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Calvin Klein Men's Cotton Classics Multipack V Neck T-Shirts
Calvin Klein Men's Cotton Classics Multipack V Neck T-Shirts
  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Pull On closure
  • Machine Wash
  • Cotton undershirts v neck multipack featuring Calvin Klein logo on the left hem
  • Soft and breathable cotton
  • Tagless for comfort

Cotton undershirts v neck multipack, classic fit with no tags for comfort. Made of soft, breathable, durable cotton iconic Calvin Klein logo at left hem. 3-pack.

  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Product Dimensions: 12 x 2 x 12 inches
  • Item model number: M4065
  • Date First Available: August 15, 2014
  • ASIN: B00JQRQ07U
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #2,423 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry (See Top 100 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry)
    • #22 in Men's Undershirts
    • #676 in Men's Shops

    This review is long overdue. It’s coming from someone who has worn these as undershirts or lounging around shirts nearly every day for at least the last 15 years.

    These used to be awesome shirts, primarily because they were made in Egypt and of Egyptian cotton. They felt great from the get go and became even more comfortable over time with repeated washings. The quality and longevity was excellent. I often lament not stocking up on those old CK shirts when they were available. It was pretty much the best undershirt money could buy, and fairly reasonably priced, retailing at about $36-$40 for a 3-pack.

    Flash forward from then to a few years ago, much has changed, all of it for the worse. First and foremost, the shirts are no longer made of Egyptian cotton but are instead made in Bangladesh or Haiti out of far inferior cotton. Secondly, the silk-screened text below the collar chips off after a few washes. Thirdly, the collar itself is narrow and flimsy, and it gets mangled up after the first few washes. Due to that, these are now only useable as undershirts, unless you don’t mind walking around with mangled collars. The sewing of the collar to the garment has also been drastically cheapened. The Egyptian shirt collars were wide, attractive, of excellent quality, double-stitched to the shirt and never got mangled, even after many years of wear and washings. The cost has remained roughly the same as the Egyptian shirts. For whatever it’s worth, the consensus seems to be that the Bangladesh shirts are of better quality than the Haitian ones. I’ve bought these from Amazon a few times over the last year or so and have always gotten the Bangladesh ones.

    Why do I still buy these shirts at all? Because, unfortunately, they’re still more comfortable than Hanes, Jockey and seemingly most other of the usual suspects. Better undershirts are surely available if one is willing to spend at least $30/shirt and possibly a lot more, which I am not.

    Why did CK ruin this iconic garment that let them figuratively print money? I can say almost for sure it’s because some complete (insert your favorite insult) senior executive realized that they could compromise the garment quality drastically while still remaining better than the competition. Unfortunately, I cannot deny that that is a correct realization. Consequently, they were able to keep the price the same while drastically cutting their manufacturing cost. Most consumers will be ignorant to all of the above, and the few who aren’t, will quickly realize that this shirt is still a competitive and reasonable option, despite the drastic downgrade for the same price.

    CK, I’m calling you out. If I’ve misstated anything above and you are not, in fact, a shamefully greedy bunch of frauds who screwed over your loyal patrons and ruined the best mass-market undershirt ever created for a cause no more honorable than further enriching your already embarrasingly flush pockets, I enthusiastically invite you to respond to this review and set the record straight.

    Don't buy this product. It is not Authentic. If It was not made in Haiti, don't buy it. I have worn these for many years, and normally love them. I usually buy them from the Calvin Klein Outlet, department stores, Nordstrom Racks, etc.
    The material is very thin, not like the original ones. It didn't fit right, and was snug. I'm returning it.
    I read a review before that said if it was from Indonesia, it is not the authentic one.
    Even the tag on it was different, and it had a Calvin Klein label on the front bottom that the authentic ones don't have.
    I guess I will have to go to the department store and buy them.

    I purchased two sets of these shirts, one set in Nov 2014 and one in Apr 2015. The first set was made in Haiti and, after nearly 11 months, has experienced only slight shrinkage and the shirts are showing their wear with one beginning to separate at the collar. The second set which was made in Bangladesh, after nearly 6 months, still fits and looks like new and has not shrunk at all. Both are very comfortable. Note: I wash my t-shirts with an HE detergent at a setting of Warm/Cold.

    Over the last few years I have bought a lot of shirts that have been made in many countries. In my experience the best material, fit, and overall quality has been with those made in Thailand, Vietnam, and Bangladesh. The worst have come from Haiti and India. I have also had good luck with those made in Mexico and Central America.

    Looking at the reviews for these shirts I tend to believe the different experiences are related to the origin of the shirts. I will order more and, if they are from a country that I have had poor success with, I will return them. I would do the same buying at a physical store.

    Bottom line: CK makes good shirts but the level of quality is dependent on where they are actually made for CK.

    I hope this is helpful to others.

    UPDATE: These are not the same t-shirts sold. They all shrunk on the first wash and I can barely put them on anymore. I'd like to return them but I missed the return window.

    AGAIN.. STEER CLEAR. these are very tight shirts after the first wash, more like a medium.

    I bought these a few years back from the same seller and the new ones are different. I like them more. a more silky feel to them. same great fit, and with a calvin klein graphic on the lower left of the shirt. No tags to scratch your back. Nice low cut so the shirt doesn't show when you're wearing a button down shirt (I find it tacky to have an undershirt showing with a button down shirt). I primarily use an undershirt to capture sweat so it doesn't dirty my work shirts and I get more uses out of work shirts between washes. In my opinion white shirts have a shorter lifespan due to looking off white while black seems to only fade a bit with time.

    The new fabric is more polyester blend over their older more cotton blend. Time will tell on how these will age. They went up a couple bucks in price per shirt as well.

    I almost got fruit of the loom tshirts this time around. so glad I cancelled that order. These fit great and I think they'll last longer so it's worth a couple bucks more per shirt. I'm the kind of guy that finds a fit and style I like.. then I load up. I get a ton of these as well as carhart black socks.. they are the best socks in my opinion to buy in bulk hahah tip from me to you.. these two items go really good together for a muted undershirt wardrope.. now If I could just find black underwear that fits well..

    I ordered a dozen of these undershirts. First six (after several washes) the name Calvin Klein on the front just above the hem fell right off. Before that happened I ordered the second six. They arrived with 3 very long tags (exactly the same) stitched into the lower seam just above the hem. They curled up and were very scratchy. Weird because it actually had a dotted line with a picture of a scissors showing to cut them off. Very disappointed in the quality. Shame on the Calvin Klein company for putting their name on such shoddy quality.

    Fantastic value

    I usually buy from store, but the sizes I got were far too large

    Love it

    Las mejores camisetas que he comprado.

    Súper cómodas, la tela se siente genial y quedan algo pegadas al cuerpo (como "slim fit").

    Si eres como yo y las usas TODOS los días, sí vale la pena pagar más por este tipo de camisetas.

    Excelente calidad de algodón 100%, en cuanto a la talla una Mediana en Mexico seria grande, así que si sueles pedir mediana en esta ocasión pidete una Small, excelente para el gym, dormir o incluso usarlas como si fueran playera normal.

    Pecho, hombros y ajuste a la cintura correctos. Ya había comprado la marca antes en tienda física, por lo que tenia una idea de qué esperar. Sin embargo la información en la tabla de tallas me ayudó a tener una mejor idea para estar seguro de la talla. Repito... Pecho, hombros y ajuste a la cintura correctos, pero es muy larga, para mi gusto. Sin embargo, la volveria a comprar.

    Como varios dicen son más largas y anchas que las tallas normales pero quedan muy bien; yo me acostumbré a ese calce con la ropa de los 90s (menos ajustada). Sirve perfectamente para usarse de diario, el color y la tela tienen muy buena calidad. Tienen discretamente el logro de calvin klein en la parte inferior izquierda lo cual está bastante padre. El paquete de tres es realmente una ganga.

    They were a stocking stuffer for my eldest son this past Christmas/2019.

    They're soft to touch, breathable,are true to size, wash and dry perfectly and hold up well, good job Calvin Klein.

    I'd recommend them as well as buy them again.