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Separatec Men's 3 Pack Dual Pouch Ultra Soft Bamboo Fiber Briefs
Separatec Men's 3 Pack Dual Pouch Ultra Soft Bamboo Fiber Briefs
  • 95% Bamboo Rayon + 5% Spandex
  • Imported
  • Natural Bamboo Rayon: Men's bamboo underwear briefs multipack are highly breathable and instant moisture-wicking.
  • Patented Separated Pouch Design: Keep man's intimate areas comfortably separated, no constraint, no embarrassed adjustment. A functional horizontal quick fly between the pouches gives easy access when you need it most.
  • Breathable Window Panel: The breathable barrier separate the pouch into the front pouch and the lower pouch. Each part of your anatomy has its own space which eliminates friction and keep cool and fresh.
  • Mid-Rise Style and Comfort: Strong and soft stay put waistband with stylish brand logo which is good to reduce the stimulation to your skin.
  • Smart One-piece clean Cut: Full coverage fit briefs are keeping its shape and more supportive, no wedgies.
Separatec innovative men's dual pouch underwear keep men's things separated naturally comfortable Separatec dual pouch tech men's underwear keep cool stay in place great support comfortable Separatec Keeps a man’s intimate areas comfortably separated while delivering freedom of movement

Yes, we reconstructed men’s underwear!

Welcome to a new level of comfort, performance and style!

Separatec’s unique Dual Pouch Technology keeps your intimate areas comfortably separated while delivering freedom of movement. Every pair of Separatec features Innovative Dual Pouch Patent Technology for the greatest function which keeps your things stay dry, in place and feel free.

  • Patented Dual Pouch Design
  • The Spirit of Craftsmanship
  • High-end Quality
  • Top-notch Satisfactory Service

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Dual Pouch
Inseam Full Cut 2.5 Inches 6.5 Inches 8 Inches 9.5 Inches
Stay Put Waistband
Fabric Features Soft, Comfy, Smooth Fabric Soft, Comfy, Smooth Fabric Soft, Comfy, Smooth Fabric Breathable, Quick Dry, Cool Fabric Breathable, Quick Dry, Cool Fabric
Pack Size 2 or 3 Pack 2 or 3 Pack 2 or 3 Pack 2 or 3 Pack 2 Pack
Colors Multiple Colors Available Multiple Colors Available Multiple Colors Available Multiple Colors Available Multiple Colors Available
separatec separated dual pouch mens underwear correct size recommendation comfortable fresh keep dry Read more
  • Package Dimensions: 7.72 x 5.35 x 2.6 inches
  • Date First Available: March 18, 2020
  • ASIN: B0861VDD6H
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #51,102 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry (See Top 100 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry)
    • #100 in Men's Underwear Briefs
    • #6 in Men's Big & Tall Underwear Briefs

    Perfect sizing. The soft material actually feels great. (I was concerned it would feel flimsy or feminine. Nope.)
    Once you're wearing them, the difference isn't something you notice all day long, but the separation is definitely an improvement.
    I chose the briefs. You don't need any extra manipulation to put them on - the entrance opening is in the perfect location and things go smoothly, and you don't even have to think about it. (You may take a look to see where things went, but for me the johnson is always in his assigned seat.)
    Using the urinal is a very small adjustment, knowing where to grab & open, but if you were using the Y-front opening before, this is way better. Or if you just grabbed the leg hole & pulled it aside, then this is a different technique.
    Reviews for certain dual-pouch underwear say the waste-band is too wide or stiff, but right from day-1 that thought never crossed my mind. Maybe that was previous versions. These are pretty darn soft & comfortable.

    If you thought this would feel sexy to wear, well - it's actually kind of a "normal" feeling. Which is good!

    I'm glad I got them, and couldn't be happier with these underwear or suggest any design changes. I now think I'd love to replace all the rest of the underwear in my drawer at home. but at over $9 per piece, I can't justify that. I AM enjoying the three-pack though!
    Great job, Separatec!

    Ok, writing this is hard so doesn't get rejected for vulgarity so I'll try my best. These are an interesting design and takes a few fittings to make sure you put your stuff in the right place. They do truly have full separation of the two male anatomy parts down there but the area for the lower portion of the anatomy is a little constricted. The outer pouch for the upper anatomy is adequate.

    The lower "pouch" really isn't that, just an area of fabric; no real pouch exists. Then there is the hole where you insert the upper anatomy and you pull the outer pouch out and tuck under the upper anatonmy and it hangs in a little "hammock" type fold of fabric. The hole provided for the upper anatomy streches which then allows for the lower anatomy to not be fully covered. So hard or describe these...

    They are comfortable, well sewn and nice fabric.

    First of all a little about me...I'm a 5'10" average built guy. Not skinny and not overweight either. These briefs are a great concept and could be great with some improvement. I originally purchased a medium size because that's what i normally wear and what their chart recommended. The fabric feels really nice and the quality is great but the mediums were just right in the pouch but overly tight around the leg openings. I submitted a return request and the seperatec rep was great to deal with. They told me to keep them and refunded my money. I used the money to purchase the large briefs because, once again they are a great concept and I'm I big fan of a good pair of comfortable briefs in the summer months when its hot and I'm very active. I tried on the large briefs and they are way too big and unsupportive in the pouch, baggy in the butt, and so tight in the leg openings they dig into the butt cheeks which is very annoying. Try the boxer briefs instead. They live up to their promise.

    My wife ordered these for me. I had issues with the sweaty, sticky always itching problem for as long as I can remember. I have tried different powders, but that only helps for so long, and if you use to much it gets pasty from all the moisture on those hot days. I have been going between briefs, boxers, boxer briefs and even Camando for years, trying to find something that was comfortable for me. When I would get home from work I couldn’t wait to take my underwear off and take a shower. When they arrived , I thought it was a little strange with the design and putting your manhood through a hole in the fabric, but I had never seen or tried anything like this before, and after reading the funny little insert that came in the box, I decided to give them a try. I had purchased the 3 pack briefs. I washed a pair of them and wore them for a day, and it was surprisingly comfortable. It almost felt like the guys were free to move around, almost like I was wearing nothing, but without all the stickyness and moisture. The second great thing about these is the fly. It’s not the normal kind of fly other underwear have.There is no fishing around trying to get thing out when you gotta go. It’s kinda like a convertible. You just lift from the bottom of the pouch area, things flop out, and when you are done, you just put the top back on. Simple and quick. The size is true to fit.
    I am also the father of 6 adult men.One of my boys purchased some of the boxer briefs and he swears by them, says that they are super comfy. I would recommend these just for the simple fact that they are really comfortable and the weirdness of putting your junk through a hole in your underwear goes away after you wear them for a day. I will be getting more as I have 3 pairs, and will getting rid of the other brands that I have.

    Uhhhhhh hmmm well let's say Woman have all sizes of Breasts so Men have all Sizes also both Peas n Carrots lol. So if you have say large Peas they can be very uncomfortable at times and cause a lot of adjusting