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Separatec Men’s 3 Pack Quick Dry Boxer Briefs Breathable 2 Pouches Underwear
Separatec Men’s 3 Pack Quick Dry Boxer Briefs Breathable 2 Pouches Underwear
  • 88% Polyester+12% Spandex
  • Rib Nylon Stretch Fabric: Men's sports boxer brief features of super quick drying and highly elastic,dry 2-3x faster than cotton
  • Mens Sports Underwear: Lightweight yet durable to wear, additional crotch for more space and ideal for high-energy activities
  • Innovative 2 Pouches : Men's underwear with front pouch sustains a fresh environment and lower pouch provides support and airflow
  • Functional Fly: An exclusive hole to the separate pouches underwear reduces stickiness and functional fly for easy go when nature calls
  • No Riding Up Leg: Perfect length of legs avoiding annoying riding up and enables you full day hassle-free wearing experience. Note: We are upgrading the waistband, so you may receive the one different from the previous version. Sorry for the confusion. But the two versions are same good.
Separatec innovative men's dual pouch underwear keep men's things separated naturally comfortable Separatec dual pouch tech men's underwear keep cool stay in place great support comfortable Separatec Keeps a man’s intimate areas comfortably separated while delivering freedom of movement

Yes, we reconstructed men’s underwear!

Welcome to a new level of comfort, performance and style!

Separatec’s unique Dual Pouch Technology keeps your intimate areas comfortably separated while delivering freedom of movement. Every pair of Separatec features Innovative Dual Pouch Patent Technology for the greatest function which keeps your things stay dry, in place and feel free.

  • Patented Dual Pouch Design
  • The Spirit of Craftsmanship
  • High-end Quality
  • Top-notch Satisfactory Service

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Dual Pouch
Inseam Full Cut 2.5 Inches 6.5 Inches 8 Inches 9.5 Inches
Stay Put Waistband
Fabric Features Soft, Comfy, Smooth Fabric Soft, Comfy, Smooth Fabric Soft, Comfy, Smooth Fabric Breathable, Quick Dry, Cool Fabric Breathable, Quick Dry, Cool Fabric
Pack Size 2 or 3 Pack 2 or 3 Pack 2 or 3 Pack 2 or 3 Pack 2 Pack
Colors Multiple Colors Available Multiple Colors Available Multiple Colors Available Multiple Colors Available Multiple Colors Available
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Date First Available: September 12, 2017
  • ASIN: B075KB97BJ
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #281,122 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry (See Top 100 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry)
    • #1203 in Men's Boxer Briefs
    • #40 in Men's Big & Tall Boxer Briefs

    Like you, I wanted to wear boxer briefs but I found that they offered little or no ball control. If I did regular man stuff in regular boxer briefs my junk would stick to my leg and I’d have to readjust all day long. I dropped $100 bucks on all the different ball control brands I could find and here’s my take. I tested them working, working out, sleeping and just every day stuff. My junk is on the larger side of the scale and there in lies my problem with boxer briefs. I’m listing them below best to worst.

    1. Saxx. These were the biggest surprise. I thought no way these would work. The design is so simple and that’s why they do work. When you put them on your boys go in between the two barriers. There’s plenty of room for them to hang out yet the barriers keep everyone in line and nothing sticks to your leg. When I take a leak I like to pull everything over the top as opposed to some hole or flap in front. These work great in that regard. And when you drop your junk back in, it goes right back into place. Your junk hangs out just as it would in nature, no holes to stick your shaft through. These are the most comfortable to sleep in. The barriers keep everyone in line without rubbing or binding. Morning wood occurs without any discomfort. These look like normal boxer briefs when you wear them. These are my favorite and I’ll be buying more. They are expensive so I’m taking off 1 star. 4 stars.
    2. SHEATH. These are pretty good. You have to poke your shaft through a hole and the twins have their own little pouch just underneath. Once you set up it’s pretty secure. They are comfortable while driving and working. I honestly forgot I was wearing them, which is the whole point. When you take a leak it’s best to go through the flap but I’m an over the top guy. When I dropped my junk back in it would sometimes go right back into place but other times I’d have to fiddle with it which is annoying. But once everything is back in place they are quite comfortable with good control. There is perhaps too much ball control for sleeping in these. The ball pouch can ride up a little and rub you the wrong way. If you get morning wood, everything gets really tight and the pouch pulls on your balls even more. Not very comfortable. I had to pull everything out in the middle of the night because of this. I’d still give these 4 stars. Not my first choice but I will continue to wear them. There’s a good chance I’ll reorder. Oh yeah, expensive.
    3. Sepratec. I’m pretty sure these are identical to the David Archy brand. These are similar to Sheath. Your shaft goes through a hole and the twins stay behind. There is no pouch for the twins but there is decent room for the twins to hang out. Your shaft has its own pouch to hang out in. This feels weird to me because it’s just a little too much contact with fabric. Let’s face it the shaft is sensitive. These offer pretty good control and keep everything in order. They are ok to sleep in. There is no ball pouch like the Sheath so they are little more comfortable while sleeping. But all in all there is just too much contact and they are just not that relaxing while sleeping. They make your package stick out so wearing them in a locker room will draw unwanted attention. They are the cheapest of the bunch. I’d go 3 stars on these. I will continue to use these but probably no reorder.
    4. 2 UNDR. I honestly thought these were going to be the ones. They have the right idea but the bottom line is there is just not enough room for everyone to hang out. The pouch is just too small. The twins do not fit in the pouch and they go wherever they want. There is little or no ball control. The bottom of the pouch rides up on your sack and/or shaft and they are just plain uncomfortable. If you have a smaller package perhaps these will work for you. Forget about sleeping in these. You might as well get some regular boxer briefs. They might be able to make these better if they offered larger pouch sizes but for now they do not work. I’d give these 2 stars. Unfortunately I will be tossing these into the landfill.
    5. MyPackge. Same idea as 2Undr with all the exact same problems. The pouch is just too small. No ball control. I’d go 2 stars on these as well.

    So I got two sets to try out. One was the Basic Bamboo Rayon ones and the others were the Quick Dry ones. I was impressed with both. Both felt pretty much nonexistent. They were light and there was plenty of air flow. At first it was a bit odd to stick the member through the hole, but after a while taking off and putting on got to feeling natural. The benefits of the separation are amazing and the fly opening is good for more than just a bathroom trip. I liked the fly on the Bamboo ones more than the Quick Dry ones. It was a bit snugger and left me feeling a bit more secure in my non-exposure. That’s not to say that I felt overly exposed in the Quick Dry ones. After test running both through a day of work, a day of lounging, and a day at the gym, I’ve found that I prefer the Quick Dry ones more. There is a noticeable difference in the wicking and the drying of the Quick Dry ones, which I prefer. Truth be told though, one couldn’t go wrong with either. I’ll be placing another order for the Quick Dry ones for sure.

    Separatec, I hope your listening because if you can fix a few issues these will be perfect. I would give a rating of 3 1/2 stars if I could but Amazon can't do it. I already had the micro modal version and really liked those. The rise could be a little lower but they were comfortable and I liked them. I needed something for the gym and decided to try these. These are also comfortable, lightweight, breathable and they wick moisture well. When I wore Jockeys I would get an odor going because everything was pushed together and the sweat wasn't wicked away, which caused bacteria to grow. With Separatec that problem is gone and they keep the frank and beans separated and away from the thigh. I haven't had any problems with them rising up my legs either and I hope it stays that way. So far they have handled the gym well during workouts and an incline speedwalk on the treadmill. I will see how well they handle running tomorrow and will post an update if I run into any problems but I dont anticipate any.

    One area I would like to see improved is the label. Keep it the same as the micro modal version and loose the sewn on decal on the outside of the band on the back side. Second, the front flap over the frank is too loose and I wish it was like the micro modal version which seems to be a little tighter and also offers more fabric and support in the area. Third, lower the rise a little bit as these are a little high. In fact, lower the rise on the micro modal version too. These aren't cheap underwear so unless they fix some of my issues I probably won't buy another pair of this version, so Separatec please update/fix these issues!

    l had high expectations for this product. But, was disappointed with both the design and the quality. The junk hole is too big and it doesn't seem to keep your junk separated as intended. Secondly, the small tear that started at the seams after First gentle use. The only positive I have to say is that they are soft to the skin. But, I regret buying them.

    Hands down, the most comfortable underwear I have ever owned. I was skeptical about the pouch setup, but the first time I put it one it just felt right. Never rides up, no wedgies and I'm not constantly "adjusting myself" anymore. Usually after a day out, the first thing I do is take *everything* off and get into pajama pants so I can relax - after feeling trapped all day. But with these things, I tend to leave them on until I get ready for bed - they are that comfortable.

    And any misgivings you may have about the pouch/fly set up and whether it's going to cause problems when you need to use the restroom can be dismissed. Not only is it easier to use than standard flys, it feels natural all the time. I'm slowly but surely replacing my current boxer briefs with Sepratecs and will do the same with my smaller style briefs as the weather gets warmer.

    Guys, do yourself a favor and try a pair. I'm betting that like me you won't be able to go back!

    Best underwear I've ever worn, hands down

    Muy cómodos los recomiendo mucho

    Just a little bit to big in the medium

    Good for price