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Fruit of the Loom Mens 4-Pack Breathable Micro Mesh Assorted Color Brief
Fruit of the Loom Mens 4-Pack Breathable Micro Mesh Assorted Color Brief
  • 93% Polyester, 7% Spandex
  • Imported
  • 0.7" high
  • 14" wide
  • Contoured Pouch for Extra Support
  • 1.5" Comfort Waistband
  • Tag Free

Stay comfortable throughout the day when you wear Fruit of the Loom Mens Breathable Lightweight Micro-Mesh Briefs. This lightweight wicking fabric will allow you to stay cool and comfortable all day. The underwear features lightweight breathable mesh fabric that provides optimal air flow to prevent you from getting hot. This underwear also includes moisture wicking technology that distributes sweat away from the skin, keeping you dry throughout the day. This underwear has flat seams and a comfort waistband that does not pinch or bind. These benefits are carefully thought of with you in mind provide you all day comfort. A contoured pouch gives you extra support - making this underwear perfect for work to workout. The Breathable program is available in sizes small through XL in a variety of colors.

  • Product Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 0.7 inches
  • Item model number: FTL-BW4P469
  • Date First Available: May 9, 2018
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #25,963 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry (See Top 100 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry)
    • #57 in Men's Underwear Briefs
    • #6767 in Men's Shops

    If you are looking at these briefs on Amazon, you will notice that you have two options, "assorted" and "clear." They are priced differently. They are also different products even though the description for both stays the same on the site.
    The "assorted" Fruit of the Loom briefs (Pakistan) are (at the time of this review) $6.51 cheaper than the "clear." They have a flap opening and the material is a tad thicker than the "clear" version. The material is also totally different. The "assorted" is 91% cotton, 5% polyester, and 4% spandex. The weave is heavier, but with the porous nature of the material it is not hot to wear. They do not wick as well as the "clear".
    The "clear" version (pictured in the Amazon ad, and made in Vietnam) has no flap. They are 92% polyester and 7% spandex. These wick much better, are not quite as soft as the "assorted;" they are cooler for exercising.
    Fruit of the Loom needs someone in marketing to fix the names because "assorted" doesn't mean anything when both versions come in color assortments, and "clear" is not descriptive of the polyester version.
    Sum: I prefer the "clear" for exercise and the "assorted" for general wear.
    Both are 5 stars for design and comfort with the "clear" added for wicking.

    Do not buy from throop supply. these are my favorite underwear and I always buy the same set. I've never had this happen before but only one of them was actually my size and the rest of the package was just an assortment of random sizes. Check that you're buying from Amazon directly and don't deal with this company.

    While they indicate “Breathable” Micro-Mesh Briefs, please be aware that, all things being equal, that these synthetic (93% Polyester / 7% Spandex) briefs will trap more body heat in than conventional all cotton briefs. This is due to the fact that they are made with two layers of fabric in the front, and one layer of fabric in the back. This could work out well if you have to be outdoors in the winter and can use the extra warmth. You may not want this during the torrid Tampa summers.

    Additionally, I like the fact that they are tag-free, machine washable (cold), and available in four colors, although the colors you get may not necessarily be the same as those pictured. The 1-1/2” Comfort Waistband is about as perfect depth (width) size as you can get for an average six foot tall man. The brand name Fruit of the Loom is embossed into the waistband, but this is accomplished in a very low-key and conservative fashion, for those of us who don't necessarily like advertising on the waistband.

    What makes this particular product unique is the design of the Contoured Pouch for Extra Support. While it may not appear to be obvious in the product photography, there are three vertical bands of reinforced fabric trim on two layers of fabric, which very effectively mimic the soft knit pouch of a conventional jock strap. Therefore, while it would be untrue to say that these briefs will provide exactly the same amount of support as a conventional jock, the support that they do in fact provide is pretty darn close. Much more support than what you would ordinarily find in a standard pair of men's briefs, regardless of the fabric content.

    Since we had absolutely no way of being able to guesstimate the size on these garments, we decided to purchase one package of each Smalls, Mediums and Large. Good thing we did, because each size fits me very differently. The small size provides the most support, they are quite comfortable, but may not cover completely. The medium size corrects this problem, but may not provide quite as much support as the small size. The large size, is by far the most comfortable of the three sizes. It would be the most suitable for long car trips or for business meetings – in short – any situation where you must remain seated for long lengths of time. But the large size also did not provide anything in the way of support, so.

    The take away is that if the want the most support, and are willing to give up a little comfort in obtaining thus, wear the small size. Conversely, if all you want is comfort, and don't need any support, then you definitely want to go with the large. Choosing the medium should (theoretically) provide the best of both worlds.

    Okay, now when we talk about quote-unquote “support”, well – support is relative. Will any of these Fruit of the Loom briefs provide you with the exact same support that you would come to expect from, say, a Safe-T-Gard jock strap? Well, no. But if all you are going to do is go fishing or go bowling or play tennis or play golf, chances are, they will provide you with enough protection. On the other hand, if you are planning on setting any world records any time soon, then you should definitely go with the old-fashioned, tried-and-true jock strap.

    Nota Bene: Some folks accuse me of obsessing. When it comes to my “equipment”, well let's just say I'd rather be safe than sorry. I've personally know too many guys who had to suffer through hernias, that's not for me thanks.

    ( fin )

    MY spouse loved these for our travels, b/c they are quite similar to his normal wear, but made of a very soft, comfortable, breathable, and early dry-able fabric. I don't see how these can go wrong! love them!

    Contacted Amazon customer service since the package was open and only contained 2 (vs. 4 pairs), a third pair was loose in the box. No forth pair received. Excellent interface with customer service suggested they replace the order. The product appears great and fits as expected.

    I like these briefs so far. They fit snuggly, but are very comfortable. I thought I would never buy underwear without a fly, but decided to try these out. Good colors and good quality!

    I don't know if they ran out of the orange packaged colors but I ordered that and got the turquoise color pack instead... they fit great, feel great and I like them but would have liked more colors.

    As I have gotten older, support seems to be a more important consideration than any other. Underwear with a "pouch" such as these are definitely better for me than the typical men's tighty-whities. The fit was nearly perfect for me albeit very slightly on the smaller size. I also find that cotton is not the best material for underwear as it loses any supportive characteristics as the day wears on and becomes like old style boxers which offer no support.
    The price is right also, in these days of ridiculously priced underwear.

    Félicitation, pour la rapidité de livraison et de l'exactitude de la commande. C'est le seul endroit où je peux avoir ce produit, il ne se vend plus à Québec, donc je suis très content d'avoir pu trouver ce produit.

    quedan súper!!!!

    They were perfect fit cool and comfortable

    Muy cómodos