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Separatec Men's Underwear 7 Pack Colorful Cotton Stretch Separate Pouch Briefs
Separatec Men's Underwear 7 Pack Colorful Cotton Stretch Separate Pouch Briefs
  • 96%Cotton+4%Spandex
  • Cotton Stretch Fabric: Smooth and breathable cotton briefs are highly elastic and durable, for added comfort and shape retention
  • Patented Separate Pouch Design: Keep man's intimate areas comfortably separated and stay fresh, keep out of sticky situation
  • Stay Put Waistband and EZY-OFF Tag: Gorgeous colors combination men's briefs multipack featuring stretchable Everyday logoed waistband and easily tore off tag. It's an ideal and unique gift for men.
  • Breathable Window Panel: An exclusive hole to the separate pouches underwear reduces stickiness and functional fly for easy go when nature calls
  • Smart No-wedgies Design: Avoiding embarrassed adjustment for all-day comfort and better support
Separatec innovative men's dual pouch underwear keep men's things separated naturally comfortable Separatec dual pouch tech men's underwear keep cool stay in place great support comfortable separatec colorful cotton mens underwear boxer briefs

Yes, we reconstructed men’s underwear!

Welcome to a new level of comfort, performance and style!

Separatec’s unique Dual Pouch Technology keeps your intimate areas comfortably separated while delivering freedom of movement. Every pair of Separatec features Innovative Dual Pouch Patent Technology for the greatest function which keeps your things stay dry, in place and feel free.

  • Patented Dual Pouch Design
  • The Spirit of Craftsmanship
  • High-end Quality
  • Top-notch Satisfactory Service

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Dual Pouch
Inseam Full Cut 2.5 Inches 6.5 Inches 8 Inches 9.5 Inches
Stay Put Waistband
Fabric Features Soft, Comfy, Smooth Fabric Soft, Comfy, Smooth Fabric Soft, Comfy, Smooth Fabric Breathable, Quick Dry, Cool Fabric Breathable, Quick Dry, Cool Fabric
Pack Size 2 or 3 Pack 2 or 3 Pack 2 or 3 Pack 2 or 3 Pack 2 Pack
Colors Multiple Colors Available Multiple Colors Available Multiple Colors Available Multiple Colors Available Multiple Colors Available
separatec separated dual pouch mens underwear correct size recommendation comfortable fresh keep dry Read more
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Package Dimensions: 11.1 x 7 x 3.3 inches
  • Date First Available: April 20, 2018
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #74,515 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry (See Top 100 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry)
    • #143 in Men's Underwear Briefs
    • #19582 in Men's Shops

    Obviously I was sceptical on how these would fit because of reviews on these. I am a medium and I ordered a medium. They fit perfect and have a nice elasticity to them and are super soft. I like all the different colors that are included. And I must say, be prepared to have your "junk" looking bigger lol.

    The design of these men's underwear were new to me. The idea made sense so I tried the 3-pack of bamboo material first. I enjoyed the fit and found them to be very comfortable. In warm weather they did not breathe as well as my traditional cotton. So I have now tried the cotton Separatec briefs which came in a 7-pack and found them to breathe better. I will still wear the bamboo briefs as well. I dislike full-size briefs and detest bikini briefs. These are in between, more like a mid-rise style. I wish they had just a little more material in the seat. I feel that I need to pull them up occasionally. That is the only negative thing I can say about them. I am older with a 38" waist.

    So I have been wearing these for a week now and I am really glad I purchased them. I own both their briefs and the boxers and it is a hard decision as to which I like the best.
    Great value for the price.
    Very comfortable material.
    Very supportive of your stuff.
    Does not move that much throught the day.
    The pouch for your sack needs to be a little larger.
    The space between the hole and the pouch needs to be wider.
    After wearing these all day in a 90+ degree mechanic shop they are still comfortable and keep things separated and cooler. Moving the hole up and making the pouch bigger would definitely be a major plus. Even with those 2 things they are still some of the most comfortable underwear I have worn.

    So, I really liked the feature of this underwear that separates your shaft from sticking to your balls. However, if you have large balls, the pouch that's supposed to cradle them is very small and tight, and it smashes your balls and they end up getting put in a position where you accidentally sit on them!?!? Not a very good design. If there was a larger separate pouch for your balls, these would be golden.

    This was my third purchase of Separatec underwear after the micro modal boxer briefs and the 7 pack cotton boxer briefs. I have never been able to wear briefs because I have a narrow waist and small size briefs have such small cups that they crushed me. I was worried these would be the same, but they have enough room for the longest guy. The colors are really great (I like the orange, navy, and sky blue in particular).

    On the "Hole": Separatec is very good for guys with average or above-average length, especially for those who deal with discomfort, sweating, or the need to adjust during the day. They make you feel like you aren't wearing any underwear at all, but keep you dry and well-positioned. If you are below average length, you may find that you slip out while sitting, ruining the effect.

    On the appearance: More than any other style, these are VERY REVEALING. I tried to upload a picture of myself wearing these and was flagged by Amazon. They position you out in front, which can show quite a bulge in dress pants. That being said, they are very attractive and these briefs make most men look large.

    On the fabric: These are high quality stretchy cotton. They are not quite as comfortable as the micro modal, but you don't have to wash them on delicate or line dry (I usually do anyway).

    On the cut: As sexy as these are, they are surprisingly comfortable. You still keep that feeling of not wearing anything. I have a 31" waist, which is between sizes. Many reviewers said that they run small, and so I ordered a medium instead of a small, and I think it was a good choice. I still get that feeling of not wearing anything. However, I have to say that the ball room is the smallest of any cut, and there are times that it feels a little constrictive. Unlike other briefs, I never worry about falling out the side of the cup, which is the big selling point for me. I know that some guys wanted a low-rise waistband, but I like it how it is.

    I normally wear a medium but may order my next pack as a large. The underwear are comfortable, but the pouch opening is lower than on the trunks and the flap secures tightly to each other. I know it is a brief versus a trunk, but I do not feel the same level of package freedom that I do with other separatec underwear I have bought. May try the large and report back, but I think it may just be the difference in design. Feels like wearing normal briefs. Front fabric should be looser.

    I hesitated some before I buy these ones, I tried the boxer briefs before and they are great. I have stopped using regular briefs years ago, but I have to say these will bring me back to use briefs more often. The dual pouch makes them very comfy to wear and it keeps all your equipment separated. Just one warning, it will make you look like you have a bigger package, lol, which is good. The easy access make it easy to go to the restroom too.

    of the seven pair, only three actually work as expected. In 4 pair, the inner hole was too large (nearly twice as large as the 3 pair that work). Because of that, whenever you sit down or move in certain ways, your testicles push out through the hole as well making them even more uncomfortable. Hole for penis needs to be kept at a more normal size and maybe even placed just a little bit higher in the garment.

    The I underwear are the best. Great fit. Wear wonderful.

    Limited availability is what’s hard. The seller I got them through is not the best. Each internal box had been opened, one pair has clearly been worn as it had body powder inside, some pairs were wrong side out. Really made me angry.

    Great underwear but we need more sellers.

    I have struggled to find comfortable underwear for some time and am so glad I found these. They fit perfect and had plenty of space. The issue I had was not having enough space in a small but matching my waist size. Now I have both. Have also noticed I'm not sticking and am generally cooler with these on. Wearing them now, and it's been a few weeks already with this underwear.

    I have been accustomed to the idea of a pouch for a while now because I LOVE Andrew Christian briefs.

    I saw these were to be a duel pouch, so I though being AC only had one pouch I would give this a try since it lowered in price. I now realize maybe I was wearing my AC wrong the whole time lol. I wouldn't really say Seperatec is 2 pouches, it has a similar design to my AC briefs, just before I was putting everything in the pouch (they didnt have instructions like Seperatec does)

    For guys new to this concept these are good, they are comfy, I like how it has basically a hidden fly underneath for quick access without taking everything out of the hole, I will have to update in a few weeks though as my scrotum has fell out of the fly a few times..

    They are appealing I think, especially way better than most traditional briefs from Calvin and such which is why I never liked briefs before, too old man looking but now these, they are more appealing for sure, but in honesty Andrew Christian is still my favourite as they have so many styles and the way they cut the briefs I feel they are more sexy looking and sexy feeling.

    Not to say I wouldn't buy Seperatec again, if I didnt already know about AC I'd probably buy more, but myself I just feel more confident in my AC

    These are great underwear(like wearing nothing but with a drip catcher..lol).Smooth silky feel,airy,comfortable with great colors.I tried the boxer briefs but just not for me.I wear a 38 jean waist so the L in these is perfect.I do have a bit of a gut overhang(not big..just not enough exercise.. LOL again) and these fit nicely.With these, my "old man Johnson"(I am 69)fits nicely in the hole and stays there,whether walking,sitting ,driving and even tread milling and the balls hang in comfort.Underwear for the ages and aged....Highly recommend,especially if you have been wearing old style cotton briefs.Go for a splash of style and color!

    Even though I ordered a size too large, The fit and fabric were alright. Everything drops into the proper place and adjusting is a thing of the past. I will certainly order them again but in a medium. My wife got a kick out of the easter egg colors

    I've bought many pairs of saxx pouched underwear over the years and decided to try these. The material is comfy and soft, the waist fits good but the lower pouch area is really small and barely holds/fully covers your balls.

    They have a card in the box saying to contact them first if you have any issues and it's a complete waste of time. Not only has it taken almost a week playing email tag to SLOWLY get a response from them, just for them to say well that sucks and since you worn them we will only issue you a 50% credit for your return. So I don't know if Amazon is only going to refund half my money or not. If I knew that was a possibility I would of NEVER bought off Amazon... Buyer beware of poor for fit and poor return policy.

    Do yourself a favour spend more money and buy a real pair of underwear from Saxx.

    This is an update to my original review which I left in *stars* below.

    I left the review below and did not bother requesting a refund. I simply threw the briefs out expecting nothing in return. However, their customer service has since reached out to me and offered me a full refund. I accepted and have since received the refund in full.

    While I cannot recommend this underwear... their customer service was good. I have since increased the overall rating to 2/5. I am sorry I cannot rate higher than this as the product is truly not great. However they seem to listen to feedback so if you feel like these might work for you, then they might be worth the shot. At least know they have good service if you do not like them.

    **These are very cheap and uncomfortable. Do not buy these.

    The other reviews must be fake accounts or something.... You cannot find these comfortable. The stitching on the outside actually hurts... The edge of the underwear digs into your skin under your leg and chafes it.

    Not only that but it looks simply terrible. There is this extra flap of material that hangs down in front and looks very embarrassing.

    I was mislead by the other decent reviews. Don't fall for it.**

    If you have ever been wearing a pair of boxers and had your dick suddenly fall out through the fly, it feels a bit like that, only not in an uncomfortable way. The front pouch acts as a cushion, so there's a soft fabric keeping things gentle, while the briefs support your balls.
    The only gripe I have with them is I prefer low rise briefs and boxer-briefs. If they start offering those I will be quite happy.

    Most satisfied with this new concept of underwear, everything fits nicely as advertised, I could never go back to the old traditional briefs ...

    Separate and aerate! Very comfortable to wear esp when I’m active and in hot environments! No more clammy sticky boys! Easy to wear and that hoodie style fly is game changing!

    Amazon customer service does not know return address to return these pieces of crap. Finished shopping there---wicked customer service

    Pick the size you wear don’t get larger size but are still comfortable.

    These are great. The fit is perfect and the separation is surprisingly super comfortable. I will buy more.

    I was torn between ordering M or L because it seems these days, you don't what you should due to the sizing numbers on the packaging. In this case I would say sizing is bang on. Fits great. Very happy with the product.

    It is Excellent
    I like it
    I love it