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GN GIORGIO NAPOLI Presidential Men's Suit Two Button 2 Piece Modern Classic Fit
GN GIORGIO NAPOLI Presidential Men's Suit Two Button 2 Piece Modern Classic Fit
  • Year Round Use
  • Button closure
  • 2 Button men's suit modern classic fit, Single breasted dual side vents jacket
  • Plain flat front pants come with a drop of 6 inches, Mens suits listed in US sizes
  • Classic modern business fit suit set, Notch lapel collar coat, Soft shoulder pads
  • Year round use, Fine tropical weight man made fabric T/R, 2 Piece tux suit set
  • Mens suit for any occasion wedding business parties, Dry clean only, Imported

Presidential Giorgio Napoli 2 Button Modern Classic Fit Blue Label Suit. JACKET: 2 button single breasted jacket front, dual side vents, notched lapel, full lining matching the color of the suit, 3 exterior pockets - 2 with flaps. The suit comes with 4 button vented sleeves. PANTS: Flat front dress pants lined to just below the knee. Pant leg length unhemmed. These pants come with a standard 6" drop in the waist (e.g. a US 40R jacket will come with 34" waist pants). The waist can be altered in or out up to 2 inches. This suit is factory packed with a hanger and all tags are in place. Fine tropical weight man made fabric T/R - 65% Poly 35% Viscose. Imported China. Dry clean only.

  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Package Dimensions: 21.7 x 16.8 x 2.6 inches
  • Item model number: GN_AMZ_110-2_102_36S
  • Date First Available: June 28, 2013
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #807,190 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry (See Top 100 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry)
    • #375 in Men's Suits
    • #265780 in Men's Shops

    So, I needed some suits and Amazon was having a sale, so I ordered up the following 6 suits:

    Nautica Men's Classic Fit 2 Button Side Vent Nested Suit, Charcoal, 40 Regular
    Presidential Giorgio Napoli Two Button Mens Suit Modern Classic Fit (40 Long US / 50L EU / W 34", Charcoal Gray)
    Presidential Giorgio Napoli Two Button Mens Suit Modern Classic Fit (40 Long US / 50L EU / W 34", Light Gray)
    U.S. Polo Assn. Men's Solid Suit, Dark Grey, 40 Long
    Tommy Hilfiger Men's Cashman Pin Dot 2 Button Side Vent Suit w/ Flat Front Pant, Grey Pin Dot, 40 Long
    Tommy Hilfiger Men's Nathan 2 Button Side Vent Suit, Navy Stripe, 40 Long

    I’m a 33-34” waist,, 34” inseam, 6’4” 190lbs, slender shoulders. My typical jacket size is a 40L. I was looking for a suit with a nice fitted jacket, but without the skinny-fit legs that seem so popular now.

    I knew that I was taking a chance with a 40R, but I figured it didn’t cost Amazon much more to throw an extra suit in the box.

    Nautica Pros: The pants fit nice, not too tight, not too loose, with a fairly straight leg cut. They were comfortable to sit in. They were actually tied for my favorite pant cut. Construction seemed really good overall with everything in place, and not a lot of loose/sloppy threading.

    Nautica Cons:. The pockets had a cheap, stiff liner that reminded you every time you put your hands in them that you were wearing a cheap suit. Confidence-killer. The jacket, while a Regular, not a Long, I could tell still had a very boxy cut. The fabric had a touch of sheen that showed off a fairly un-refined finish (a little bit of micropilling).

    Nautica Overall: No surprise, but the jacket was short, so it’s going back. Even if it had fit, I don’t think I would have been happy with the boxy cut. Good pant cut, bad jacket cut. God construction, but fabric seemed cheap. If you get this on super sale, it’s not a bad working man’s suit, but you can do better for the money.

    Giorgio Napoli:
    I had them send two of the same suit in different colors: Charcoal and Light Gray

    Giorgio Pros: This was listed as a classic fit, so I was expecting something less tailored, but the jacket was actually not too boxy. For a bigger person, this would be a great fit, it just didn’t fit my frame. The fabric for both actually looked really nice. Even if someone’s petting your jacket, they won’t know with certainty that it’s 100% polyester. Both colors looked good. There’s a grippy rubber threading inside the waistband that keeps your shirt in pace; ingenious.

    Giorgio Cons: The pant fit was really bad. Thanks to biking, I had larger thighs in proportion to the rest of my body, so there was only a little fabric left in the thigh area. That said, in the hips and butt, everything seemed too loose. The leg opening was overly wide. There were unclipped threads everywhere. This is nothing that couldn’t be fixed with 10 minutes and some scissors, but considering the rest of the construction was pretty boring, the lack of polish was more glaring.

    Giorgio Overall. If you’ve got a little extra junk in your trunk, this might be the suit for you considering the low price, but for me, it went back.

    A casual suit with some ostentatious stylings details.

    Polo Pros: The construction was overall very good. Exposed stitching at the collar was neat that kept the jacket casual without being sloppy. The styling, from the bright red collar and sleeve lining, to the plaid jacket lining and pant detailing, is going to be a matter of taste. For me, they really amped up the style factor in a way that was completely unexpected at this price. I wouldn’t want the pants any tighter in the seat and thigh, but as it, they fit perfectly.

    Polo Cons: The sleeves are short. Flat out, they’re 1 inch shorter than everything else in a 40L. A bad fit is not casual. While construction overall was very good, a bit of the collar lining was stitched too close and was more visible than intended. This wouldn’t typically be a problem, but it’s blood red, so unless you are wearing this somewhere suitable for a pop of color, you’ll be reaching past this suit. The slanted pockets, again a matter of taste, just looked wrong, not interesting to me.

    Polo Overall:
    Considering this was the least expensive suit of the bunch (by about half, on sale) I wasn’t expecting much. In the end, this would have been a passable formal suit, if not for the short sleeves and small errors in detail finishing. As it was, I had to keep it. The price was just too good, fit in pant and jacket was on, and while not all the style choices were hits, I liked the splashes of color and exposed collar stitching. This is my new “fun” suit.

    A modern suit that features unique styling like a deep watch pocket in the pants.

    Cashman Pros: The fabric has a little bit of stretch thanks to some spandex. Construction is fantastic. This plus a perfect cut in both jack and pants which is fitted enough to show off some curves, and a leg opening just tapered from straight, make for a modern looking suit with a little attitude. This suit is so comfortable, I could ride my bike in it.

    Cashman Cons: The fabric is a mixture of contacting dark and light threads to give an overall grey pin dotting. With a natural fabric, this might look really refined. However, with the synthetics, it looks great from a distance, but a little rough and utilitarian up close. For me, the jacket could have come in just one more inch.

    Cashman Overall: What can I say, this was an incredibly comfortable suit that looks reasonably good, fits fantastic, and has some modern attitude. If you’re looking for a hip, but utilitarian suit, this can’t be beat for the money. It’s staying in my closet.

    A classically styled wool suit. The most expensive of the bunch (which isn’t saying much)

    Nathan Pros: Oooh, that jacket. What a cut. Perfect around the waist, flares just right at the hips, sits on the shoulders like a 2nd skin. Finish was really good, with just a few loose threads and so ill-pressed pant lining, but stitching was dead on. The color selection on the Nathan is a little out there with tans and windowpanes, so a subtle Navy Stripe was what I went wit. I own $500 suits, and I’ve tried on $1000 suits. If you had told be this suit was $1000, based on the fabrics, fit, and finish, I would have believed you.

    Nathan Cons: Dammit! The legs are just a bit too skinny at the thighs for me. Great in the seat, great in the ankle, but just too tight in the thigh. If I were better proportioned, top to bottom, this wouldn’t be an issue.

    Nathan Overall: This suit is sexy, like, free-drink sexy. I didn’t keep it because it was the most expensive of the bunch, and this pants were just a bit too tight for me to envision fitting into them for years to come (especially with all those free drinks). If it had been charcoal or light grey, or $50 less, I probably would have kept, worn it every occasion I could for the next year, and not worried if it didn’t fit a year from now. As it stand, I decided to send it back, and spend the money buying myself drinks instead. If your thighs are proportioned to your upper body, buy this suit now.


    Overall, I would have been happy to own 3 of the 6 suits I had sent. Maybe I’m just lucky and am the right size to buy off the rack, but given how many pricey suit stores there are, I wouldn’t have thought you could buy good looking suits for a little money online. Sure, I’ll need to drop a few dollars having the pants hemmed (all these suits are unhemmed, but if you connect with a good, local tailor, you can pick up a few inexpensive suits online and fill your closet for the price of one marginally better suit elsewhere.

    The suit is not even close to the one in the Picture: that one lookslike an slim fit dress!!
    I am 5.8, i had to send the jacket to a tailor to shorten the sleeves because i was looking like johnny depp in a suit, so, you have the idea how long the sleeve were: they were covering half of my hands. The suit was well made, except there was alot of threads that i needed to cut and then burn the tips with a lighter...you know the saying, what you pay is what you get? It is a whole suit for 99.00. I believe they should post a real picture of how it fits, because the model in the picture is an skinny guy an the suit fits him like an slim suit which this is not. My mistake of course, i got confused with the description of modern cut, i assumed that was equal to slim cut. Last but no least: it looks cheap!!

    I really wanted to like this suit, I loved the color, and it looks sharp, but I have two issues with this suit.

    First, the sizing runs small. Both in the waist and in the crotch area. I wear my pants as they were meant to be worn, not down low like I'm in a music video. Unfortunately, the cut of the pants is not exceptionally generous in the crotch region, leading to some discomfort in that area over prolonged time sitting.

    Second, the pants are secured by a double button system. Now, I consider myself to be an expert at putting on clothes, but I greatly prefer the traditional metal hook system. I don't want to fumble with two buttons when nature calls.

    The jacket fits well, and I have no complaints about it.

    This is a great suit! Had to order a 52 long for my fiancé who has broad shoulders, so the waist of the jacket was big, and he wears a 38 waist in pants, and the 52 jacket came with 46 inch waist pants, I guess that's how they pair them. We had the jacket and pants altered, and it fits perfectly. Beautiful suit and well made for the price! Purchased in navy,will definitely look to purchase more suits in different colors!

    I'm literally surprised at the quality in construction and the detail to workmanship that this suit offers. Previously I have paid much more for suits in leading department and men's' speciality stores. However due to losing 95 pounds over the past 15 months. I wanted to slowly begin to buy suits that look good and yet not spend a lot of money on them until I see if I am going to be able to keep the weight off.
    They suit is tailored well. The pants fit reasonable well, considering the normal drop in a man's suit jacket to trouser is 6 inches. Mine currently is more and with a little tailoring of the pants they suit will serve me very well.

    The suit is great. It is tropical weight and it looks nice. I purchased a 44R and the pants have a six inch drop. I did not know what a 6 inch drop was and I looked it up. If a jacket is sized at 44 the pants would "drop" 6 inches. So the pants would have a 38 waist. With that said, there is NO vanity sizing here: the pants are exactly 38 and they are cut a bit on the slim side. If you are on the large size of 38 the pants, they will need to be let out a bit.

    The only reason it was not a five star is the pants need a larger cut. It is far easier to take the pants in than to let them out.