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DAVID ARCHY Men's Dual Pouch Underwear Micro Modal Trunks Separate Pouches with Fly 4 Pack
DAVID ARCHY Men's Dual Pouch Underwear Micro Modal Trunks Separate Pouches with Fly 4 Pack
  • 92% Micro Modal, 8% Spandex
  • Imported
  • Machine washable; Ezy-off tags can be tore off easily by hands
  • Superior underwear for men using patented separate pouch designed to keep a man's personal area comfortably separate resulting in a dry environment all day.
  • Breathable panel allows air to flow freely which reduces sticking problem most men experience usually requiring embarrassing "adjustments."
  • Super soft micro modal material feels cool on the skin and silky to the touch. Equally embraced by athletes who perspire during sport activities and men who must sit for long hours every day.
  • Please search David Archy Separate Pouches Boxer Briefs if you prefer longer leg underwear.
  • Waistband and seams are durable and comfortable so you don't experience scratching or pulling. Optimizes men's personal area for a fresher, healthier feeling and overall well-being.
Men's Micro Modal Two Pouch Underwear

Luxury MicroModal Fabric

With super smooth and soft MicroModal fabric, the underwear is ultimate lightweight and breathable that you cannot miss.

Try them on, you will never want to wear others.

Stay Cool and Breathable Panel

The window panel construction sustains a dry fresh environment throughout the day and maintains a positive airflow.

Supportive Pouches in Place

The lightweight Micro Modal fabric feels delicate on the skin while holds men's private areas well supported in the right places.

Separate Pouches Boxer Briefs Separate Pouches Trunks
Fabric Micro Modal Micro Modal
Leg Length 6.5 inch 2.5 inch
No Ride Up Leg
Pack Count 3-pack 4-pack
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Package Dimensions: 7.55 x 5.3 x 2.5 inches
  • Date First Available: July 16, 2013
  • ASIN: B00CB77QT8
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #6,145 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry (See Top 100 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry)
    • #5 in Men's Big & Tall Underwear
    • #4 in Men's Trunks Underwear

    First off, this is a positive review. I love this underwear, and you might also, but you should approach this relationship (and any relationship) with your eyes open. So here you go:

    The material is light and comfortable, breathes well, and the underwear is expertly made and fits appropriately. But that’s not why you’re considering them. You’re looking at that “separate pouches” business and the suggestive graphic (or graphic suggestion) and wondering if you are ready to introduce a slightly higher level of complexity into your underworld…

    You are.

    BUT I think there is such a thing as too much subtlety, and David Archy crosses the line in his instructive drawings, so I will be clearer. Only your shaft goes through the hole. Do not stuff the entirety of your junk through the hole. The collection will certainly pass, but there is only one pouch on the other side, and you will have defeated the purpose of this delightful article of clothing. The “separate pouches” in question consist of the usual underwear space (enhanced by differently colored fabric around your gandydancers but essentially what you would have with any underwear) and the aforementioned shaftibule on the other side of that hole. The shaftibule enables David Archy to work in a different fly system as well, but more on that later.

    Usually things work out just by pulling the underwear on. Your shaft is pointing down, the hole is coming up, and there you go, in like Flynn. At first, your frank and beans will call out to each other in alarm, but once reassured that each is still nearby and noticing that they are comfortably held in their respective atria they will settle down. NOW LOOK IN THE MIRROR BEFORE SHOWING ANYONE ELSE, because in all likelihood your days of prancing about the house in your underwear are over, especially if you have older kids. Normal size + shaftibule = HORSE JUNK. My spouse did a double take, gave me an approving nod, and then told me to put on my bathrobe. It’s nothing you won’t see on a Spanish beach, but just know that The Puppetshow is always playing. And frankly, the architecture presumes flaccidity, because, erect, there is nowhere to go but up, leaving you looking like a nocked bow and arrow with nothing to do but shout, “LOOSE!” as you leap upon your partner who will be helpless with laughter anyway.

    Getting back to the fly. David Archy has chosen a horizontal system that is basically a hood that you pull up and off to relieve yourself and down and over once done. It works really well, but this may be strangely evocative of pop culture archetypes depending on your personality and experience. In my case the first unhooding thought was, “You will bring Captain Solo and the Wookie to me.” This phrase was murmured several times to a variety of urinal stand-ins for Jabba the Hutt. But as the days wore on, I found more and more that I could only think of a scene where the kidnappers yank off the hood of the prisoner to reveal him tied to a chair in an empty warehouse with no help in sight. Especially with the black underwear. My vantage point put me in the shoes of the abductors, and I started to mutter appropriate kidnapping quips with each unhooding. Then I realized that I could be the rescuer just as well as the abductor and instead of shouting, “Western Dog!” or “Your father will pay handsomely for your release!” could say in a reassuring tone, “You’re safe now.” Which I think is easier for the other restroom patrons to hear.

    So run, don’t walk, to buy this underwear. It will become your new favorite while stimulating centers of your brain that have long lain dormant and enriching your inner life multiple times a day. That’s a pretty good deal.

    Let us begin by saying that these underwears have taught me the true meaning of 'Panty Privilege.' Panty Privilege is the privilege enjoyed by those living in cold places. Y'all up in the north have panty privilege. You can buy ten pairs of heavy cotton for ten bucks and call it a day. If I wear those cheap heavy cottons down here in TEXAS, I get a medical condition I call "Sous-Vide Crotch."
    Do I need to explain "Sous-Vide Crotch?" It's hot in Texas. Hot, and humid. And, see, a man's body, in certain regions, is built like if you sealed a couple of steaks in plastic wrap and pressed them between two pork chops in a steam bath. It's not a good scene.
    In Texas, you can't get cheap underwear. You gotta spring for the good stuff, with moisture wicking fabric and the space-age designs. It's expensive! Y'all can buy whatever with your northern privilege, but I gotta put myself in debt for my underwear. It's not fair! That's Panty Privilege.

    But oh, MAN, is it WORTH IT.
    These undies are the bomb. Yo.
    First of all, this material sucks moisture away from my ____ like my old girlfriend _____ used to do in the back seat of my dad's ______ down at _______. We would park behind the _____ and she would ______ my _______for like _____ hours, and let me tell YOU, when _____ was done I was moisture-FREE. It's was like the California desert down there, and I'm happy to report, it's like the California desert down there TODAY: It's dry, it's beautiful in an austere kinda way, and if you're lucky, you might find some drugs buried in the sand.

    But let's talk design.
    I'm a 'yank it over' man when it comes to pee-time. The fly on conventional underwear just...doesn't work. It's like that scene in Entrapment where Catherine Zeta-Jones has to maneuver her butt around a bunch of lasers to go pee. (In this scenario, my _____ is Catherine Zeta-Jones' butt.) I learned a long time ago that it was better to go "over the top," if you will. Less chance of "Kessel ____," as the doctors call it. (It's caused by excessive twisting and turning.)
    The fly on THESE undies is like the scene in Doctor Strange where he uses those sparky orange portals to get from place to place. Like, oh, time to pee? BRZAAMP! Let's go, Wong!
    My partner LOVES the fly on these things. It's like a pop-up book for grown-up times. "Pull tab for ____."
    This fly is so easy I play with it for fun. I don't mean, like, '13-year-old-locked-in-the-'bathroom-fun." I mean like, "the-first-time-you-had-a-car-with-power-windows" kinda fun. SUPER entertaining.
    Now, it's going to be hard to describe the fly in these things without talking dirty, but gosh darn it I'm gonna do my best...PEN–no, that's wrong...
    These undies have a pouch for your...kumquats. Your kumquats get their own STUDIO APARTMENT. A STUDIO APARTMENT that KEEPS THEM from STICKING to your INNER THIGH. Do you guys shave your kumquats? I like, trim my kumquats. You know how sometimes well-shorn kumquats kinda meld into your flesh like in John Carpenter's The Thing? These undies will keep your well-shorn kumquats from melding into the flesh of your thigh like in John Carpenter's The Thing. They're great.

    On top of the studio apartment for your kumquats, these undies feature a SECOND pouch SOLELY INTENDED for your...overworked office drone. (If you get my drift.) NOW. Have you ever seen those sleeper-tubes they have for overworked office-drones? They're big in the version of Tokyo you see on the internet. It's a bed in a tube! Comfort and convenience comingled! These undies have a SLEEPER TUBE for your OVERWORKED OFFICE DRONE. What you do is, you hoist your overworked office-drone over your kumquat's studio apartment and stuff him into the sleeper tube. AND HE JUST CHILLS. He's surrounded by moisture-wicking cloth, he doesn't get stuck to anything, it's super-comfy. Kinda weird if he...wakes up. BUT THEN YOU GET TO USE THE WONDER-FLY.

    Let's talk more about the fly. The fly is HORIZONTAL. It's just like, a portcullis. A door you raise to let the overworked office-drone out for battle. Except now he's not an overworked office-drone anymore. Now he's a KNIGHT. He's a KNIGHT because he's just chillin' in his sleeper tube, and then you just pull up the curtain and KA-POW! It's brave Sir Wong, tumescent Knight of the Kumquat Table!

    All jokes aside, (nope,) if you want something that will make your meat and potatoes look like a feast, if you want something that'll make your bait and tackle look like a long-line fishing trawler, if you want something that'll make your arm and hammer look like THOR ODINSON'S arm and hammer, get these undies. They are very comfortable on your penis and testicles.

    PS: They come with instructions. DETAILED instructions. SUPER-DETAILED instructions on which leg goes where, first leg, second leg and...third leg. If you catch my drift.
    (They come with detailed and explicit instructions where to put your penis and it is glorious.)

    I googled " most comfortable mens boxer shorts " as I wanted a new underwear wardrobe having worm CK's for years.
    I have purchased the top 5 comfortable boxer shorts. All were a mixture of cotton, bamboo, lycra between 5 and 10 % and all claimed they were dry, no ride up, no chaffing etc etc blah blah blah. All were pretty good for half a day and then you knew you were wearing them in one way or another.
    Then I spotted these and really thought long and hard about spending £35 on 4 pairs of lets face it cotton boxers. Infact I had them in my Amazon basket for 6 weeks hoping that these other boxer shorts I had purchased needed bedding in and that I would have to purchase these over priced American gimmick.
    I have now got 16 pairs, enough to go on holiday for 2 weeks with and leaving 2 pairs at home for when i return !!!! I have sent the other top 5 greatest boxer of all time back with different faults, stitching, shrinking, etc.
    These are without a doubt the most comfortable underwear I have ever worn. You forget you're wearing anything. They don't ride up at all because everything is separated. Your ball and chain wont ever get stuck together, or stuck on your leg.... ever.... I cannot rank these high enough.....

    For first time users it will take some getting used to but you notice a huge difference as soon as you put them on in terms of comfort, especially if you have been using Hanes or Fruit of the Loom. The separation compartment is what makes these stand out for me. Anyone with skin irritations whether with sweat or other conditions will be very happy with the outcome of these Underwear. It almost feels like you are not wearing anything. Having said that, they are not without issues but the pros out weigh the cons for me. These Underwear do ride up your legs and can create some discomfort if you are aware that they ride up, because the material is so comfortable all around it wasn't like they bunch up into an irritant. But they do ride up. Perhaps if David Archy made a longer leg they could avoid this from happening. The fly opening is perfect! No fusing with manipulating or contorting your body in order to free Willie, just lift the flap and you take care of business. To compare with a much more expensive brand, Tommy John, they too are comfy but don't have the kind of separation or fly opening as these ones do. But price is a factor and being Canadian and getting Tommy John to my door was just an expensive ordeal. Compared to what is out on the market today and available to Canadians, these Underwear are the best. I will definitely buy these again and hope they can come up with a longer leg to help avoid the ride up. Then these will ultimately be the perfect men's Underwear.

    Really very comfortable.

    Nice fabric and fit but the "pouch" is open on the bottom to the outside, so your junk will fall out the bottom multiple times a day and rub against your pan zipper. I dont know why they thought that putting a large opening in the pouch was needed unless they were designing these for strippers who need a fast way to fling their junk out hands free.

    These are the most comfortable underware iv ever had!
    The separate pouch for the penis had me slightly worried about having an obnoxiously huge buldge sticking out because without pants on it makes it look like an elephant trunk hanging there but once you put pants on the buldge just sits nice and normal. Maybe slightly bigger than traditional boxer breifs but the girls like to look so why not!
    Overall I love the look and feel and will most likely never wear my hanes or fruit of the loom boxer briefs again. I will also be looking for long John's in this style.
    Absolutely worth every penny. Also the claim of wedgie free is true. They fit snug and very shaped to your buns but in a very comfortable way almost feels like your commando but with very comfortable support everywhere you would want it!! Now I'm just curious how long they will last. The material feels stronger than my usual brands.

    These are awesome. I'm trying to reduce my temperature to mitigate some fertility issues due to a Varicocele and I believe these are helping considerably. I've only been wearing them for a few days now, but I find them quite a lot more comfortable than the classic approach. They came in 4 little boxes and I gave one to my dad who after a day ordered about 16 pairs of these. I find the price to be quite excellent and I've since returned to order enough to always be wearing a pair. I think most fellas should consider giving these a whirl.

    If there is one legit issue with these trunks it is that the legs ride up. Other than that, these look and feel great.The separate pouches feel fantastic
    and work as they are intended to- provided your goods are warm. These will be my go to underwear in warm/hot weather, but when it's -35 on the
    Canadian prairies, "shrinkage " kicks in and the pouches become almost useless. They are great underwear for sleeping in and my wife likes {what she calls} the easy access flap.

    The most comfy underwear I tried. Silky smooth and the design of the front touch just holds your johnny in place. The convenience of the front flap allows you to urinate without lowing the underwear or pinching any part of your johnny that may cause an off-aim and clean up.

    Fairly durable it seems, although the material isn't as thick as I imagined. Went through several washes OK without discoloring or deformation. Will keep observing on that one.

    Conclusion: worth buying and I bought another 4 after a few weeks.

    This is my second purchase of these. Very happy with them as they comfortly keep the boys where they belong. No more sticking to my legs and no more sitting on them! I purchased the large size as I'm a 35-36 waist and average build. The mediums I purchased last time were too small. I definitely recommend thsee underwear and will purchase them again.

    These are comfortable underwear, however after one day of wearing them I’ve noticed a very annoying design flaw. As others have mentioned, the fly lap is located in an area where everything can eventually work it’s way out after walking or running. I’m not sure how people that have given this five stars have avoided this issue.

    I bought these after seeing a few advertisements and reading some reviews. The reviews I read were relatively mixed. They seemed pretty evenly split between negative and positive. I figured I’d give them a try.

    I’m usually a boxer briefs or trunks kinda guy. But these are incredible. Everything has a place, and it stays where you put it.

    I love the testicle support in the lower pouch, and the unrestrictive fabric in the front. It doesn’t even feel like you’re wearing underwear, yet, nothing is flopping around. The material is smooth, stretchy, and comfortable when things get warm. I move around a lot, and tend to heat up, but had zero discomfort, itchiness, or awkward adjusting.

    There is easy access by lifting the front flap - no weird holes in the front you gotta fumble with like conventional underwear or boxer briefs.

    Definitely worth it. I won’t be buying any other kind of underwear. These are amazing, and so comfortable, they feel like they are barely even there.

    I will add - some of the negative reviews indicated that they were having a hard time keeping their penis in its compartment. I wouldn’t recommend these if you are on the “shorter” side of things. It may not reach deep enough into the compartment, and pull back into the underwear - defeating the purpose.

    My boyfriend thought they were weird when I showed them to him at first, but he loves them. They come really nicely packaged, which (sad as it sounds) made me feel a bit better about how much they cost. They're breathable, comfortable and fit well apparently. From the laundry side of life they're great. They haven't shrunk or anything

    I was intrigued by their pouch design, and found the price reasonable enough to take a chance.
    And while the fit in the crotch proved to be quite good, I was disappointed by the short length of the legs... They ride up quite often and I find myself frequently adjusting.

    Overall, it's a "good" product. But it could easily be a GREAT product if they provided more length in the legs and perhaps a wider elastic waist band.

    Wow ! Took me a while to get used to these but now I just love them. The fabric is incredibly soft and the opening at the front is so useful when using the urinals. You should definitely buy more than one box.

    Husband loves the separate pouches!

    This style that comes in the 4 pack had shorter legs that ride up a bit. He's not a fan of that. 4 stars

    The other 3 pack I got has longer legs and he thinks those are the perfect fit. 5 Starts