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Ejis Men's Sweat Proof Boxer Brief w/Comfort Pouch, Anti-Odor, Micro Modal Underwear
Ejis Men's Sweat Proof Boxer Brief w/Comfort Pouch, Anti-Odor, Micro Modal Underwear
  • THE EJIS SWEAT DEFENSE BOXER BRIEFS WITH COMFORT POUCH: Forget ordinary boxer briefs. Our premium Sweat Defense boxer briefs keep your pants bone dry and are 100% guaranteed to stop sweat marks on your butt, back of legs, and groin. Featuring ultra-thin waterproof layers in the areas you need most, our unfailing sweat stopping power will keep you looking and feeling fresh.
  • ULTRA-COMFORTABLE MICRO MODAL FABRIC: Light, breathable, silky-smooth micro modal fabric feels up to 50% softer than regular cotton. With 5% Spandex to add stretch, it will possibly be the most comfortable men's underwear you've ever worn.
  • SILVER-INFUSED ANTI-ODOR TECHNOLOGY: Smell fresh all day with advanced SILVADUR technology embedded into every boxer brief. Real silver ions in the fabric fight odor-causing bacteria to keep you looking and smelling your very best - a more environmentally-conscious alternative than using nanotechnology.
  • SMART DESIGN, WORLD-CLASS FUNCTIONALITY: Inspired by customer feedback, our boxer briefs are designed with extra wide waistbands and an extra large comfort pouch to keep you cool and comfortable all day long. Our boxer briefs are also the perfect length to never ride-up, while our micro modal fabric dries quickly, is machine washable, and won’t shrink in the dryer.
  • OUR STORY: Ejis was founded on the belief that we could make you feel more confident by creating high quality products that incorporate smart design, world class functionality, and unrivaled comfort. If you love the feel of our briefs but don’t always need sweat protection, check out our Ejis Essential line.
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Ejis Men's Sweat Defense Boxer Brief - Comfort Pouch Ejis Men's Sweat Defense Boxer Brief - Comfort Pouch w/ Fly Ejis Men's Essential Boxer Brief - Comfort Pouch, 3-Pack Ejis Men's Essential Boxer Brief - Comfort Pouch w/ Fly, 3-Pack Ejis Men's Essential Trunk - Comfort Pouch, 3-Pack
Material 95% Micro Modal, 5% Spandex 95% Micro Modal, 5% Spandex 95% Micro Modal, 5% Spandex 95% Micro Modal, 5% Spandex 95% Micro Modal, 5% Spandex
Pouch Style Comfort Pouch Comfort Pouch with Fly Comfort Pouch Comfort Pouch with Fly Comfort Pouch
Sweat Proof
Available Colors 7 7 5 5 2
Product Quantity Single Single 3-Pack 3-Pack 3-Pack
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Product Dimensions: 12 x 0.5 x 10 inches
  • Item model number: 201750
  • Date First Available: March 11, 2017
  • ASIN: B071K5JQ8N
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #33,638 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry (See Top 100 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry)
    • #232 in Men's Boxer Briefs
    • #8759 in Men's Shops

    I suffer from Hyperhidrosis. I had the ETS surgery to stop my hands from sweating. At first the surgery was a success. A few years later, I now have compensatory sweating. I basically sweat everywhere from my shoulders down. My butt would soak through my jeans. What makes matters worse, I work outside and the sun makes me sweat like crazy. Needless to say this is extremely embarrassing. Ejis Sweat proof underwear work perfectly. They do not stop me from sweating, but they do prevent the sweat from soaking through my jeans. They now stay dry and I no longer have to find tricks and ways to cover up. In addition, since I am no longer stressed about the sweat coming through, I actually sweat less. Anyone who suffers from this condition knows that when your stressed about the sweat, you sweat that much more. But now I am confident the sweat wont show through. So I do not have the stressful sweat to deal with. These boxers definitely work and they feel great. I encourage anyone considering purchaing the to give them a try. They will change your life.

    Bought these for my 15 year old son because one day I noticed be had a huge line of sweat along the seam of his khakis right on the butt. It looked like he'd had an accident. I got him back in the car and we had to hurry home to get him changed. I got online and did some research and found this brand. It seemed like a lot of money for a pair of underwear but I was willing to try it to spare my son any future embarrassment. They shipped quickly and came nicely packaged. The material was light and soft, but was made with a light spandex type material. You could clearly feel the very light absorbent areas in the backside and crotch, but movement makes no sound and my son says they are super comfortable. Best of all? No more giant sweat stains on his butt! Looking forward to buying more of these.

    This product works exactly as how it is described. I’ve dealt with profuse sweating my entire life, and have had to endure the sweat line on my shorts and pants. I live in Texas and let me tell ya, it’s hot here. That being said, I’d still leave sweat marks on chairs in Alaska. This was what I used to worry about. I used to do the “side saddle sit” and the “slide across the chair “ move when I got up from sitting anywhere I was at. These underwear take those cares away.

    My high school son was literally depressed. It affected his day, his ability to feel good about himself. He only ever wore black jeans because every other color showed his sweat marks in the back. It was humiliating. High school kids can be mean, cruel, judgmental. This underwear has eliminated the worry, insecurity! Strange how something seemingly so if significant can transform a day but I can't praise these overpriced underwear enough and I feel so bad for all of you that have to deal with this problem. There's so many reviews along this line and knowing that there were so many of you dealing with the same issues did give my son some comfort. Enjoyed reading so many of your reviews and responses. I had to invest too.

    I have struggled with excessive sweating since college. In the last 10 years, it's become a major hassle in how it affects my comfort and ability to dress successfully for work (dress for the job you want, right?). I had tried a few antiperspirant options with no change and had resigned myself to just having to "deal with it". This was a bitter pill to swallow as I'd been investing in suits and more classically styled clothing.

    I was referred to Ejis in May of this year and decided to try the undershirts. I was going to California for work and it seemed a test run couldn't hurt anything. I was extremely surprised - I was comfortable the entire flight (and had worn a shirt that would tell the truth). The rest of the trip was just as enjoyable and I had a renewed since of optimism and confidence.

    With the summer heat, I have decided to try the trunks. First test run was this weekend. I normally wear a medium, but these don't rise quite as high at the back as I'd expected (hence the note about sizing). However, driving for 4 hours in 98 degree heat (in slacks) was much more comfortable than the previous 2 months commuting. I'll be using them this week as well and expect to be comfortable despite the heat. These products are a game changer for me and how I'm able to conduct my life and business in style. Thank you to the team at Ejis.

    So, I have this unfortunate reality of dealing with swamp-ass. I know my ass sweats, so I'm conscious of how I dress and try to mitigate my risks. But sometimes you have to wear khakis or dress pants and you don't have the opportunity to stay as cool as you'd like.

    Enter solution of ass-sweat protective underwear. First, I'll say that, yes, this underwear creates a good protective layer to keep from having a sweat-drenched center seam. However, it feels like you're wearing a diaper with a thin styrofoam layer. This makes things even hotter. The sweat won't be visible to others, but be damn sure that you'll be occupying your own personal swimming pool in your pants.

    I keep a pair on standby for emergencies, but I definitely don't wear them if I don't have to.

    Ejis strikes again! I wear their undershirts daily and had previously wore compression shorts for underwear. When I discovered Ejis had begun making underwear, I had to try it and they did not disappoint!

    No more sweat marks on my rear end after sitting down for several hours. They're also similar to my compression shorts in the sense that they prevent my nuts from sticking to the sides of my legs - MAJOR KEY! Ejis...ANOTHA ONE.

    I decided to give these a try, given that I spend a lot of the time in a very hot climate. They seem to be doing what is described on the tin. I no longer have to worry about getting off a chair or stool in public, in fear of leaving a sweat patch. The price is a bit expensive, but worth it if they continue to do the job. My only complaint so far is that they make your backside quite hot because of the lining used.

    Expensive for boxers but 100% worth it. I sweet loads so was a bit unsure at first. Wasted my money on different lotions and pounders. I bought these 2 months ago. Really good product. Blocks the sweet. When wearing them after a gym session I sometimes feel like my 1 year old son who has a full nappy after just waking up. But day to day they are really good.

    Pricey however very well made comfortable and the main reason for purchasing them they do the job in sticky hot weather I would purchase more they washed very well also highly recommended.

    Great fit. As a particularly sweaty commuting man, these were my last ditch attempt before I turned to going commando/naked on the train. Luckily they did the trick and I’m now foot loose and sweat free on my way to and from work.

    If you’re a heavy sweater especially in the gooch/arse crack area then these are the thing you need.
    Stops sweat seeping through completely, keeps you cool and drys very fast.
    Slightly on the pricey side but worth it if arse sweat bothers you!


    Does what it says!.

    just got back from Mexico, really hot, these underpants did everything they said it would, had the confidence to wear the lightest material and lightest colour trousers.

    Works well. Fits well. Good product

    Amazing, feels great being able to move freely. Bit pricy but overall very worth it. Free 90 day guarantee as well.

    They fit perfectly and did the job, however the recipient found there was a slightly rustling noise coming from them when moving.

    No more sticky spots! Great to feel fresh all day

    Fanstastic product. Comfortable to wear and does exactly what it says.


    The pouch is horrible on these boxers, i bought 5 and the pouches make it look like you have a stiffy 24/7. It's embarrassing wearing these the pouch sticks out so much it makes it look very inappropriate. The pouch is too big and is extra fabric that sticks out of thin pants especially adidas/nike workout pants. What's worse is Ejis deletes any review saying this so beware.