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Fruit of the Loom Men's No Ride Up Boxer Brief
Fruit of the Loom Men's No Ride Up Boxer Brief
  • Solids/Prints: 100% Cotton; Heather: 90% Cotton, 10% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Pull On closure
  • Machine Wash
  • 5 Pack
  • Soft, Fabric Covered Waistband
  • Legs Don't Ride Up

Fruit of the Loom cooling long leg men's boxer briefs take your favorite everyday underwear to the next level. These boxer briefs are made with a mesh fly that provides ventilation and support right where you need it. With no-ride up legs and strategically placed breathable mesh, our cooling boxer briefs will keep you cool and comfortable all day. Each pair features dual defense technology, designed to help keep you dry and fresh.

  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Product Dimensions: 13 x 8 x 1 inches
  • Item model number: 5CBB001
  • Date First Available: April 5, 2014
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #3,228 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry (See Top 100 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry)
    • #29 in Men's Boxer Briefs
    • #894 in Men's Shops

    Absolutely beautiful nude pink color I'm in love very easy to use as well I used kiara sky medium pink and I used revel nail in bubbly for my accent nails and the end result is flawless!

    I have used this product 3 times and all 3 times I got very sick... like chest pain, uncontrollable coughs and difficulty breathing.. the 3rd time it hit me that this could not be coincidence and I research if other people are having these issues and I found debates and reviews of people having asthma like attacks after using this brand.

    I had a long conversation with an Amazon representatives and an investigation will be started.. but be aware of this brand..

    So you all know, I have been doing my dip powder nails at the salon (other brands use) for over a year and never had issues. That is why i thought I could do it myself.. but this brand is making people sick.. it made myself sick to the point i was so scare of the asthma attack and had such a difficult time breathing.
    Also please know that I am very healthy, 30 years old, non drinker or smoker, no drug use and I do not have any allergies that I know of... well till now it seems and I don’t even understand what chemicals they can be putting in their product that the profesional salon products are not using..

    This is an extract of someone’s review online:
    Long story short, apparently I’be developed an allergy to the Seal Protect which is the gel resin activator. I’ve found that ASP’s activator has the same effect on me. Like, I can’t breathe anymore having an asthma attack serious. Does anyone else have this reaction? Can I just skip this step and still file and shape? Is there ANY alternative to an activator???

    These used to be my favorite boxer briefs. I just reordered without thinking about it, dependable product. But I just got these ones and they've been ruined. First, the legs are much longer, which I guess is fine, but there's some stitch or seam in the back of one of the legs that will itch you like crazy.

    Secondly, my junk keeps falling out of these things! The front opening barely has any overlap between the two pieces of fabric, so it's constantly opening and can't hold me in. This is really the primary purpose of underwear: keep the naughty bits protected. If you can't do that, I just can't buy these again.

    No, Amazon, I will not add a photo.

    Product arrived on time and as described. Very very light pink, looks very natural. I've had it on for two weeks and it still looks good. Also this is a ligit review i have zero association with them or Amazon.

    My husband has been wearing these for years. They changed the cut to be tighter and longer in the waist and legs. He refuses to wear these new ones. Both in the picture are the same size, older style on the left, new on the right.

    Again... So happy with the results! I can't say I will ever stop using this system! Loving all the colors. I used the Country Chic and love the medium Grey color! I did one accent nail (ring finger) and used Echo (deep burgundy with gold fleck) and as always... got lots of compliments!

    The only complaint I have about this shoe is the arch support should be for thw athletic foot other than that im excited for the next spartan race!!

    Beautiful sparkling, glitter dip powder. I actually used this along with two other Kiara Sky dip powder colors to give myself a manicure last night, and I cannot get enough of the sparkle! I caught myself looking at my hands and wiggling my fingers several times today just admiring the shine. I have ten of the Kiara Sky dip powder colors. I have also tried one other brand, but it is not at all comparable to the KS colors. These powders are so pigmented that they actually look like a gel polish rather than a colored acrylic powder...However they add strength to my natural nail in a way that gel polish never has. I have been a gel snob for the past six years. I never have bare nails unless I have soaked one mani off in preparation for my next mani (done in the same sitting). I have a formidable collection of gel polishes, and I will continue to collect, use, and love them...but these Kiara Sky dip powders are game-changers! I will be adding to my collection over the coming months. Do not hesitate to purchase!

    I should add that I am not a licensed nail tech, but I have done my nails, both of my sisters' nails my daughters' nails, and my mother's nails for six years. I have tried countless products, but few have earned my loyalty. I am definitely feeling like I may be sticking with the KS dip powder brand for all of my dip powder purchases.

    I feel really annoyed about this item. I have been using Coolwater for about 20years and know exactly how it should smell. It is the freshest scent, perfect for work and apart from its freshness, a little goes a long way.
    When this arrived, there was no cellophane around the box - just the cardboard box. When I took the lid off, I could already smell ‘perfume’! Anyone who has ever bought brand new perfume knows, that the smell only comes, once you start pumping it - unless, of course, it has already been used before!
    I sprayed one small spray on my wrist - it smelt stale, weak and within a few minutes had all but disappeared!! Anyone who has ever used coolwater, will know that even the eau de toilette, has such a strong, fresh smell, that even the smallest spray is enough to last for ages!!!
    I cannot tell you how disappointed I was with this. I’m not even that disappointed with the seller - I can understand someone trying to make their money back on a bottle that has already been opened and used by someone else! I am, however, really annoyed with Amazon because this was an Amazon ‘Prime’ product - I have always presumed that the ‘prime’ products, stood for some sort of quality?!!
    Very, very disappointing!

    I am really dissapointed. I am using this product for about 20 years now. I know exactly how it smells when directly applied, and how it smells over the day / days. This is not it.

    First of all: the Bottle was not sealed, as it is normally always the case. Second: when you apply it, it smells rather "cheap" and unpleasant. Third: it is gone alltogether in shortest time. No nice smell in your cloth etc.

    This is scam / fraud. I hope I will get a replacement quickly and/or my money back.

    I resisted these for a long time, being a macho kinda guy who liked to take the Mick out of any man wearing them. However my shoes are taking a beating putting them on and taking them of so much just for a 2 minutes trip to the shed or garage so I started stealing my wife's crocs for convenience.
    As my big old clown feet stretched them she insisted on a new pair and got me some while she was at it and got to say they're comfortable and convenient.
    I'd never be seen wearing them in public and close to £30 is a lot for trips to the garden but considering the savings in broken shoes and trainers they'll probably end up being quite economic

    I put a set of these in my Strat and now it sounds much the same, but ‘more’. The tone didn’t change as such, it was indeed like the difference between singles and buckers in the same guitar. (Which kind of sheds light on those who say you can change the tone of a guitar via pups, which is not true. The guitar always has the same ‘BASIC' tone, but you can enhance that tone making your guitar more playable.)
    So it still sounds like a Strat, YES even when clean, these pups don’t sound flat like regular EMG's, and yet it drives harder and pinches harmonics easier, yes easier to play.
    I wouldn’t try to use them for metal on a Strat though, they are just a bit behind where you need to be, and maybe too fruity. And then I also have them in my LTD EC-1000. Which you could push to a metal sound as it has more sustain, and yet there’s a few fruity nuances in there, again not flat like the 81 85’s. In my mind 81 85 / 81 60 are best for metal.
    All in all I like them ..... but then tone is illusive isn’t it. In my opinion your guitar will always have it’s own basic tone, I had a Squire Strat once that was sweet for no real reason, everyone loved the tone. I sold that and bought a real fender, the one I have now, and it is a good tone, but not as good as the Squire.... My advice? Never upgrade a guitar you don’t like the sound of, all you’ll get is that tone in another voicing.
    And yeah, I put these pups in three different guitars and they all sound different.
    Think of them more as a very hot passive humbucker.

    I am so furious, bought this as a present for my sister, delivered in Italy and found out is a fake!! this is outrageous, is advertised and sold as original, I am so upset that amazon actually allows this!! shame!!!

    These are my first pair of crocs and I was one of those people that have laughed and winced at the thought of owning a pair .. but oh my gosh I have been converted to a croc lover ... just please don't tell anyone