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Calvin Klein Men's Cotton Classics Multipack Briefs
Calvin Klein Men's Cotton Classics Multipack Briefs
  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Pull On closure
  • Machine Wash
  • Calvin Klein Underwear logo engineered elastic waistband
  • Low rise hip brief silhouette and comes in a 4-pack
  • Pure cotton for breathable, effortless comfort

Cotton underwear briefs multipack, classic fit with updated elastic for extra comfortable leg openings and a soft, breathable, durable cotton blend waistband with iconic Calvin Klein logo. 4-pack.

  • Package Dimensions: 7.87 x 5.28 x 2.24 inches
  • Item model number: NP2173O
  • Date First Available: June 1, 2020
  • ASIN: B082TGKT2T
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #2,113 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry (See Top 100 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry)
    • #6 in Men's Underwear Briefs
    • #600 in Men's Shops

    After the quality of Hanes briefs went down so badly (the elastic cracks and loses all elesicity after only a few washings) I was on a hunt for new briefs.
    Years ago, I only bought Calvin Klein briefs and found them to be the best.
    Then, becoming more frugal as time went by, I tried a bunch of cheapies and I found Hanes to be the best of the low priced briefs.
    THEN, Hanes cheapened the elastic SO badly that I had to throw away a batch I bought due to the elastic becoming brittle, crackiing and losing ALL elasticity while the rest of the briefs were in great shape.
    Been using the SAME washing machine on regular cycle with warm water.
    The SAME dryer on the "auto-sense" cycle that senses when the clothes are dry.
    Both machines are Estate by Whirlpool machines that are 15 years old.
    I've been using the SAME liquid Tide detergent and NEVER used bleach.
    So, doing away with the variable of the machines and the detergent, I am certain that Hanes cheapened the quality of the elastic. (I still have OLD Hanes briefs where the elastic is fine)
    So, the search was on. I bought the following at the same time here on Amazon:
    1 package of Jockey Men's Underwear Classic Full Rise Brief - 6 Pack. I wear a Large in all other brands but since these come in waist size, I bought what I was told by Jockey which was a size 36 waist which is supposed to be the equivalent to a Large. Price - $36.00 or 6 bucks per brief
    1 package of Calvin Klein Men's Underwear Cotton Classics 4 Pack Briefs. Size Large. Price $26.95 so that's $6.74 per brief.
    1 pack of Fruit of the Loom Men's Breathable Brief Assorted Colors (Pack of 4). Size Large, $12.99 so that's $3.24 per brief.
    SIZE: The Jockey's were the SMALLEST, then came the Calvin Klein which are about an inch bigger and then the Fruit of the Loom which are even bigger than the Calvin Klein.
    So, the smallest is the Jockey's, next is the Calvin Klein's and then the Fruit of the Loom.
    The elastic is about the same quality on all three brands.
    The material is about the same on all three brands.
    I just washed all three packages of all three brands of brand new briefs to check the size after washing. I never wear anything right out of the package before washing.
    SO,, believe it or not, I find the Fruit of the Loom to be the best of the three. ESPECIALLY for the price.
    The Calvin Klein are good, but NOT as good as the Calvins I bought years ago. The price for this quality is a joke.
    The Jockey's come in last for size, quality and price.
    Pleasant surprise for me that I tried the Fruit of the Loom after all these years.
    Not that the Fruit of the Loom are so great, it's more that the name brands like Jockey and Calvin Klein lowered their quality but not the price.
    TOTALLY forget about Hanes. What a shame that had to throw out a drawer full of Hanes that look like new but the elastic rendered them totally useless.
    I'm sticking with Fruit of the Loom.

    Just received my order of this product, which I had been buying for a number of years now. They've completely changed the product, and NOT for the better. Wimpy fabric, anemic waistband, shapeless and just plain cheap looking. So now I have to start a search for a new source for briefs. Great way to destroy a brand.

    Longtime Calvin buyer. They have changed and not for the better. Should have read the reviews. What is with the four super long tags with instructions to cut them out along the dotted line? I don’t want the tags nor do I want to feel a cut tag rubbing on my waist all day. Who makes underware with tags like this or thinks it’s ok to instruct you to cut them out? I don’t want do it yourself undies.

    Don't buy it! Buy the old version if you like Calvin Klein underwear. The waistband rolls like crazy and the fit is horrible. This is a serious drop in quality and fit from the old version. Now that my boys are teen and pre-teen, our underwear gets mixed in the laundry so I decided to buy these so we could distinguish them and easily sort them. But it was completely thrown out money and, unfortunately, I could not tell until the first washing. If I could tell right away, I would have returned the whole batch after opening the first package.

    The classic has been remade and some changes are more noticeable than others. The look appears largely unchanged from a distance although – in reality – the cotton is cheaper and thinner, the logo detailing much flatter and accurately representative of the CK logo, and the fit/sizing is totally different/confusing.

    I'm a 32" waist but, since working out more regularly, I began needing the 34" size in the previous generation of this product. Now, according to the S-XL sizing for this generation of CK briefs, I should wear a medium (32-34). But going with that size makes these go from tighty whities to low-rise extra-tighty whities. After a few washes and using the gentlest of cycles, these briefs become much tighter fitting, reducing the rise slightly and the crotch size greatly. It's too snug and low for the cut being sold. And that's coming from a fan of hip briefs and other cuts. Not about modesty, just accuracy. And - btw - if you get the low-rise version of these briefs in your supposed size expect some major plumber's crack and minimal coverage up front.

    But, order a size up and what happens? They pretty much fit just like you'd expect! They'll appear large, but lo and behold, after just a few wash and dry cycles they shrink and fit way better than the "appropriate" size. I can't say I like having to buy a size larger, but when you want to keep wearing this style of CK briefs, you've got to change with the times in more ways than one. The large (36-38) fits me like I'd assume a size 35" in the previous generation would (if that were a size offered). They feel slightly larger than my 34" ones but definitely not a 36". And that difference continues to shrink as these briefs seemingly do with each wash and dry.

    Perhaps if you were definitively on the lower end of the range for a size they would fit okay. But if you are on the middle or upper end of a size (or have average or above assets in either the front or back, you'll want to definitely consider sizing up).

    Side note: love the colors these come in now :)

    Estas trusas son mis favoritas, llevo años usando este modelo y he ido cambiando sólo los colores. Son suaves, el color es uniforme, igual a cómo se muestran en las fotografías, y lucen bien. El soporte en la zona frontal es bueno y tiene buen espacio para prácticamente todos los tamaños.
    El precio al que lo ofrecen aquí en Amazon es mucho mejor que en otros lugares. Hay que tomar en cuenta el corte y que la talla sea la correcta.
    Al ser 100% algodón, con el tiempo se ponen un poco holgadas -no mucho-.
    Duran aproximadamente ocho meses dandoles uso regular. Las recomiendo.

    Estas son mis trusas favoritas para uso diario. Son muy cómodas, lucen bien, y los colores son idénticos a los mostrados en las fotografías.
    El corte es clásico, pero esto no significa que se vean pasadas de moda, depende del gusto de cada quien. Sin embargo, si buscan un modelo un poco más moderno, les pudieran agradar los modelos que dicen "hip", o "no show", es decir, el elástico queda a la cadera.
    Algo que hay que tomar en cuenta es que la tela no es tan gruesa, y al ser 100% algodón, se ensancha un poco, pero no demasiado. Con el uso constante duran aproximadamente entre seis y nueve meses, sin que los colores se deslaven demasiado.
    En mi caso he adquirido varios paquetes y pienso pedir más, salen muy buenas, y el precio aquí está un poco más económico que en otros lugares. Las recomiendo bastante.

    My husband just told me today, (August 10), that he was upset because one of the briefs is SMALLER than the 3 others in the package !! All the briefs say Large size, but one piece was so small and short !! I dont know how that happened...it is factory defect...
    Other than that, my husband likes this very much !
    But he cannot use the other one !

    Soy cintura 32 y dicho tamaño me quedó perfecto en la cintura, sin embargo, el talle está muy bajo, lo que hace que el elástico llegue por encima de la cadera y la parte frontal quede bastante suelta y con poco soporte. Definitivamente son para uso diario, muy cómodos pero no para citas románticas ni ocasiones especiales.
    En cuanto a la tela, es algodón de muy buena calidad, bastante suave; el elastico no se despeluza y tiene los colores que vienen en la fotografía.

    Ajuste de talla perfecto!
    Soy talla 36 mido 1.82 y peso 100 kg de fibra y pedí Large y quedaron como debe ser. Quedan adecuadamente y no se han decolorado a pesar de lavarlos en modo rudo.

    Got this on sale and definitely worth getting again. I never really cared about my underwear but I can definitely feel the difference in comparison to cheap supermarket underwear. It's not all that amazing but definitely a step up.

    Great update to the classic CK brief that's been around forever. Glad to see the new low rise (which isn't extremely low rise) and 5-packs. The assorted blue and multi-packs are nice too.I would recommend to a friend.Good product for the cost.

    Large size became too small after washing. Material felt thin. There wasn't enough material in the crotch area for a snug fit, which is what is needed. I was surprised that this name brand would sell such a mediocre product. Not recommended by me. I threw them out.

    La verdad nada menos de esperar de la marca, la medida es la correcta, y los acabados se ven muy agradables, un precio bastante razonable comparado dentro de la misma marca. La verdad valen la pena ya sea para regalo o para uso propio.

    It is very difficult to find traditional men's underwear. Most are like women's panties nowadays. These are a bit pricey but aren't they all, either men's or women's.

    Either these are fake CKs or the brand has gone downhill.
    Thin material,; unlikely to last for more than a dozen washes.

    B-Ware erhalten - war schon mal bei einem anderen Kunden. Verpackung orginal - aber nicht der Inhalt. Teilweise waren die Etiketten rausgschnitten - man sah auf den ersten Blick das die Teile nicht mehr original gefaltet waren (Pappen fehlen).... - werde den Schrott entsorgen.

    Excelente producto,de buena calidad y precio inmejorable lo malo fue la entrega ya es normal que todo lo que viene de Amazon Estados Unidos lo manden por dhl y ni siquiera marcan cuando llegan,se esperan 5 segundos y se van

    I have ordered Calvin Klein underwear medium size few months ago which was perfect. This order was also for the Kelvin Klein and medium size but it was too large compared with the ones I previously ordered and useless for me. It is just a waste of money and I will never order anything like this online again.

    After a few washes, the elastic waist looks like it was 5years old.
    They were MUCH better when they were Made in Canada years ago.