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Separatec Men's 3 Pack Sport Performance Dual Pouch Boxer Briefs Underwear
Separatec Men's 3 Pack Sport Performance Dual Pouch Boxer Briefs Underwear
  • 77% Polyamide + 23% Spandex
  • Ultra Light Nylon Stretch Fabric: Breathable and fast dry men's sport boxer briefs feature superior abrasion resistance and high flexibility, providing you with the ultimate comfort, staying cool and dry all day long
  • Patented Separate Pouch Design: Keep man's intimate areas comfortably separated, no constraint, no embarrassed adjustment
  • Additional Crotch Design: Provide more room for private area and facilitate an more freely movement. it's an ideal choice for work out and all type of outdoor activities
  • Funtional Fly Opening: An exclusive hole between two supportive pouches separate your things comfortably, reducing stickiness. These functional fly for easy go when nature calls
  • 6.5 inches Long Leg Cut: “no-ride” inseam boxer briefs provide a longer leg for extra coverage, no ride up and hem legs stay in place. You will not have to deal with uncomfortable bunching or irritation
Separatec innovative men's dual pouch underwear keep men's things separated naturally comfortable Separatec dual pouch tech men's underwear keep cool stay in place great support comfortable Separatec Keeps a man’s intimate areas comfortably separated while delivering freedom of movement

Yes, we reconstructed men’s underwear!

Welcome to a new level of comfort, performance and style!

Separatec’s unique Dual Pouch Technology keeps your intimate areas comfortably separated while delivering freedom of movement. Every pair of Separatec features Innovative Dual Pouch Patent Technology for the greatest function which keeps your things stay dry, in place and feel free.

  • Patented Dual Pouch Design
  • The Spirit of Craftsmanship
  • High-end Quality
  • Top-notch Satisfactory Service

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Dual Pouch
Inseam Full Cut 2.5 Inches 6.5 Inches 8 Inches 9.5 Inches
Stay Put Waistband
Fabric Features Soft, Comfy, Smooth Fabric Soft, Comfy, Smooth Fabric Soft, Comfy, Smooth Fabric Breathable, Quick Dry, Cool Fabric Breathable, Quick Dry, Cool Fabric
Pack Size 2 or 3 Pack 2 or 3 Pack 2 or 3 Pack 2 or 3 Pack 2 Pack
Colors Multiple Colors Available Multiple Colors Available Multiple Colors Available Multiple Colors Available Multiple Colors Available
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  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Product Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 0.7 inches
  • Date First Available: May 7, 2018
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #25,035 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry (See Top 100 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry)
    • #190 in Men's Boxer Briefs
    • #6532 in Men's Shops

    So I've beend doing this search for the best fit anatomical underwear. I've ordered several brands, sizes and material. I must say, while the final verdict is yet out, this may be the number one pair. As stated before, I've tried several brands and a few styles of each - all of which have the anatomical pouch.
    So to what brings me to my conclusion. 1. Many brands don't offer the larger sizes. This one does. 2. Most have pouches that do not provide complete separation of your package and your inner thigh. Those that do are pretty good but there is stitching that runs along the crease and sometimes irritate the skin (probable due to the limited size selection). These offer a complete different thought. The underwear themselves actually have a traditional fit but the kicker is the dual pouch. Which leads me to the biggest draw. 3. The dual pouch offers a place for the penis. While other brands provide full separation of the package, your business is stuffed into the same pouch. While that's good, Separatec gives separation of everthing. I like this style most (even over Separatec's 'Everyday' style underwear) because it adds an open fly on BOTH sides of the penis pouch. Not only does this gives easy access to handle your business but air flow is amazing. These have kept me drier than all brands and styles I've tried and they feel great.
    The only thing I would suggest the designers try is, using the material of the 'Everyday' underwear (cotton blend) and the style of that waist band on this style. Not enough to dock rating for but in search of perfection....Just saying.

    this is the second type of Separatec undies that I have tried, was interested to see what difference the "dual exit fly" might provide vs the "single exit fly" on the others that I tried with other "dual pouch" designs

    First, the dual pouch works for me. I spend an inordinate amount of time with client teams, standing in front of a room working a Powerpoint and sustaining discussions... and the same amount of time driving to/from those client sites. These work to quietly keep (to use another poster's language) the twig separate from the berries.... with resultant comfort, no need for finding a moment for "personal adjustment" and no sweaty buncha flesh at the end of a long day. I do find that, in the morning, a quick shake of talc powder into the pouches makes proper placement somewhat easier, and starts the premise of a dry day.

    The dual fly works, and for some reason, works far better than most flys on most underwear that I have had over the years. Can exit, accomplish my mission, and return the twig to "pouch home" without excessive rummaging around, then can return a car or a conference room to continue the day.

    The fly, whether it is the Separatec single-exit design or the dual-exit design is an excellent dual pouch solution. In comparison to dual pouch designs without flys, these provide a problem-free ability to handle a basic body function with speed and comfort... with the "no fly" dual pouch briefs, the exist is low for the "twig"; sometimes well below the zipper - thus requiring retreat to a stall and dropping trou.

    As others have noted, by creating a defined "nest/pouch" for "the twig" there is a potential for greater "package definition" in the form of a "VPL" - even for us "growers" (vs "showers"). For some, that will be perceived of as an asset, for others, a challenge. The tighter the pants/slacks/jeans, the more likely the challenge/opportunity - just say'n. Personally, I don't think it approaches an obscene level, but different guys have different perceptions.

    So if you want a quick reveiw, Yes I’d buy them again!
    I liked boxer briefs but missed having a fly. So in looking for options i came across these. Figured I’d give them a try as I liked the concept and they had a functional fly.
    So first I’ll start with the fit. These seem to be right on par with the other brands sizing.
    Comfort is good but if you wear tighter pants i feel they are less effective. Example if i wear looser fitting cargo pants / shorts they seem more effective in keeping thing separate and cool. But if I wear tighter jeans like I normally do then they aren’t as effective. Now i know... I shouldn’t probably be wearing as tight of jeans as I do but, I refuse to go to a 36 because 35’s are hard to find and come by. The only other thing i wish was different is the hole was slightly smaller where the ol’ Johnson slid through. My German and Irish heritage is swimming in there. Lol

    This is my favorite Separatec product. I've tried three different types of Separatec underwear and directly interacted with their customer service team. I'm stunned by the quality of both.

    The underwear is brilliantly engineered. I'd be shocked were anyone disappointed by the design or if anyone were to like it less than traditional underwear.

    I've tried the polyamide/spandex sports boxer briefs, the polyester/cotton/spandex sports boxer briefs, and the polyester/spandex sports boxer briefs. As to the fabrics, I prefer the polyamide/spandex blend. I would describe them each as follows:
    Polyamide/spandex: thin and supportive. Not heavy.
    Polyester/cotton/spandex: supportive but heavier and thicker. Feels a bit warm, to me (but I live in Florida; would be better in gentler weather).
    Polyester/spandex: thin and light but less supportive. Harder to position properly due to the fabric.

    I failed to return the polyester/spandex blend within Amazon's return period and contacted Separatec to ask about returning after an extended delay. They still took care of me. The service was above and beyond. I am absolutely stunned by the effort and kindness they showed in the service they provided, despite my extended delay.

    The customer service is top notch. These folks will not allow you to be disappointed. They'll take care of you. So, if you're on the fence, give Separatec a try. It's really, genuinely, a risk-free thing. They want you to be happy and they proved that in the way they took care of me.

    Great underwear

    Really comfy, the separatec is a first experience for me but I think I like this design. It has a separate pocket for your member and there’s more space !

    Material are latex and won’t shrink after wash

    The tag in the picture is easily tear off before wear so you won’t feel it.

    Length is good and L size fits well for 36” waist with big thighs

    All in all a good underwear and I plan to buy more of these if they go on sale

    Very comfortable boxers. The material so far is still soft after a few washes. I’ve worn these during the day and they are great, feels supported but also free to move without feeling squished. These boxers were used for running 10Ks to HIIT exercises and burpees to yoga. No holes, no rips.
    I’m replacing all my non-Separatec boxes only with Separatec ones. Highly recommend.

    Best underwear