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Men's Waterproof Adult Bib, Black Tuxedo, Frenchie Mini Couture
Men's Waterproof Adult Bib, Black Tuxedo, Frenchie Mini Couture
  • Soft, interlock front and knit terry back with interior waterproof barrier layer to protect against spills
  • Generous 31" x 18" size offers full chest protection (measures 23" from the neck down)
  • Comfortable and adjustable fit
  • Stylish design and soft, absorbent terry material
  • Inner PEVA waterproof layer

Now you can protect your clothing with this stylish and comfortable, full-sized adult bib. Machine washable with back closure for ease of use and comfort, this bib is absorbent and waterproof, generously sized to keep clothing clean and dry.

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  • ASIN: B00569OYD4
  • UPC: 845127097010
  • Item model number: 9701
  • I had purchased the tuxedo adult protector bib for a family member who is suffering a
    debilitating illness. It is extremely high quality; it provides him dignity and
    we enjoy the humor with our friends and family. I searched the internet and could
    find nothing of this quality or design---extremely professional. It seems all other "adult protectors" are cheaply made, in poor taste, or look like baby bibs.
    A huge thank you to this company for doing this for people! It means a lot to
    us that someone cares about their quality of work, and about doing something to make
    people's lives a little easier. Also, this tuxedo has gone through repeated washings
    for the past seven months and it washes great--it still looks new, including the
    bow tie, and stains wash out every time. We decided to order more of these when available,
    which will be soon, as I called the company and actually received a personal reply
    from the owner. Who does that these days? We are so thankful for their over-the-top
    customer service, high quality product, and caring about the disabled!

    I bought this for my parents who live in a 55+ community. They loved it and so did their friends!

    This is great fun!

    I got this just for giggles, even though I do spill from time to time. I never dress up in suits of any kind (age has its privileges), and this was an opportunity to get something practical that is also fun.

    The pictures are very accurate, and it feels quite nice to wear. I dress in all black all the time, so it almost made me look like I was in a tux. I can't wait to try it out in more "serious" situations, and increase my curmudgeon street cred.

    Definitely recommended.

    The other day I was talking to my big brother on the phone (he's 67, I'm 60). I made a joke about something, not realizing that at that exact same moment he was taking a drink of his soda. He started to laugh, and ended up snorting his soda through his nose and getting it all over the front of his shirt, as old people tend to do. I worry about him, as he's quite a bit older than I am. I thought, "Does this happen to him when he's out in public?" My brother is a great guy, and he's always taken care of me, so I like to do things for him when I can, so I thought it would be a good idea to get him a bib, but I didn't want him to be embarrassed in public. That's when I discovered this bib. Now he can go into the finest restaurants in town and not have to worry about snorting, dripping, or drooling, and he's even ready for any black tie event!

    We ordered this adorable Tux Bib for my dad for Christmas - the one with a pearl necklace came instead. Okay, return. Order again to give them the benefit of the doubt. Received the necklace one AGAIN. Returned.

    The quality of the wrong bib seemed excellent, and I believe the product would get 5 stars from me if we could have ever gotten the right one. Very disappointed.

    My dad loved this!!! Got it for him for Father's Day. He wanted to buy 5 more, but I told him they were only for fancy restaurants! Hahaha. Great quality.

    We are so happy with this purchase! Excellent quality, excellent design! Ordered one of these for my handicapped father and he loves it! Great for special occasions, always gets a bunch of smiles and laughs from our family and friends. Very creative, very stylish for what it is. Gives my father that formal yet still fun!

    I bought this product for a Doctor I worked for. He would cover his shirt when he had lunch so this was a perfect fit for him so that he didn't get food all over his clothes before he saw the rest of his patients. Fits great.

    I purchased this for when flying as no mater how carful you are on a plane there's always a spil @ some time
    This was great fun to wear but also worked well material is washable, size is great covers all your front from chin to waste recommend this item , it fits all ages from just fun to wear to: seriously: keeping you clean from mishaps.

    I bought the bow tie version for my dad and the pearls version for mum... they both tend to 'miss their' mouth a bit more theses days... for Christmas. They were delighted and agreed to surprise everyone by wearing them for lunch. They arrived at the dining table wearing them... and once our guests had stopped laughing WITH them... everyone agreed that they are a fantastic product. More versions please - we could all occasionally do with one for spag-bol and other messy to eat meals. And they have both worn them several times since... not sure how they wash yest... but I'm confident they will be fine.

    This is a great product, it is for my handicapped brother who is attending my Wedding and will be at the top table, his usual bibs look so childish, so this is a great alternative that looks dignified making him not stand out from the crowd, I brought one for my sister in the ladies version as she will be feeding him, they are both going to look wonderful. They are good quality and came well pack in speedy time.

    I would definitely recommend this product, great value for money.

    My dad loves this Adult bib.
    Some people may prefer a wipe clean surface, I dont as soups etc dont slip down onto trousers or the floor with this absorbent waterproof bib

    It protects the persons upper clothes with not only dignity but fun too.
    Some people may need a longer bib to protect their lap, my dad doesn't,so for the fun factor alone I chose this one.

    I have no idea how well it washes yet as somehow dad has kept it clean, I think it's because he doesnt want to spoil it.

    It is easy to put on and take off
    yes I think it is a little expensive, but having seen it, for the fun factor alone, its worth it.

    My Dad loves this. I am buying this for the third time this Christmas. Each one lasts about a year of constant washing by carers before it becomes shapeless. My only comment is that the neck is a bit tight for someone like my Dad (an XL/XXL?). If it was a bit more generous it would make putting it on and taking it off much easier. My Dad asks if there could be a new style - a cowboy one with a sheriff's badge on it. How about it?

    This is the second one of this bib that I've ordered for my husband who has advanced Parkinson's Disease. I was so pleased with it and so was my husband I wanted to get another or similar but they were unavailable for some time. Was thrilled to be able to get another. All the other bibs for adults are so uninspiring and invariably horrible tartan designs. It's not very nice to have to use one as an adult, but this is such fun and looks like he is wearing a dinner suit over a dark top!! It covers him well and is comfortable to wear. Extremely well-made. It gives the person concerned individuality and some dignity and fun. Love it and so does husband.

    I liked the bib but both had the fabric coming away from the binding which would have got worse in no time. The press studs were a bit fiddly too. The product would have been good but for the above faults.
    I am returning them.

    Bought as a novelty gift for my fathers birthday. We possibly found it funnier than he did but he did see the funny side. The bib itself is well made and looks the part (although doubt he will actually wear it - well not for a few years yet anyway :-)

    Goodness gracious don't you just hate it when restaurants/eateries provide you with serviettes that are just too small! I'm forever spilling my food down my front when dining out but thanks to this revolutionary product, any mess can be wiped away no problem.

    The fine traditional design qualifies this for most serious functions. Whilst this product is unisex I believe most men could quite easily slip this on under a suit blazer and nobody would notice the difference.

    Potnoodle splashes are no more!

    What a great product, after so long watching my partner dribble down his shirt fronts, this is a fantastically fun product. Well made. Fits a tiny big snug around the neck, but there is a bit of lee-way there. Looks fabulous! Well done whoever thought of this design, there should be more out there like this.

    I bought this as a joke birthday gift for my husband who often wears his food. He loves it even though it's a constant source of amusement. Strange how things work because when he wears it all his food seems to reach his mouth. He won't wear it when we eat out as he doesn't want people thinking he's a messy eater!!

    Used by a 92 year old gentlemen who appreciated not having the straight forward 'clinical' type that 'old people' wear!
    He said he'd liked it more if the bow tie rotated!!
    Good quality, perfect fastening (velcro), always dressed smartly for dinner.

    Must have for old dad. He loves it. He doesnt worry about spilling his soup.

    No more food spills eating TV dinner .Bought as a joke but very practical .

    brought for my son who has Dravet Syndrome, to wear to protect his suit at his sisters wedding on the 12th x