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Injinji Trail Midweight Crew Xtralife Socks
Injinji Trail Midweight Crew Xtralife Socks
  • 39% Coolmax® / 58% Nylon / 3% Lycra®
  • Injinji's five-toe patented designed specifically for runners and hikers
  • Prevents blisters & hotspots while running
  • Ideal use for running, walking and athletic activities
  • Superior mositure management during runs of all lengths
  • Natural Toe Splay
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Trail Midweight Crew, Space

There Ain't No Stopping These Socks

This is the sock for long runs and aggressive hikes on rugged terrain. Injinji's toesock design minimizes friction between the toes to help eliminate blisters, frees them to splay naturally, and lets you utilize your whole foot on narrow, uneven trails. The crew length rides high to seal out debris, and a band under the arch adds support. COOLMAX fibers and a mesh top keep feet dry and cool, nylon fibers add durability, and midweight cushioning protects your feet.

Injinji Trail Midweight Crew socks are unisex.

Injinji Trail Midweight Crew socks are perfect for trail running, hiking, and many other outdoor activities where you might need some extra cushioning for your feet.

Why Toesocks? The Answer Is Surprisingly Simple

Trail Midweight Crew, Dijon

Trail Midweight Crew, Granite

Trail Midweight Crew, Space

Trail Midweight Crew, Granite

Stop Worrying About Your Feet

Injinji created a sock anatomically designed to your foot, and the five-toe sleeve design allows your toes to splay naturally and align properly, enabling greater stability and more comfort.

Blister Prevention

With each toe protected, skin-on-skin friction is completely eliminated protecting your foot from blisters and hot spots.

Total Foot Utilization

When your toes are separated, properly aligned and splayed, your weight is distributed evenly which allows your entire foot to be engaged in any athletic activity.

Moisture Management

Each toe is wrapped in sweat-wicking material so your foot will be drier and therefore more comfortable than in traditional socks.

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Why Injinji?

Our patented, five-toe sock design helps enhance the freedom and natural function of your foot inside any shoe, which means less time worrying about discomfort and more time for your next adventure. Wherever you go, there’s a toesock to help you along the way.

Trail Midweight Crew, Granite

Why Injinji?

Our patented, five-toe sock design helps enhance the freedom and natural function of your foot inside any shoe, which means less time worrying about discomfort and more time for your next adventure. Wherever you go, there’s a toesock to help you along the way.

Trail Midweight Crew, Space

Why Injinji?

Our patented, five-toe sock design helps enhance the freedom and natural function of your foot inside any shoe, which means less time worrying about discomfort and more time for your next adventure. Wherever you go, there’s a toesock to help you along the way.

Trail Midweight Crew, Dijon


Trail Midweight Crew, Granite


Trail Midweight Crew, Space


  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Product Dimensions: 9 x 5 x 2 inches
  • Item model number: 213170SPCSm
  • Date First Available: November 1, 2017
  • ASIN: B07731L72S
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #21,796 in Sports & Outdoors (See Top 100 in Sports & Outdoors)
    • #63 in Men's Workout & Training Socks
    • #224 in Men's Sports Socks
    • #278 in Men's Athletic Socks

    These toe socks are very lightweight and comfortable. They work great paired with hiking boots or minimal shoes. But they do not provide much warmth. (Injinji offers other toe socks built for warmth). They offer decent lower leg protection, to just below your knee in my case. While they don't ride down immediately since they are have a pretty snug fit, they will gradually loosen (and a snug fit is really the point of wearing toe socks).

    Like any socks, they do slightly reduce the sensory perception you'd get from wearing minimal shoes, so I generally only wear these in cold weather or if I'm wearing hiking-specific footwear. They are also a bit expensive ($16 for a single pair), but the quality is good and the fit is perfect.

    2/7/19 UPDATE: After wearing these for 10+ hours to break them in a bit, I found they can start to put a bit of pressure on your toes after a while. But it seems to be largely dependent on the type of footwear; I was wearing heavier work boots. When I tried another pair of shoes, the pressure went away almost immediately.

    3/7/19 UPDATE: Impressed by the quality. Wore these every day the past week in a colder climate, walked about 5-8 miles a day. No rips, snags, etc. Will be ordering some more pairs in the future.

    I am retired. I wear flip-flops most of the year, and only put on boots for outside winter activities. My toes were chilly in the winter. Ordinary socks just don't work well with flip-flops. I saw these socks, and ordered them immediately.

    The first time I tried to put them on was like trying to put mittens on a 2 years old child. My toes didn't know how to go into each little 'finger'. I was also laughing pretty hard, and bending over wrestling my toes into the socks made it hard to breath. But once I got them on I was hooked.

    My toes were warm. I could easily wear my flip-flops. When I needed to go outside in winter boots, I kicked off the flip-flops and stuck my feet into my boots. Oh, my, how comfy!

    These are seriously the most comfortable socks I have ever worn, in flip-flops and in boots.

    I have some issues with my pinkie toes curling under my other toes from most common athletic socks being to compressive in the toe box. These socks took a few days to adjust to. But I bought 5 pairs of different styles to try them all out. Injinji makes the best pair on amazon. So I bought a weeks work of their socks. And I am happy to say after wearing them exclusively for more than 6 months now my toes have been pain free. They naturally want to splay correctly in any shoe or sandal I wear. And I can even wear normal socks when I wear my work or cowboy boots out and my toes do not hurt because injinji has allowed them to self correct and heal what other socks have damaged for many many years. Thanks injinji. You have a lifetime customer here.

    I paid $16 for one pair of socks that are size large and my feet are slightly wide....kind of steep even for toed socks with little extra fiber. Not sure I'll buy again, but next time I'll try a different vendor before I buy from these people again. disappointed...they don't even send you a coupon to insentivise a repurchase. : (

    I am really happy with these socks. The fit is superb and power walking and hiking are much easier. I power walked 8.5 miles and at the end, it felt like my normal 4 mile power walks. I have always suffered from hot spots on my right foot due to my right leg being 1/4 inch shorter than my left. Somehow the motion creates an unbalanced gait which is hard on my knees, ankles, and back and I think contributes to the hotspots. A big plus there.

    As indicated before, these toe socks prevented nearly all the hotspots which were always an issue before. This would require that I address the problem immediately, oftentimes having to slow down or stop to adjust shoe laces. I also found that cushioning was much better and therefore felt less strain and pain on my knees and ankles than I normally would. Though I walked in very hot weather, I found the socks felt normal with no excessive heat as I would with my other socks.

    So why 4 stars? Well, I bought these to train for hiking the El Camino in Spain and as you may guess, those are daily treks of 15 or so miles for 36 or so consecutive days. Oftentimes there are no clothes dryers requiring that clothing be washed by hand and air dried. With that in mind, I found that these socks were very slow to dry. After washing in cold water and light detergent and a good rinse afterwards, I put them and my Huk shirt in the dryer for 20 minutes at very low temperature. When the cycle was done, I took both items out of the dryer and both were still damp. I draped the shirt over the dryer and the socks over the mop sink overnight. In the morning, the shirt was totally dry, but the socks were still damp. They would be wearable in a pinch, but I don't think it's a good idea to put on damp socks. Also important is the fact that even though I washed the socks by hand in cold water, they bled considerably. So if you intend your first wash in a washer with other items, be aware that they are not color fast on the first wash.

    Overall I am very satisfied with these socks, but will continue to look at other styles and brands making sure that they are suitable for their intended purposes. Happy hiking, trekking, walking, and running.

    These are nice and thick. The kind of thickness you want when going hiking or playing bball at the gym … anytime you're going to sweat and be active. I was worried that the thicker sock might be uncomfortable but it's like wearing big fluffy clouds. They aren't too thick between the toes and they cushion the entire foot beautifully. The size Medium (I'm 5'9" size 16) is so comfortable that I've worn them to bed and not even noticed them all night. If they were a couple of inches higher they would be truly perfect, but I can't see knocking off a star for that wish. Maybe a quarter of a star. Nice work Injinji!

    Injinji 5 toe socks are perfection. Close fit to every toe and part of the foot so no extra fabric to rub. No blisters. Toes feel nicely cosseted. No seams to rub. As available from no-show socks to knee highs, lightweight liners to merino wool, I now wear these socks all year round on a daily basis. If you prefer more of a no stink sock then go for merino wool. They are quite expensive socks but to me, worth their weight in gold as I have comfortable feet now! Can recommend.

    Bought these in readiness for the Tour du Mont Blanc in the autumn as anything that prevents blisters and helps you walk through your whole foot has to be of benefit on a long hike. I didn't find them odd to wear or difficult to put on, but this is probably because I wear toe socks every day for Pilates and already use toe-sock sports socks for tennis and the gym too. I found them extremely comfortable, especially because they're not too tightly elasticated in the leg part. I wear a UK women's 6-7 size shoe depending on style, and the Small size fitted perfectly.

    Garner respect and admiration from all who see these frankly awesome socks. People actually feel more "at the beach" wearing and seeing these. They look pimp and if you drop your keys it's really easy to pick them up again with your feet. My toes feel alive, finally like the individuals they are and not simply lumped together in those terribly 20th Century socks, or foot buckets, as I now call them. Don't be a chump, ditch those sad-sacks and make your feet happy.

    I like these socks, but don't buy these thinking they will be as durable as Injinji's trail running socks because they're nowhere near. It's a bit unfair perhaps to compare these to the most durable socks I've ever owned, but from the same company I was hoping for the same quality and didn't get it.
    Having said that, they do compare very well to the durability of other brand toe socks.

    These are fantastic socks. I have been training for an ultra marathon and always had problems with chaffing between my toes over really long distances. As soon as I started using these that stopped as did the dull ache I usually get on my little toe 20 miles plus in. Any one who is serious about running trails should get these. I have recently bought more to have spares in my midway pack.

    I loves these socks so much. They don’t slip down even after hours of running through trails/high grass. They are fun to look at also.
    They are expensive and so these will prob be my only pair; so I save them for my long runs...will defiantly be on my Christmas list.

    If you suffer from blisters when running the long trails you will find these socks to be a godsend. You will think they feel strange on your feet but when you start running you will forget all about that feeling.

    Top quality - two pairs used a lot, comfortable and no rubbing.

    But not quite as thick and padded as my other mid weight crew trail sock ankle lengths by injinji?

    Awesome! Sooooooo comfortable! Love the colour and funky design.

    Slightly the wrong time of year to buy them as it’s baking hot, but they are a very good sock, they fit perfect, my big toe gets to spay, conceptually really easy to adjust to!

    Incredibly comfortable, no blisters and medium weight makes them perfect for all conditions. My new ‘sock’.

    Exactly as expected. Great quality and fantastic on hikes

    Snug, super warm and comfortable without being bulky. And no seams to rub when hiking.

    Brilliant socks! My partner doesn't get blisters anymore with these socks. They also arrived really quickly. Great service.