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KRONIS Mens Underwear Low Rise Trunks 2Pk Italian Designed Premium 180gsm Cotton
KRONIS Mens Underwear Low Rise Trunks 2Pk Italian Designed Premium 180gsm Cotton
  • Sexy Mens Underwear Designed In Italy For Today's Sophisticated, Stylish Modern Day Man Made From A Premium 180GSM Soft And Breathable Brushed Cotton Blend That Will Provide You All Day Comfort And Support
  • The KRONIS Trunk Mens Underwear Is Shorter Through The Leg (Than Boxer Briefs) With A Square Cut Look For A Sexy Appeal
  • The KRONIS Mens Underwear Has A Double-Ply Pouch Sewn On Both Sides And Up The Center For A Supportive, Contoured Look That Keeps You Feeling Comfortable And Snug
  • A Premium 1.25 inch (3.5cm) Super Soft Microfiber Waistband That Will Not Lose Its Strength Or Hold
  • 2 Pack Of Low Rise Trunks At An Affordable Price that Guarantees You Will Look Good And Feel Great

KRONIS Mens Underwear

KRONIS Mens Underwear Low Rise Trunks Read more Sexy Mens Underwear Designed In Italy Men’s trunk with breathable material. KRONIS underwear is shorter through the leg. This underwear is made from 180 GSM soft cotton. Read more
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Product Dimensions: 7.87 x 0.98 x 7.09 inches
  • Item model number: KRNSCTNL2S
  • Date First Available: March 24, 2015
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #85,366 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry (See Top 100 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry)
    • #48 in Men's Trunks Underwear
    • #22620 in Men's Shops

    I thought I'd share my search for the best underwear on Amazon. To help you judge things I'm 6 feet tall, 190lbs, with a 40" waist. I'm 55 years old but still in somewhat good shape, probably 10lbs overweight.

    My previous underwear of choice was Dockers but they are no longer made. I loved the Docker's durability, fit, and comfort but nothing lasts forever (thin saggy big name undies are not even under consideration).

    I've always been a tidy-whitey guy but I thought I'd try to up my game and see if I couldn't find something that was both comfortable and sexier, so I tried to be open minded.

    My criteria:
    - Need to be comfortable to wear all day at my desk at work and walking around the office
    - Need to breath so things everything stays cool and dry
    - Need to provide comfortable support
    - Ideally something more sexy
    - Ideally reasonable cost (I've spent $30 for Patagonia underwear that is great and I use when backpacking or on extended trips but a bit pricey for everyday)

    There are a LOT of choices, it's overwhelming really. Different styles, materials, etc. I already knew I didn't like boxers (no support) and boxer briefs (ride up and uncomfortable). I just ordered some of everything else and returned most of it.

    Note that in general when it comes to anything more modern and sexy a 40" waist puts you in XL territory which is the top range of most offerings so I just barely made the cut--obviously the target market is young & fit men.

    The good news is I did find several comfortable, surprisingly affordable choices, and sexy ones too (according to my girlfriend). To summarize here are the keepers:

    David Archy Briefs (MicroModel, $6/pair)
    Sexy, modern, and comfortable

    Amazon Essentials Briefs (Cotton, $2.50/pair)
    Comfortable and inexpensive basic underwear, colored versions available

    Layer8 Mid-Rise Briefs (Polyester/Spandex, $4/pair)
    Comfortable & sexy but does not breath as well as the above

    Here are the full reviews of all the ones I tried (many were called but few chosen):

    ==== MASS21 (MicroModel, $6/pair)
    Technically sold as swimwear but I thought I would try in the spirit of being opened minded. I thought I would hate them but they were actually quite comfortable and I wondered if I would grow to like them once I got used to the low-rise and butt floss. Your junk is basically in a pouch be well supported.

    To be honest I love a woman in a thong but didn't see it as doing much for me (perhaps milage would vary with different ass?) especially as my hair stuck our around the pouch...not sure I was up to manscaping to that extent. I was sure my girlfriend would like, and was surprised when she was unenthused. Without her being turned on it wasn't really compelling for me so back they went.

    ==== YKC Bikini Bulge (Nylon/Spandex, $5/pair)
    A strange one: essentially a pouch in front but full coverage on the but with nothing on the sides. A thought it looked more manly than the thong but wondered if after repeated washings it wouldn't end up in my butt crack (in that case I think a thong would be better).

    Again, my girlfriend was cool on them so back they went.

    Low/Mid-Rise Briefs
    ==== Layer 8 (Polyester/Spandex, $4/pair)
    These are sexier version of a traditional brief but mid-rise so didn't notice it as much as low-rise briefs (which take some adjustment period). The material felt great but the first time I wore it it obvious did not breath as well as cotton but not nearly as bad as previous polyester underwear I wore (and threw out because things got so swampy)...after a washing things improved quite a bit...acceptable if you are not active but not a choice for a hike IMPO.

    Washing direction mean I'll need to wash separately as a delicate but that is okay.

    My girlfriend thought they looked nice and I kept them...probably more for longing around the house than a full day at the office or working in the yard. I will wear these but may not order more right away.

    ==== 2(X)LIST Brief (Cotton, $15/pair)
    Looked sexish and pima cotton felt nice and fit well out of the package but I thought "these are not going to fit after they shrink in the wash". Not as comfortable as the best on my list. Not worth the money IMO...back they go.

    ==== Lacoste (Cotton/Model, $17/pair)
    Very well made feel and nice pima cotton. The only brand that fit me a bit baggy around the legs, perhaps it would get better after shrinking in wash but with better valued options why bother...back they go.

    ==== UnderGents (MicroModel, $13/pair)
    Very high bikini cut in front that I did not like as it exposed lots of hair. Material very smooth but I wasn't convinced it would hold up as it was quite thin. Didn't like them especially for the price, so back they go.

    ==== Emporio Armani (Micro Modal, $22/pair)
    Very nice material and fit. Low-rise and sexy. I think I might have keep these except that the cost is crazy and they are not that much nicer than cheaper options--also at this price point I would consider technical underwear from Patagonia. Just too expensive for what you get, so returned.

    ==== Calvin Klein (Cotton, $7/pair)
    Even the largest size is too small, returned. Better choices on this list.

    Full-Briefs, think Fruit-of-the-Loom (Cotton, $2.50/pair)
    ==== Amazon Essentials
    Amazon has a major winner here in my opinion. These are the closest replacement for my old Dockers if being sexy is not an issue...in fact I think they are better than the Dockers and what a bargain!

    My girlfriend initially like the colored one, then after seeing some of the other underwear though she did not like the super-full coverage.

    These I keep and will order more...perfect for office or working in the yard. Workhorse underwear but other choices are also comfortable and sexier.

    ==== David Archy Pouch Brief (MicroModel, $6/pair)
    Very comfortable with an innovative 2 pouch system (they include directions on how to wear lol). Very breathable. Washing direction mean I'll need to wash separately as a delicate but that is okay.

    These are good everyday sexy underwear for men at a reasonable price...I could see only having these in my drawer. Plan to order more.

    Mini-Boxer Briefs
    ==== Kronis (Cotton, $10)
    I thought these looked great on me, low rise, manly, and sexy...but the mini leg part rides up and is uncomfortable.

    If I'm feeling sexy I might wear these with my girlfriend but not for a day at the office.

    I vacillated between keeping and returning these but in the end I decided why not have in my drawer to wear now and then. I don't intend to order more right away.

    Got tired of the major four men's continually-degrading-quality cotton underwear products that I've been wearing since I got out of diapers. Tried several brand offerings for pouch trunks during the last year. My tests determined that the KRONIS are the best for my needs. The top band is comfortable and the seam in the back does not cut into my back. The pouch holds everything in the right place and is always comfortable when standing, sitting, crawling, bending or squatting. The 95% cotton is absorbent and works well in normal conditions and in the extreme heat of the hot Texas summers. The cotton does not build up a stink over the course of the day like the brands I have tried that offer exotic fabrics. My waist is 40" but I found that the 38" waist on the underwear fits nicely, so I am comfortable in a KRONIS Large.

    Would have given 5 stars if not for the fact when bending over or sitting down the underwear buttocks inseam is too short causing the dreaded butt-crack exposure. During the trial and error try-on period I constantly found myself pulling them up all day and it is beyond terribly annoying.
    Otherwise, good support for the boys, not a lot of material cramping the groin area and they cover the butt without causing a wedgie, material appears to be high quality.
    If you have a flat butt these would definitely be a 5+ star!
    Any suggestions on who makes a high quality pair of underwear for guys that have a large muscular butt without cramping up the boys or without the butt crack issue?

    My fiance’ looks amazing in these! They’re such a strong handsome attractive option to tightie whities without being boxers. They fit well and compliment the body. He said personally they’re very comfortable even the band around the waist, attractive, supportive, and no warmth or allowance of cold air issues with the material. There’s no opening in the front which takes some getting used to but it’s worth it due to all the other benefits present. This is the one to buy

    I have purchased this item in 2 sizes : medium and large since I am a 35 with a hockey player butt. The fit is great, the sizing is accurate , M is for 34 and below L for 36-38. The material has a nice stretch capacity so I fit in both sizes without loosing comfort.The material is soft and the quality is very good for the price you pay. An amazing finding here on amazon. Seriously, if you are annoyed by the Calvin Klein trunks that gets loose on the legs and morphs into a skirt under your jeans by the end of the day, you will love the way these hold eveything in place.

    These are well made, and comfortable...although I found them to be much more comfortable after a couple of washes...the only part they were uncomfortable at all was around my thighs (which aren't very large). I think it just has to do with me being used to wearing trunks that go down a little further on my thighs, and so at first it felt like they were riding up too high, but after wearing them more I've realized they are much better than my other trunks with the longer thigh part. The crotch area is very supportive and comfortable without being too big or too tight.

    Favorite so far! I have a 34 inch fairly trim waist. Unfortunately, that puts me right in between medium and large to most underwear labels. Mediums generally tend to be too tight overall, and larges generally rise too high and are no longer "low rise".

    These Kronis in large do a great job of staying lower while still providing a nice fit and feel. They seem well constructed and the pouch is a good size. For now, these will be my go-to trunks!

    They are really comfortable and fit well; however, men who wear skinny jeans or tight pants may have to look elsewhere. The band around the leg is a bit thick and it shows when wearing anything tight around the thighs. Otherwise, buy them!