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Natural Feelings Mens Briefs Underwear Mens Cotton Classics Briefs Full Rise Mens Underwear Briefs Pack
Natural Feelings Mens Briefs Underwear Mens Cotton Classics Briefs Full Rise Mens Underwear Briefs Pack
  • Composition: 95% performance cotton and 5% elastic spandex.Mens briefs fabrics are of great softness and quality which keep you cool and dry for all day comfort.
  • Imported
  • The Standard Size: The men's underwear briefs is made in Standard American Waist Size, Small=30" - 32",Medium=33" - 35",Large=36" - 39",X-Large=40" - 43",XX-Large=44" - 47".
  • Innovation of Label: Men's underwear avoid skin irritation caused by the label, we bulid mens briefs underwear with tagless design for much more comfortable wearing experience.
  • Elastic Waistband: Special treatment of 1.37 inch widened elastic waistband is more flexible, wider in width and less roll for men's briefs.And keeps its shape after wash.
  • Mens Briefs Craft:The mens underwear briefs of double needle seams will be more fit and more durable. And one-piece cut in the back to avoid embarrassed adjustment.
  • Traditional Fly: The front adopts double layer design while the fly front with contoured pouch provides support and enough flexible room for men's private area.
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Natural Feelings-Generosity of Nature,Natural Life.

  • Natural Feelings is an American-registered brand, specializes in design, production and marketing of clothing.

  • All items are for real shooting
  • All of products are of brand new design

Classic Cotton Mens Briefs

The Men who Prefer This Type of Underwear

  • The design inspiration of our brand derives from subtle feelings towards life itself.
  • Our vision is to brought you the Feelings of Nature through our product.

  • 95% cotton and 5% spandex
  • One-piece cut in the back
  • Traditional 3D fly
  • The US standard size
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  • Package Dimensions: 8.51 x 5.46 x 1.93 inches
  • Item model number: CJSM001NFT004A-NFUS-1
  • Date First Available: November 7, 2019
  • ASIN: B0815VMZWF
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #22,622 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry (See Top 100 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry)
    • #50 in Men's Underwear Briefs
    • #5853 in Men's Shops

    These Natural Feelings Mens briefs are very soft and comfortable. We learned from the last pair of underwear to go a size larger as sometimes cotton underwear shrinks a lot and these followed suit. The second picture shows an unwashed and a washed and dryer dried pair. Neither were worn. The shrinkage was a lot, but its ok they fit great now. The 1 3/8" waistband is taller than traditional brands but still comfortable. They are 95% cotton, 5% elastane which actually gives them a really soft feel and stretch. The material is not see through, its a nice weight, not too thick or thin. My husband likes these better than his Fruit of the Lomb!

    I purchased a small (I usually wear medium) and they fit well. I think the stretchy fabric was part of the fit but I like them. They are soft and comfortable. I wore them all day and had no issues. They didn’t bunch or ride up and they look nice on so I would recommend these.

    My dresser has almost every style of underwear you can think of. I should be clear that there may be a couple of styles some of you can think of that I probably own but I don’t really care what anyone thinks of them. I’m pretty much of the opinion that unless someone gives or gets a pair of conversation starter shorts as a gift that a man should buy his own underwear – no one can understand what it feels like to be in them other than the person wearing them.

    When I think of the four primary styles, which are boxers, boxer/briefs, brief or bikini the ones that seems the most ordinary (what are known as jockey style, BVD’s or tighty whites) are really the ones that can range from the most comfortable style to being almost unbearable to wear. That’s because by their very design they usually tend to compress the part of a guy that we least want to have compressed. The way they are constructed makes them mostly flat in front, and most of us are anything but flat in front. And they almost always have that useless thing called a fly which defies permitting anyone but a child from actually navigating it at the moment of most need.

    But yet I continue to buy plain white briefs and I continue to wear them, primarily for when I am doing physical chores and I want everything to just be held in place while I move about.

    These briefs are reasonable imitations of the major brands sold in the U.S. and I couldn’t find anything substantially different about them, which raises the question why buy them instead of the established brand names other than price – which unfortunately isn’t that much of a savings to make a whole lot of difference to me.

    One thing I like about owning plain ordinary white briefs is that they can just be tossed into the washer with other similar color items with detergent and a little bleach, with no special care required. A big turnoff from Natural Feelings is that for some reason that I don’t comprehend they instruct you to hand wash these briefs separately in water under 100F is recommended. That instruction is a big deal-breaker for me.

    On the plus side is that they do include a size conversion chart, which helps with that concern about buying from Chinese brands who use a completely different sizing structure than we do. I ordered these in my usual size and what I got fit me as they should. So kudos for that.

    As far as their ad promise for men’s briefs to “make a breathable panty with your heart” I can only suggest that if they want to target American men that they hire someone to retranslate that slogan into something a little more guy-like.
    And oh, one more thing, they also have another ad promise which is “All items are for real shooting”. I’m just going to quit here and not describe how, or if, I attempted to test that promise. I’m done.

    Nice, classic briefs. If you like the classic, these are great. The fit is as expected. They have a little bit of stretch in the material which helps them to stay comfortable throughout the day. The fabric is a nice quality and is pretty soft. The waste band is comfortable with not tags. Good product.

    Love these underwear! After buying my first four pack, I immediately bought another four pack. They are a great value, soft, and keep the boys extremely comfortable.

    I'm 5 feet 10 inches tall and weigh 170 pounds. I ordered the large the large size in these. I don't like my underwear really tight. And I got them, they seemed to run a little big. I threw them in the wash machine and dryer. When they came out of the wash did shrink just a little and we're the perfect size. I tried them on and they fit perfectly. Not too tight not too loose. they are not super thin and not super thick they're the perfect thickness and are very comfortable on.

    My husband loved these underwear. I ordered the one single black pair to see how they would fit and they fit well and he said the fabric felt good. So, today I ordered the multi pack of blacks and grays. I tell you they look a heck o alt better than the dingy white ones.

    I've been waiting a dozen years for a company to make the correct size underwear. Is this too much to ask? American manufacturers, in their usual stupidity, decided to skip every other size about 12-15 years ago. This means half of American men, like myself, no longer could buy the right size. This seems so inane to me I cannot find words to express it. Then they went farther and reduced the display to about one third size of a small bedroom (while increasing the display for women's underwear to the size of a basketball court).

    This Asian company finally came along and did it right. They make the right size, use better material, make it higher quality, and make it fit right. If they keep selling these they will run American manufacturers out of business. As they should. (To quote Tom Cruise in the lawyer movie.)

    Don't think about it. Just buy these. You'll be glad you did.