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ExOfficio Men's Give-N-Go Sport Mesh 6" Boxer Brief
ExOfficio Men's Give-N-Go Sport Mesh 6" Boxer Brief
  • 100% Other fibers
  • Imported
  • Elastic closure
  • Machine Wash
  • 1.1" high
  • 6.6" wide
  • These breathable men's performance mesh boxer briefs are great for cycling, hiking, trail running, or any time comfort, compression, and convenience are your top concerns

Whether you're navigating an exotic city or hiking up a tough trail, you'll want a pair of underwear that can keep up, like the lightweight ExOfficio Men's Give-N-Go Sport Mesh 6" Boxer Briefs. Odor-resistant Silvadur technology will leave you feeling fresh on your trek from start to finish. The breathable mesh fabric improves airflow, while the active fit and lower rise offer continuous support during intense activity. When it's time to head to your next destination, just toss this underwear in the laundry or wash it in the sink—it will be dry and ready to wear within hours.

  • Product Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 1 inches
  • Item model number: 1241-2055
  • Date First Available: September 12, 2013
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #10,315 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry (See Top 100 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry)
    • #83 in Men's Boxer Briefs

    I wore these boxers for one day and had major pilling issues.

    The boxers fit comfortably, but as you can see in the attached photos, the fabric clings to itself and needs to be separated forcibly to continue wear, causing serious pilling in the fabric.

    I contacted ExOfficio and they told me that I would need to send my underwear in for warranty claim. They would not cover warranty shipping return, and said they do not currently accept photographs for warranty claims.

    For the price of these boxers, "Made to Adventure," I wasn't expecting to encounter these issues after just one wear.

    I'd love to give the product another chance, but not if I have to pay to ship back my already pricey boxers.

    Let me start by saying I am a huge fan of ex officio underwear. I have purchased many pairs of the boxer style in the past, but this is my first purchase of boxer-briefs. I've had them for a few weeks, and I noticed something odd. On the inside of the legs, they get stuck together, almost like velcro. Like I have to physically pull them apart since the two fabric of the two legs get hooked together. At first I thought they might need to be "broken in" or something, but its still happening and its caused the fabric to pill up and start showing little tiny fibers. The best way I can describe it is they look like an old sweatshirt now, even though I've only worn them a handful of time. By contrast I have Ex Officio boxers that are like 7 years old and still going strong. It was pretty difficult to capture the issue in a picture, but I tried. Hopefully it's some odd product defect, but I purchased two pairs and both are doing it, so idk. Hopefully someone from Ex Officio reads this and reaches out, because I really do love your products, but I feel these aren't up to your usual standards

    I thought these would be great for my husband. I bought these and the orange ones. These had major sticking pillage between the legs. (The orange ones faired better)They were worn on our trip to Mongolia. Yes they were quick to dry but to be so worn out after less than 11 days of being worn and only hand washed is disappointing. It prevented chaffing but is ready to be thrown out. The material is shot.

    I was really disappointed in these. After wearing them once they were having EXTREME piling issues and had managed to get tangled with themselves - the fibers are all balled up w my sweatpants fabric. They look ratty and nasty and I would be embarrassed for any woman to see me wearing them.

    plus: i have to wash them by hand?? thats hardly practical or convenient.

    after trying several more expensive briefs, i'm going back to Me Undies.

    3rd REVIEW UPDATE - June 10th, 2018
    So, I just had to try again by buying another pair at a local Outdoor Sports Shop (after running into bad pilling and spiderweb type Velcro issues with my first pair of ExOfficio Sport Mesh Boxer Briefs.

    I simply could not get over how comfortable the Sport Mesh ExOfficio’s were…I thought to myself that I must have gotten a “bad batch”, so I wanted to try again. I noticed from Amazon the ExOfficio Sport Mesh came in a plastic bag, where at the Outdoor Stores, they same pair come in a nice ExOfficio Box (in the end it made no difference).

    Unfortunately I have to report that in less than 1/2 a day…while wearing my very loose fitting jeans…the ExOfficio Sport Meshes have begun to PILL not only in the crotch against themselves, but they are pilling again the sides where my jeans touched, too.

    So either, I got two (2) bad pairs from two (2) different retailers…or ExOfficio is having some sort of serious material Pilling and Velcro Spiderwebbing problem.

    It is a shame, really it is…because again, the Sport Meshes have support that no other underwear has had yet. The closes that I’ve found is from SAXX, as I’ve now tried them all, too…and the closest SAXX models are the Platinum and Quest 2.0 (the other SAXXes just didn’t fit me as well, again that’s just me).

    2nd REVIEW UPDATE - June 9th, 2018
    (After Discovering Bad Pilling and the legs sticking together like actual Velcro with microfine spiderwebbing strings.)


    I cannot properly relay how disappointed I am! Especially after writing a long glowing review less than a day ago (which was based on 2 days use). It is VERY UNFORTUNATE that the 1 Star Rating Reviews I'd read before purchasing a pair turned out to be correct. I have not done any special activities...I'd ONLY worn them to work where I sit most of the day...I took them off tonight and they are all "Pilled"...at it does indeed act like Velcro...when I took them off it was literally "popping" like velcro being ripped apart...with fine lil' strings...I could NOT believe it...it is they craziest thing!

    It's very unfortunate, but I must conclude that ExOfficio as a serious problem, or I’ve gotten a “bad batch”! Which I am VERY sorry to have to say, because for two (2) days these were the most comfortable and supportive underwear that I'd EVER had on...I had literally ordered 9 more pairs late yesterday afternoon...and when I took these off...I just now canceled my order...and here I am correcting my previous glowing review. Shaking my head...just very disappointing!!!

    INITIAL REVIEW - June 6th, 2018
    (This was my glowing review before discovering the bad Pilling and Velcro type effects of spiderwebbing after the 2nd day of wear).

    These are fantastic so far!

    To start with…I'm 6'-5" and almost 300 lbs. (so I'm in the no small man category). ;-)

    Preface to My Underwear Search Mission! :-)
    I've been on a rampage, trying all kinds of different brands and types of underwear for a couple weeks now. What got me shopping finally was that I've been wearing the UnderTech UnderCover Coolux Undergarment T-shirts & Tank tops...and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the mesh no cotton 79% Polyester / 21% Spandex material they use...LOVE IT! The shirts are SUPER expensive ($59 each so I wait for sales).. BUT I can sweat like a pig with yard work, cut down trees, go for long bike rides, and now kayak...you name it...and I'm cool as cucumber with NO sweat passing onto my dressier shirts. So, I've been trying to find that same mesh material for underwear...especially with our new kayaks where I don't always want to wear swim trunks. Plus, situations like theme parks "wet rides" that would normally soak a person’s cotton underwear and ruin a person’s day compared to some Non-Cotton Quick Dry.

    So back to these great ExOfficio Sport Mesh…
    Until now I've been wearing Ringspun Combed Cotton Briefs from Stafford / J.C. Penny for as long as I can remember (black is my color). And my "old Stafford's" have been comfy (I thought) until I got these ExOfficio Sport Mesh Boxer Briefs.

    I've even tried BOTH the ExOfficio Give-N-Go Classic and these Sport Mesh's in BOTH size XL and 2XL (and for me, the Sport Mesh 2XL have by far the best support and fit…again for me). So in my initial out of the box “Feel” Test between the Classic and Sport Mesh…I honestly liked the "feel" of the Classic Diamond material over the Sport Mesh (it actually is a lil' thicker and is ever so slightly heavier, I weighed them). So initially I thought I’d like the Classics; HOWEVER again for me, when I put them on...the Sport Mesh with how ExOfficio cuts and sews them together...they are PHENOMENAL with their support and fit. For me, the Classic version was like my old Staffords (which I used to like with a wider looser crotch), but I never realized how good and supportive underwear could ever be. The Sport Mesh version really has a form fitting "cup". I joke, but it actually makes a person look like those studley fashion models. ;-)

    Seriously of all the underwear that I've tried in the last few weeks I've never put on a pair that just holds my family jewels so perfectly as how the ExOfficio Give-N-Go Sport Mesh Boxer Brief do! ;-) I never realized how I used to constantly adjust myself, or how it feels to side into the car or truck with great support…or sit on a hard wood chair…because the Sport Mesh Boxer Briefs are AMAZING at keeping the jewels up and upfront instead of sliding down lower (best I can explain).

    So again I'm a big guy, but my old Stafford's were size XL...I have a 44 in waist. My legs are still tree trunks with no fat at all...the fat is around my belly. So for me, the 2XL ExOfficio are fitting perfectly or maybe I should say the most comfortably. Again, I did try the XL size of both the Classic and Sport Mesh…and they actually fit fairly good too with my initial thoughts…but the seams in the crotch were not quite in the "perfect" spot for me...and the XL size would kind of ride up the leg a lil' with bending and such. So again for me, the 2XL it totally staying put, it does not ride up the leg, the band does not fold over...I put them on and it really is as if they surround the jewels and support them perfectly as I slide them on (because they do)...I don't even have to make an adjustment (it’s almost weird how they go on). They just gently put everything in place. Again just best I can relay. :-)

    I’d NEVER under normal circumstances wear underwear 2 days in a row...but I actually did that just to test, and it's amazing how they don't stink (or at least very little stink). ;-) Since then, I’ve even tried the washing in the sink w/VERY little soap, burrito towel wrap and stomping on them and hanging...and they were totally dry when I got up...so it actually works. But I still will not use them that way. :-) I will only be wearing my athletic shorts all day as the Operations Director. And it has been warm...so I have not been wearing any jeans or anything yet. So if things change...I'll update my review...but for now I could not be any more pleased if I had to be...and I'll be buying several more pars because I'm finding them to be totally worth it so far.

    Hope this might help other detail folks...who have read enough to get eye strain by now! :-)

    These fit great, but the quality of the product has gone down considerably since the last time I ordered. I've had Ex Officio boxers for years now and not a single pair shows any signs of use. However, the latest pairs I received (including this one) started pilling the very first time I wore them. Whatever quality change they've made to the fabric is very noticeable.

    Used these while walking the Camino in Northern Spain - walking 20 - 30 kilometres per day - within a few days the fibres at the crotch became '' knitted '' together and '' balled '' and uncomfortable to wear .
    Might be ok if just sitting in a bus but not for active wear !
    They seem to be advertised as quick drying nylon - which they are - but I found Under Armour underwear much better - dry as quickly - and much more comfortable and durable for long day hikes.

    Most comfortable pair of boxers I've ever worn! I wore these on a long day of travelling, including in hot weather. The next day I returned to cotton boxers and was heartbroken at how much of a difference there was. I've just ordered a second pair as I'm going travelling in Australia and I expect these will help minimize chafing and discomfort which can be an issue with cotton boxers in hot countries. They also look pretty good!

    really nice material, good snug fit.
    would get 5 stars if the seams where a little flatter. They are quite prominent compared to other underwear that I have.

    These are possibly the most comfortable underpants I've worn, but the quality is really poor. Like other reviewers I've found that they started pilling on the first wear and the threads stuck to the stitching like Velcro. Don't expect I'll get a very long life out of them at all.

    Product works well is super comfortable in all temperatures. Drys fast after washing