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EYUSHIJIA Men's 4 Pack Comfortable Bamboo Fiber Modal Boxer Briefs
EYUSHIJIA Men's 4 Pack Comfortable Bamboo Fiber Modal Boxer Briefs
  • Colors may vary, bright fashion colors.
  • Comfortable soft waistband to eliminate pinching and binding
  • Gentle machine wash in cold to maintain maximum performance and recovery
  • Softest, silkiest and creamiest on your skin underwear ever made
  • Body modal underwear trunks feature a body defining fit. Without fly

EYUSHIJIA Mens Underwear Breathable Bamboo Fiber Modal Boxer Briefs

With super smooth and soft lenzing viscose fabric, the underwear is ultimate lightweight and breathable that you can not miss.

Soft and wider stay-put elastic waistband with great elasticity won't roll or leave marks.

It stays more durable and supportive with double-layer panel front pouch while keeping cool and fresh with the breathable fabric.

  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Package Dimensions: 8.4 x 5.4 x 1.9 inches
  • Date First Available: June 6, 2018
  • ASIN: B07DL24FRB
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #15,685 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry (See Top 100 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry)
    • #127 in Men's Boxer Briefs
    • #4102 in Men's Shops

    I’d never found underwear I particularly liked and mostly put up with baggy boxers because the form fitting styles I tried were just too confining. I was intrigued then when seeing the separate pouch idea, even though a more revealing look did add some hesitation. That disappeared the moment I slipped them on. Unfortunately, my instant fan conversion soon became challenged by brands that didn’t work for me and it was only after trying both (same design) leading brands and another that I finally found these Eyushijia as the best performer.

    Why I Love This Design:

    An artificial bulge wasn’t what I was seeking and was quickly pleased with how well the raised inner seam and separate outer pouch tastefully accentuates size, shape and features, with a comfortably open feel that doesn’t add to the public silhouette.

    I wasn’t looking for athletic style support either and was unsure of the boxer freedom I might be surrendering. My pleasant surprise was the unconfined feel of things so comfortably cradled in place - and that’s what especially draws me back every day.

    A mention of spontaneous occasions was not an expectation I had, but the difference with these is too good to leave out. Some may notice the fabric and fit of these as less enabling than boxers, though it’s how they manage what does occur that sets them apart. The outer pouch being separated from leg openings is a refreshing contrast to boxers that can hang you up and single pouches that squeeze you in. Ample pouch stretchiness then accommodates occurrences in a least noticeable relaxed position, and with a freedom of movement that virtually eliminates calls for adjustment.

    Why Size Is Important:

    I found that sizing makes a notable difference with this style and incorrect sizing looks like the unknown culprit behind most every reviewer complaint I’ve seen. Having two pouches adds a new dimension to attaining a complimentary look and most comfortable feel. Nobody offers a choice of pouch sizes within their waist sizes. As they are then, the way to better fitting pouches is to find the best fitting brand, to size up or down within a brand, or to shrink a too large (cotton or bamboo) fabric with a hot wash/dry - and there can be trial and error with any of these.

    Different brands seem to approach their one for all pouch size in different ways. For reference, my slender build and 31” waist sizes me squarely between S and M (that I’ve always worn before). That in mind, some who try the leading brands may find they run a bit small, with the look and feel of their Mediums seeming more sized for me at a near average length than for most in the size range or those needing more pouch space. Though I do prefer leading brands look, fit, and feel, their failing for me was a smaller and higher inner-to-outer pouch opening that pulls up so aggressively as to cause extended wear discomfort. The lesson being that I paid twice the per-pair price for dual pouches that don’t fit everyone after all. Another brand seems to favor less than average guys with an outer pouch so snug that it squished and pushed back into the inner one ,with even sizing up not fixing. Then it was the Eyushijia, with roomy enough pouches for most any size and a large enough between-the-pouches opening to accommodate most any guy placement. Their Mediums were looser than expected in the sides, back and leg openings and have a lot more pouch space than I’d ever need. A hot washer/dryer cycle resolved excess looseness for more of a relaxed tapered boxer fit and feel not portrayed in product photos and a still generous pouch for those wanting or needing it. Ultimately though it was sizing down with these that brought back my initial leading brand preference for a snugness of fit and contour flattering look that truly reveals just what this style can do.

    Some have mentioned frustration with staying inside the outer pouch and with awkwardness of the fly. I’ve experienced both and remedied both with proper sizing. These outer pouches are really more of a hood whose end wraps over yours, with a fly opening that should be no less practical than any other. It is accessed by simply pulling the fabric up from the center with one hand and over the end with the other. One brand representative told me that pouch size is uniform across waist sizes, though I found there’s more to it than that. Too large a pouch or too much looseness against the abdomen gets things lost in the process of trying to fumble through all the excess fabric. The tightness of a pouch that’s too small or an opening placed too high (i.e. the leading brands for some) becomes cumbersome to access and can often squeeze you out, particularly when sitting down. Outer pouch fit then is the key to attaining the unmatched comfort this style offers and sellers were most accommodating with getting me into a waist size that works best. To that end, things will function as they should with a most natural relaxed size just grazing the pouch end to an inch or so of excess fabric.


    Though my modesty is fine being accidentally seen in tapered boxers, the feature revealing nature of these did prompt a rethinking of who might encounter them. Thoughts varied from the message they might send to whether I wanted to engage in conversations about underwear. What I settled on was conversation being okay for the locker room and something better avoided during sister-in-law visits.

    I hope you found this review helpful.

    Got this product as a birthday gift and was at first a but hesitant about the two pouch system, I mean keep mens undies simple, right? Wrong! They are vibrant bright colors which caught my eyes and incredible soft thanks to the bamboo! Just touching them made me excited to gird up my loins in this softness.
    They fit a little larger than expected which is a bummer but still they were quite comfortable. After a few moments of wondering what went where and how to get my balls to find their place, everything was situated and it took some getting used to. There is an interesting fly under the penis pouch that I first thought was shabby manufacturing but soon realized the ease of access and putting him back away quickly at the urinal (something I can't do with my one pouch wonders).
    I stay cool and dry, there is no chaffing or ball sack sticking to my leg anymore. Good support and ease of use has me ordering another pair soon!

    Gotta admit, I was skeptical at first of this dual pouch design. Read through some reviews though and decided to try them out. These quickly became my new favorite kind of underwear.

    First off, the sizing is spot on. I bought them in the same size I buy any other underwear in. Smooth, comfortable fabric and the construction seems like it's going to hold up with some care. The dual pouch is actually very comfortable and keeps things in place (some may notice though that you'll tend to print a bit more in athletic shorts, which isn't necessarily a bad thing