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SHEATH Men's Underwear with Dual Pouch 3.21 Fly Boxer Briefs
SHEATH Men's Underwear with Dual Pouch 3.21 Fly Boxer Briefs
  • Superior Boxer Brief Comfort – Sheath men’s underwear are made to support your every move with cool, form-fitting compression.
  • Supportive Dual Pouch – A signature design for our workout underwear, the circular dual pouch provides better separation and comfort when running or on the move.
  • Breathable, Flexible Fit – Our men’s workout underwear boasts the ideal blend of 95% modal and 5% elastane to ensure moisture-wicking fabric that reduces chaffing.
  • Enjoy Active Fitness – The smart choice for runners, CrossFit athletes, martial artists, and other on-the-go lifestyles, these men’s boxer briefs support every tough movement.
  • Solid Colors – Sheath 3.21 come in colors you’ll love, including black, grey and blue.
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SHEATH 3.21 Fly Boxer Briefs come equipped with a dual pouch, solid color schemes and reduced no roll waistbands; available in Navy, Grey and Black. Micromodal and elastane fabric blend is athletic, absorbent and durable for a regular sculpting fit that is cool against the skin. Available in Small - XXXL in Black and Small-XXL in navy and grey.

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Experience the difference with SHEATH

sheath underwear david archy saxx sepratec

sheath underwear david archy saxx sepratec

sheath underwear david archy saxx sepratec

sheath underwear david archy saxx sepratec

MicroModal/Elastane Fabric

SHEATH Modal fabric blend has stretching qualities and is naturally absorbent to keep you feeling cool and dry all day. Cold wash-tumble dry for optimum longevity.

No Roll Waistband

Solid color no roll waistbands with signature SHEATH logo-mark; sure to hold the underwear steady for a secure fit every time.

Dual Pouch SHEATH

Experience the unique comfort and stability provided by our patented Dual Pouch. The SHEATH Dual Pouch is a superior method for reducing chaffing, readjusting and general discomfort experienced by regular underwear.

Fly Access

Reduce resets with an easy to reach fly pocket embedded for efficient access.

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Briefs Trunks 3.21 4.0 V
Dual Pouch
Leg Length Euro Cut 3.5 Inches 6 Inches 6 Inches 8 Inches
No Roll Waistband Reduced No Roll Reduced No Roll
Modal/Elastane Fabric
sheath underwear 3.21 mens pouch underwear
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.5 x 8 inches
  • Item model number: 32BLUFLYSML
  • Date First Available: April 19, 2017
  • ASIN: B01N16L4MD
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #28,592 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry (See Top 100 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry)
    • #207 in Men's Boxer Briefs

    The material is soft and feels nice against the skin. The pouch does seem to keep everything separated, and that’s a definite plus in hot weather. Because of the way the product is designed, I find it useful to use the fly at a urinal, because going over the top requires more “rearranging” when you’re done. The waist is a bit high. The waistband is the same material as the boxerbrief, and is comfortable. The label is printed directly on the material, so there’s no scratchy tags. It doesn’t have a “sexy” look to it, either. I usually wear briefs, so there is more fabric than I like, but it is comfortable overall.

    These are simply THE MOST COMFORTABLE underwear I have ever worn! They are comfortable while standing, walking and sitting. They have two compartments, one for the twins and one for the stick. Everything is separated, stays dry and does not stick together. The pocket for the twins holds things up so that when you sit, no adjustment is necessary, because they are not trapped between the legs.

    have tried several brands of "separate pouch" design underwear, and these are the best.
    -Would note that am in the 'gap' between 30 and 32, the "small" work comfortably for me
    -the dual pouch design works to keep both parts of one's anatomy effectively dry and reasonably positioned without squishing, squashing, strangling or sweating up a sticky storm.
    -the vertical fly which allows for a pretty direct removal and use in order to tend to nature works well, actually far far better than standard flys in most undies for me.
    -careful positioning and consistent containment can create a "defined" image if you are wearing tight jeans or pants; there is a potential for a clear VPL... for some, that will be a challenge, for others, an asset. In my opinion, it does not reach the point of "advertising" but clearly demonstrates that the wearer is a male. With that, would note that standard men's undies will, in tight pants or jeans, just show a "lump-a-clay/bulge of parts' to the public, so it becomes a personal choice as to which alternative one might wish for. Personally, a reasonably discreet VPL while wearing tight jeans is a tradeoff for greater comfort, less sweat, less stick-together-mess that my standard undies provide.

    "Acid test" for me was wearing these during a multi-hour drive. everything stayed in place, stayed dry and in place. Having tried several other "dual pouch" undies, these work better than the ones with a "drop outta the pouch" fly (doesn't work well with jeans or tight pants that have zippers that end well above the "point of departure" - the vertical fly allows for greater flexible ease of access, allows one do do what one needs to do, then stash things back where they belong.)

    Will be buying more

    Nice underware but I can’t seem to get them anymore.
    Now the pair I have has a hole! For the price of them, I would expect them to last more than 6 months.

    Shipping and arrival was as expected. No issues with seller. Now to the product review. The material is some of the best that could be used for underwear. Very soft with great elasticity that stays true to fit. Feels great against your manhood. The wasteband needs updated. There is no stitching anwhere in the wasteband so the soft material is literally sheathed over the elastic band which allows the elastic band to fold over onto itself inside the wasteband. You end up with this thin elastic band instead of a nice flat band at the waste. Now onto the separation compartment. Again the material is soft and feels great. The sheath opening for your member is great and works very well especially with the materials used. The pouch for your sack started out feeling great but through the day the seam started causeing me to get tender where it rests between your sack and body. The elastic in that seem is just a little too much for such a tender area.
    I quit using the pouch and just used the sheath feature the rest of the day and that worked fine. In all, I think these would be the best underwear I have ever worn if the wasteband was fixed and the ball pouch was modifiedbor simply removed.

    Compared to the other pouch type underwear (Saxx, 2Undr, etc) these are probably the best. They do the best job of separating and isolating the components without being noticeable. When you first put them on they might feel a little strange but that goes away once you get used to them. I don't notice anything coming out of place for an entire day of working/shopping around town. I can't say how well they'd perform in sports activities as I haven't tried them for that, but as casual boxer briefs for work and everyday activities they perform great. These and the Obviously brand have become my go to bower briefs.

    These are AWESOME! I just got them, and I changed into them from my favorite brand of boxer briefs as soon as they arrived. The fit is perfect, and the inner pouch along with the other opening for your junk keeps everything separated and comfy. No binding when sitting down or stooping, and they keep the boys from sticking to your thighs. They are made of a stretchy, wicking material and feel great. The waistband so far is not doing any rollovers, and the leg openings are staying put. These are expensive, but worth every penny. I will need to have a week's worth of these on hand! STRONGLY recommend. I wish the makers would send me a complimentary pair!

    EDIT: Okay, I am still in love with these boxer briefs. I have now washed them at least a dozen times, and they look and feel and fit exactly the same as they did when I bought them! This means that there will not be the stretched out waistband, raggedy edges or tiny holes which form in cotton boxer briefs. I will be purchasing more Sheath underwear, but now am curious about the 4.0 version.

    Great fit. Fabric breathes well and keeps you dry. Great support for the equipment. Separate pouch compartments feels different but getting used to it and actually like the feel. These briefs do lift and support the equipment so if you want to go un-noticed these are not the briefs for you.

    Wasn’t sure what to expect from this underwear. I’ve been looking for something to help with “things” getting in the way and being squashed when out on my motorcycle for the day, these are very comfortable and help move everything up and clear of any problems. They also keep their shape after washing. Will be getting some more and can highly recommend for use on motorbikes.

    Great fabric/feel, pouch gives the look and support I like. I didn't give these a chance before probably because I didn't understand them. But after buying/wearing David Archy and other brands, I get it now. Gave these another chance (hadn't got rid of these thankfully) and love them just as much as other brands I've got (which is quite a few non-traditional anatomically correct underwear now, not what I grew up with that "smashes" or keeps everything flat. Requiring constant adjusting which was both rude and embarrassing)

    Buen diseño. Pero ... soy talla 30 , compre talla chica supuestamente para cinturas de 28 a 30... Y el boxers me quedo algo flojo.. no hace fit en mi. Antes de que me llegará el producto intenté contactarme con el vendedor dos veces , por medio de la app y por medio de servicio al cliente de amazon y en ni uno de los casos contestó. El producto hubiera sido excelente si tubieran los tamaños adecuados a las medidas que dice el boxer u ordenadas.

    These are an item all men should be wearing I would not go back to just underwear again fantastic feeling great ty Sheath
    Don A ✌️