants on, others might just notice as well... I also felt like I had a greater chance of *ahem* damaging myself while wearing these. There is so little support, I felt like wearing lingerie for a jog instead of a sports bra.

    Maybe a bit exposed for my taste in the gym...

    I found these better suited for me when hidden under a pair of jeans. Even lightweight slacks are a bit questionable...

    Great underwear, but don't say I didn't warn you.

    My wife bought me a pair during Christmas, and I really enjoyed them. Just the way they fit on the waste and the comfort of the sack holder. So I decided to by 2 more, I’ll be replacing my old boxers with these.

    Keeps everything where it belongs. No pinching, no sack stuck to leg. Underwear doesn't bunch up. Really don't know there on. No more Gold Bond to keep everything dry. I work on the rail road in the elements. These dry fast and keep you cool. So far pretty impressed.

    It arrived on the next day... tried it on for the first time with pouch... Fabulous! Felt like I’m home!

    I’ve tried about three different brands of boxers and nothing comes close to these. The hammock built in keeps your balls from sticking. For the first time I’m not constantly grabbing and adjusting my package. Definitely will be ordering more.

    My husband bought these and he cannot stop talking about them!! Apparently they are the best thing ever and he wants to throw out all of his underwear and just get these. I mean he would NOT stop talking about them for days!! Do yourself a favor and get them! They look great too!

    Bought them for my husband. He said they're okay. I was really hoping he would find them super comfortable, based on the ads for them. He did not like them that much though. He said the material is nice and feels like good quality, he just found them too tight for his liking. So its still a good product, I'm sure, just wasn't for him.

    I really.like the pouch but not keen on the material. Pretty slippery. I would be more happy.with a cotton based article. They tend to.almost smell right away.....

    Awesome underware. Must have for any active male. Protects you perfectly from sweating, where you don't want to sweat and helps prevent getting jock itch. Perfect sizing. Easy care. Fast delivery. Don't swest the price! You will love them.

    I bought these for my husband and he loved them. He now is trying to replace all the underwear he has with Saxx products. They are very comfortable and keep his boys separate from everything else!

    Purchased this for my husband for Christmas. He has advised me that these are the only underwear he wants now! He advised me they are very comfortable and worth the money

    Overall, these underwear are great. The feel and fit are perfect. However, after 2 washes, the blue pair had some stitching come undone. They're still perfectly wearable but I've never had my other Saxx underwear fray.

    This is the second time I’ve ordered Saxx. The first time the material was much softer. The polyester material of these boxers is uncomfortable to the touch and feels like it would be worse during sports or summer heat. I probably won’t wear them much.

    As always Saxx makes a good quality product but still baffling as to why they are so expensive. Time to take a look at the competition?

    Fit as expected and nice material with the ball sac however no opening like other Saxx under we've purchased.

    Probably the best pair of underwear I own. Super comfortable.

    Package came damaged and opened. Looks like a return or used. Also look very dirty and dusty. Will return.

    I wasn’t expecting an elastic band, I usually find those uncomfortable, but it was surprisingly comfortable and never rose up throughout the day.

    Fabric is a bit coarse than I expected for the price point, but great fit and leaves you feeling secure. Fly could use a bit of redesign. Would consider buying more.

    These are amazing.

    Boys love them.