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Injinji Men's Run Midweight No Show Toesocks
Injinji Men's Run Midweight No Show Toesocks
  • 67% Nylon/30% Coolmax/3% Lycra
  • Imported
  • 1" high
  • 3" wide
  • The original performance toe sock
  • Allows for better sweat wicking
  • No skin on skin friction to prevent blistering
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Run More Than Ever Before

Run Midweight No-Show

Ultimate Comfort For Your Feet

Toesock freedom and blister prevention with more terry cushioning – Injinji's Run Midweight No-Show is perfect for longer distances, pavement, and high-impact workouts. Injinji's five-toe design eliminates skin-on-skin friction between the toes and allows a natural splay for better comfort. The no-show length rests below the ankle and features a heel tab to protect against chafing and keep your socks from sliding into your shoes.

Injinji Run Midweight No-Show socks are unisex.

Injinji Run Midweight No-Show socks are perfect for road running, trail running, and any other demanding physical activities where your feet can benefit from the extra cushioning provided in these socks.

Why Toesocks? The Answer Is Surprisingly Simple

Protective Cushion

The midweight series provides extra cushioning on the footbed to increase foot comfort for those long runs.

Blister Prevention

With each toe protected, skin-on-skin friction is completely eliminated protecting your foot from blisters and hot spots.

Total Foot Utilization

When your toes are separated, properly aligned and splayed, your weight is distributed evenly which allows your entire foot to be engaged in any athletic activity.

Moisture Management

Each toe is wrapped in sweat-wicking material so your foot will be drier and therefore more comfortable than in traditional socks.

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Why Injinji?

Our patented, five-toe sock design helps enhance the freedom and natural function of your foot inside any shoe, which means less time worrying about discomfort and more time for your next adventure. Wherever you go, there’s a toesock to help you along the way.

Run Midweight No-Show, Black/Gray


  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 4.5 x 1 inches
  • Item model number: 203110GWH
  • Date First Available: December 6, 2012
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #53,448 in Sports & Outdoors (See Top 100 in Sports & Outdoors)
    • #623 in Men's Athletic Socks
    • #4115 in Men's Sports Clothing
    • #141 in Men's Running Socks

    Pros: Excellent blister prevention; well constructed; high longevity; true to size; prevents re-emergence of Athletes foot (fungal infections between toes); prevents foot fatigue and promotes healthier foot anatomy. Cons: Pricey; difficult to put on / remove, especially in humid climates; not for everyone ( see Suggestions); people look at you funny when you take your shoes off in the TSA line. Bottom line: Best socks I've ever used. Neither my wife nor son could get used to them, though. Suggestions: As a staff nurse in a busy hospital, I'm on my feet for 13 hours a day. There's a lot of strong scientific research about the benefits of this sock type which I encourage the reader to independently investigate. This style of sock promotes the natural splay (abduction) of one's toes, particularly the outer two toes, while walking; this ensures evenly distributed pressure across the ball of the foot. The result is better foot bone alignment and small foot muscle strengthening for less foot fatigue, better arch support, and lower risk for plantar fasciitis. Plan on 2-3 weeks to get used to these socks as they feel very, very weird at first. After that, regular socks will feel weird and uncomfortable. Since wearing this style of sock, I've not had a reoccurrence of Athletes foot, blisters, or callouses; this is due to better moisture control by having each toe surrounded by fabric and superlative friction control by the form-fitting nature of the sock. Most importantly, my feet don't ache nearly as much as they did with regular socks at shift's end.

    I got 2 pair of Injinji "toe socks" for Christmas -- one lightweight no show wool and the other a midweight no show. These socks cost much more per pair than I'm used to paying -- but the benefit to me is worth it. If they "hold up" -- and I will use them only for running -- then I will absolutely transition to using only these socks for running.
    I had been getting a blister / callous on one of my toes, no matter which running shoes I wore. With the Injinji socks (either pair), that problem does not occur. Blister management is a huge pain, so having a method to avoid blisters is amazing.
    This is a product I highly recommend that anyone suffering from toe blisters from running should try.

    Injini Socks are the best. A pain to learn how to put on for a while, but eventually, your feet start to learn how to move and work their way into the individual toe sleeves, just like putting on a glove. Had lots of issues with feet resulting from sports and improper socks / shoes. Injinji socks + a wide-boxed shoe (like an Altra), over a year or so, completely changed how my feet feel and function by allowing each toe to spread out, and the foot to gain back some dexterity and strength that conventional socks and footwear diminish. My experience is also that these socks last an extremely long time relative to what you'd expect (years of washings) - they seem to last longer than any regular athletic socks ever have for me. Pairing them after washing them is also a pain but you get the hang of that and can purchase a wide variety of styles to make that process easier. for many years now I own nothing but Injinji socks and disposed of all of my conventional socks - that includes dress socks, ski socks, even airplane compression socks.

    I bought these in a size MEDIUM for myself (I wear a Men's size 10 or 10 1/2 shoe) and a SMALL for my wife (she wears a Women's size 8 shoe) for us to run our third Tough Mudder. We just ran it yesterday and were amazed at how much better our feet felt vs the previous two times that we've run in regular socks. Even after 11 miles in the mud, my toes never hurt. These are great for keeping that nasty mud and grit from settling in between your toes during a mud run. The lengthened Achilles section of the sock is a nice bonus for keeping the back of your shoe from rubbing. These socks were the best purchase I've ever made for mud run gear. I'd highly recommend these to everyone!

    Now have a black pinkie toe after wearing these. :( Toe started hurting at mile 2. Very disappointed because I have another pair and don't have a problem with them. It feels like there is a seam in the pinkie toe on these that continued to rub on the outside of my toe.

    I bought these to wear when I ran the Central Fl Tough Mudder 2014. I wanted something that would keep my feet from developing blisters, as I knew I would have wet feet for much of the time. These worked great
    Non-absorbent material-great when walking through mud/water as they will dry faster
    Fit was excellent.
    They felt quite weird for me when I didn't have shoes on. Perhaps that is just because I'm not used to toe socks.
    I ended up chucking them at end of race, as they had gotten mud fully engrained in between the threads.

    Overall very happy with my purchase. In terms of Sizing, I wear a 11.5-12 and bought a Large and they fit perfectly

    I am sold on these "toe socks" I have not tried any other brand (Are there other brands?), but I don't see why I ever would. Maybe my toe problems just went away because my toes finally caught up to my increased running miles, maybe it was these socks that helped. Either way they feel great in my running shoes, plus I can use them with my flip flops after a run (when it might be a bit cold to be completely barefoot). I bought 1 pair of each of the weight of the running socks, and 1 pair of the original weight. The light weight and original weight are my favorites, at the moment. Love 'em.

    These socks are amazing. The large size fits my 10.5-12 size feet perfectly. I didn't expect it, but these socks are more comfortable than I imagined. The only improvement I can think of would be to decrease the thickness of the sock between the large and index toe. But otherwise, cheaper imitations do not compare. These socks have been worn for general use, not running.

    These socks were a drift from the norm for me. I have ran long distances for over thirty years and always used ordinary socks, albeit those designed for sport. Recently I have started to run in specialist socks as I am aiming at running ultras. So, for the first time I have focussed on socks to preempt any problem this basic bit of kit. I took a leap of faith and ordered two pairs of Injinji socks. The initial feel is odd and, of course, one does concentrate on this in the beginning. However, once the miles go by they all but disappear from ones consciousness. These socks are first class pieces of kit and are now my standard footwear for long runs. They have caused no problem at all and I can see the day they may be my only running sock. They are not cheap, but with proper care they will last a long time and will not add unwanted problems for a runner. Socks should not be felt and these fit the bill. A great product.

    I was really disappointed with these.. I’ve been looking at the Injini socks for some time, they were comfortable and good between the toes but in first wear I got hot spots in the heel area and the material looked really worn after only 1 long run..

    Quality product. Midweight is far more hard wearing than lightweight (which gets holes easily from wear). Good fit too. The back 'lip' shows a little in my ankle trainers (I wear Nike Blazers). Wish they had more plainer colours to choose from too.

    I'm taking part in a 100 km walk, and have been suffering with blisters during training. Several people recommended these socks, and they've made such a difference! They are a bit weird to start with, but I've only had a couple of very small blisters since I started wearing them. I've purchased three more pairs to the actual race day!

    These have sorted a problem with blisters after every run I've had for a very long time. Delighted!!

    love love love these they are really comfortable, no rubbing or blisters

    Bought a few pairs of these (puppy ate my first set!). I appear to have Raynaud's Syndrome in my toes, particularly when training, and these have helped tremendously. Other than that they seem hard wearing and I hope they'll last me a while ...particularly as they're not exactly cheap.

    Snug m, which you need them to be. With toes not touching against each other there's less sweat and slide going on. When I iswd these on a walking trek k wore them under some ski socks and the outcome was great. I would recommend you keep your toenails down though.

    Love these socks. They stop my toenails cutting my toes. Look weird though!

    Decent fabric, expensive sock but they do appear to be top of the range. At this price, you wouldn't want to lose one in the wash!

    I started to get toe pain when running so bought these, they're fab! Very comfy and no pain at all now. No complaints here

    Expensive but worth the money, try them on your long runs, you'll buy more.

    Great socks if you are getting wet feet these. Will stop you getting blisters but they do make you look creepy with your shoes off

    Great socks. Removed all friction points thta I normally suffer from.

    A good buy.

    Loved these to start with but after wearing them for 4 long runs they have holes starting in the big toes (toe nails are short) disappointing