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Calvin Klein Men's Underwear Body Modal Boxer Briefs
Calvin Klein Men's Underwear Body Modal Boxer Briefs
  • 69% Nylon, 31% Elastane
  • Imported
  • Pull On closure
  • Machine wash cool, do not bleach. Tumble dry extra low or lay flat to dry. Wash dark colors separately. Do not dry clean.
  • 90 percent Modal, 10 percent Lycra spandex
  • Pouch Front
  • Machine Washable
  • Imported

Calvin Klein microfiber boxer briefs provide a sleek fit, closer to the body. Logo lettering at the elastic waistband. Contour pouch and no fly.

  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Product Dimensions: 5 x 7 x 1 inches
  • Item model number: U5555G
  • Date First Available: December 21, 2002
  • ASIN: B000FE5LCI
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #9,794 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry (See Top 100 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry)
    • #83 in Men's Boxer Briefs
    • #2594 in Men's Shops

    I've bought quite a few pairs of these over the past several years from Amazon. Thought they were pretty good until they started prematurely falling apart. Upon closer inspection, these are absolute fakes. I feel like a sucker, but the best I can do is warn others at this point.

    I've tried many boxer briefs and this Modal is my favorite. Lightweight and exceptionally breathable (great for hotter weather), stretchy with medium snugness (not loose, not tight), and amazingly soft (much better than cotton), with a very comfortable microfiber waistband. I barely know that I'm wearing them, which to me is the best sign of a quality brief. I believe the secret is in the 92% modal fabric (a type of rayon that has some remarkable inherent qualities and advantages over other materials). Here are comparisons with other boxer briefs that I own:

    vs. ExOfficio GiveNGo:
    The ExOfficio has a slightly looser, less snug fit. It also had a big durability issue for me. Prior to washing (straight out of the box), I wore the ExOfficios in some regular jeans while doing some outdoor work, with lots of crouching. Because of the normal abrasion of the jeans on the briefs, the ExOfficio's mesh-like material frayed severely in multiple places. The Modal in comparison has a tighter woven, stronger, non-mesh fabric. Also, after a few washes, I've noticed that the ExOfficio has lost much of its initial softness.

    vs. Calvin Klein Steel Micro:
    The material is just as soft (maybe more so) as the Modal but a little heavier. It is more form fitting and snug and actually keeps things in place better than the Modal (which can have a slightly baggy appearance around the crotch). Very flattering smooth fit. Extremely comfortable and a little more durable as it is a bit thicker and more densely woven than the Modal (the fabric is also different -- a 89% nylon that Calvin Klein describes as a "steel microfiber"). Because of this though, it doesn't breathe as well. Another minor drawback is the big dramatic waistband, which can fold over easily accidentally because it is so wide. The Modal is noticeably cooler to wear in the warmer months (as is much more breathable), but the Steel Micro is my favorite brief for the colder months.

    vs. Calvin Klein Micro (or "CK One Micro"):
    This lightweight brief is more snug and form fitting than all other Calvin Klein models I've tried. It is quite comfortable and makes the Modal seems almost loose in comparison. They might be a tad too tight however. It's 89% nylon and soft but it's breathability is a bit less than the Modal. Also, after about a dozen washes, the fabric formed some minor pilling (little balls of fabric that stick to the brief) on the interior, mainly around the crotch area where the fabric is thicker.

    vs. Calvin Klein Microfiber Stretch:
    These polyester microfiber briefs have an odd feel, like compression shorts. The fabric is very different -- it's shiny, quite slippery, and feels strange next to normal jeans or shorts. They are cheaper, but in my opinion are best suited for athletic uses. Note that the Modal is just as lightweight and stretchy as these.

    vs. Calvin Klein Cotton Stretch Boxer Brief (3-pack):
    The softness on this brief doesn't remotely compare to the Modal. Despite being all cotton, they are surprisingly rough. They are also a tad heavy and constricting. They don't breathe that well. The "stretch" is also fairly pathetic; they are too tight and aren't nearly as forgiving as the Modal. Also, the waistband is awful -- it's on the tight side, and the fabric is extremely rough and irritating. They are much cheaper, but the Modal is on a whole different level of quality.

    vs. any cheap 100% cotton boxer briefs (including Calvin Klein models):
    Don't do it! They are cheap for a reason. Of the many that I've tried and owned, none are as soft as this Modal, plus cotton tends to be heavy and doesn't do well in warmer weather (once you start sweating, they don't dry out easily and then it feels like you are wearing a diaper). Also, if they aren't the stretchy kind, they tend to be excessively baggy in the crotch area (to accommodate different sizes). Spend the extra $ for a more flattering and comfortable fit.

    vs. trunks, and the ride-up factor:
    I recommend staying away from trunks, as their short length makes them prone to ride-up. The Modal has little to no ride-up, as is typical of most boxer briefs. Note that the Modal it is not super snug though, so the fabric can move around a *little* bit.

    I've owned this Modal for a while and for the most part, they are still like new. If they become looser with time, it is slight; in fact, I have one that is two years old and another I just purchased, and it is hard to tell them apart. I wash mine in cold water and line dry because I'm extra careful, but that probably isn't necessary (warm water and low dryer heat should suffice). Remarkably, there are still as soft as ever and have retained their color and shape after countless washes (these are typical qualities of the modal fabric). There has never been any fraying or pilling. Durability is very good, though one of the five I own one did develop a 1/4" hole in the back (but hasn't grown over many months, so I still wear it). Though the fabric is strong, it IS thinner than many other briefs, so it can be vulnerable to tears relative to the heavier briefs.

    Hey guys I just bought these CK from amazon. First thing I notice is that it doesn’t have the extra tags compared to the one I got from Macy’s. I didn’t know if that meant the one I got were fake or just a better new design. The next thing I notice is that the Calvin Klein logo name isn’t centered like the modal ones I got from Macy’s. Aside from that it’s fits very comfy.

    I attached some pics

    The two black ones are the ones I got from amazon notice how the Calvin Klein logo isn’t in the center while the mink one is the one I got from Macy’s and the logo is centered. If you mind not having it in the center then I suggest buying this else where

    I’m a fan of nice underwear, I’ve gotten some trunks from Calvin that were like the cheapest thing that I could find and I really liked how they felt so I saw these and thought it was a worth while purchase but when I got them I was kind of surprised of how loose the material felt and how stretchy it felt because of how thin it was, it’s feels like you are going to ruin them or rip them when you pull on them and then when I put them on they were very loose but not in they waist in everything else, if seemed like boxers to me almost, granted I am a very small guy, I just got my hopes up and spent way too much money

    This underwear is very comfortable and it is a great price in comparison to more expensive Saxx options. My only complaint is that if you run or walk for a long period of time in these, they tend to ride up your legs and you need to pull them back down for maximum comfort. This could be due to my legs being larger/thicker than normal as I typically experience leg chaffing (chub rub) unless I am wearing athletic compression shorts. This underwear will prevent the chaffing until they start to ride up. It is not unbearable but it does feel uncomfortable enough to notice. I personally would not run more than a mile or two in these.

    One poster dinged these boxers for the band digging into him. If one has done lopped over I can see that as a possible irritation, otherwise the band is built stronger than others in the line, may last longer, and the briefs are quite comfortable. This is my first foray into high-end underware and I ain't goin back. I bought a couple pair, same brand/style, with the standard waist band and can't tell the difference in how they feel, which is luxurious.

    Coming from the pure cotton, this is SUCH an upgrade. Modal versions a lot lighter than the cotton, I thought I would find that off putting initially and they'd fall apart quicker. Both of my assumptions were entirely wrong. They fit closer than cotton, which is entirely offset by how light and soft they are; super comfortable. One of the cotton ones I own ripped by the band in the same timeframe I've owned them.

    Feeling spoiled, wearing anything but these has become uncomfortable. Most Calvin Klien goes on sale often here, these specifically went for $15/3 at the time. Investing in comfort like this though is a genuinely important thing I feel, akin to buying a good chair for work or finally getting a truly good bed. If you can afford it, or catch the sale, please do it.

    Hate to sound like a bot review but I wish I bought more than 2.

    I've worn exclusively Calvin Klein briefs for the past several years, but this is my first set of modal ones and I absolutely love them. They're incredibly soft and breathable, by far the most comfortable briefs I've worn. If you're considering these over a different Calvin Klein material definitely go for them, they're worth it.

    One or two wears and washes and these very expensive underpants had already begun to bobble. Really not worth the money.

    Bought as Xmas present so will let you know

    En sí la tela y el ajuste me agrada, pero parece que no son originales. Los envían en una bolsa de celofán solamente y con una etiqueta diferente a la de las que he comprado antes. En la segunda foto pongo de referencia otro de los que he comprado en tiendas y este.

    Hasta ahorita estoy muy satisfecho con la compra, he visto reseñas de que dudan si es original ya que no lo envían en su paquete de cartón solo lo envían en una bolsa. Yo la verdad no sé si sea original pero por el precio que pague está bastante bien.

    feels very comfortable, except for the giant tags on each of them that you will have to remove.
    these tags aren’t the easiest to remove either. you really have to be real careful not to pull the threads out of the actual underwear.

    These boxers are so comfortable and feels pretty nice on the skin. And it’s so light that it doesn’t even feel like you have anything on. I can’t see myself going back to regular cotton boxers after getting these modal ones. I definitely recommend these ones, especially if you can get them on sale.

    Exceedingly comfortable the first time I wore it but after the first wash, it started tearing at the crotch seam. Not something I'd expect given the price and reviews.

    If it were more durable I could justify the price but the fact that it's breaking after a single wash and pretty light usage is crap.

    These are what I've been looking for my whole life. Washed them first without problems and they are perfect.

    A little bit of fabric rubs off after a while.

    Great feel to the module material. Only question is the durability.

    Excelente producto y en la entrega de tiempo fue en el tiempo acordado

    Got there for a steal. Wish I bought more!

    J'adore c'est boxer et super stretch et matériaux de qualité

    Great fit and lightning deal price

    extremely comfortable, and the material is very soft .