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Darn Tough Topless Stripe No Show Light Sock - Men's
Darn Tough Topless Stripe No Show Light Sock - Men's
  • Lycra,Merino,Nylon,Spandex,Wool
  • Made in USA
  • Performance Fit: No slipping, no bunching, and no blisters. True Seamless: Undetectable seam fusion for an ultrasmooth, invisible feel.
  • Fine Gauge Knitting: Unprecedented durability and our unique "put it on, forget it's on" feel.
  • Fast Action Wicking: Pulls moisture away from skin. Fast drying; Naturally Antimicrobial: Repels bacteria and odor.
  • Merino Wool: The ultimate fiber for breathability and comfort in all conditions.
  • Still made in Vermont, USA. Still unconditionally guaranteed for life.

Topless Stripe. A No Show that knows no bounds when it comes to quietly delivering on the things that matter mostundeniable comfort, durability and fit.

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  • ASIN: B078858HNN
  • Pros: Comfortable, cool, no pinch points for me, and no issues with uncomfortable wet feet even after workouts.

    Neutral: Very thin. No excess bulk means every shoe fits as normal. It helps with a lot of the above points, but there are downsides to that thinness.

    Cons: Visibility - Sock shows significantly when wearing Vans, minorly when wearing my workout shoes, but is actually no show when wearing higher profile running shoes. For something like Vans you'll need the super low profile socks with the rubber grippers on the heel for a true no show look.

    Durability - I wore these very infrequently, 20 washes at the absolute most, and began seeing pilling and threadbare patches developing even before that. According to Darn Tough pilling is normal and caused by friction, and is more likely when wearing socks on carpet or in shoes with a fabric interior. Since I use mine with Vans and mesh-y athletic shoes, I guess this is to be expected.

    I contacted Darn Tough regarding the durability/lifespan of these, and the response was that there is no set or defined lifespan for their socks. While they boast about their unconditional warranty, it's to send your socks in towards a credit for a replacement pair. Personally, I don't want to spend money on another pair of socks that will go threadbare in a few months of regular use.

    Value - So, a comfortable, excellent moisture wicking, sorta-no-show sock which might only last a few months for this price? You'll have to decide if that's worth it to you, but it most certainly is not for me. At equivalent price points, there are other socks out there which perform just as well and last significantly longer. While Darn Tough might make amazing hiking socks, these just seem to miss the mark.

    I found out about Darn Tough crew/hiking socks a few years ago, and proceed to retire all my old socks and replace them with DT. Yes, one pair costs about as much as a 6-pack at a big box store, but they wear well, don't slip, keep your feet dry...and just can't be killed! And if you do manage to mangle one, DT offers a lifetime replacement guarantee.

    I recently started looking short/no-show sock options for dress shoes during the summer. Found these and based on past experience with Darn Tough ordered a pair. Very pleased, they work just like their bigger brothers...fit great, keep my feet comfy and dry in the heat. and absolutely zero slipping down my foot. They are thinner than their crew/hiking socks, much more like the thickness of a traditional dress sock.

    As you can see in the pic, they do show a little bit. This does not bother me, as I MUCH prefer this over the sock sliding off my heel! If you need your socks to be 100% no-show, these may not be the best option for you. I ordered a few more pairs!

    These are my first pair of merino wool socks. I only regret I waited as long as I did to buy socks like these.
    They don't seem that thick, but they feel very thick and comfortable all day long. No more cheap cotton socks for me!

    As no-show socks, these largely succeed. They're not as low as some options (I also have some Ninja Sox now, too). So, in boat shoes, Vans, etc... some sock will probably show. But, in exchange for that, you get socks that fit great and haven't slipped a bit. when wearing with sneakers, you really can't see them, which is nice.

    finally, there isn't much of a seem around the opening, which is really nice. I've had some cheaper no-show socks with a pronounced seam that caused me a lot of discomfort across the top of my foot after a short time. with these socks, definitely not a problem.

    If you're trying to justify spending this much on a single pair of socks, I can definitely say I find it worth the money.

    These are great no show socks. They look good when you have no shoes on, they are low enough that they make you look like a sockless cool guy, and they're made by Darn Tough, which means they'll last forever (if they don't the company will replace them!). My only complaint is that the opening is very tight. So tight that after a few hours the socks leave an impression in your foot. It's not like they're so tight they cut off circulation, but they just are maybe 10% tighter than they need to be to stay put. I'd definitely buy these again, but if you have a beefy club foot, you may want to think twice about it.

    These socks actually keep my feet feeling fresh! Going to the gym always meant peeling off a pair of drenched cotton socks afterwards. I finally decided to try darn toughs work out socks and I’m impressed.

    I use darn tough socks for my work boots as well as my dress shoes. They have every kind of length, thickness, cushion, and even socks with cushion for steel toes.

    Darn tough is a wonderful company to deal with. I’ve called them before before placing an order and they have always been incredibly helpful. And they guarantee their product. Can’t ask for more than that.

    I tried a pair of Darn Tough wool socks several years ago. I wanted a cooler more absorbent sock. I thought the price was crazy high, but they had great reviews, so I tried them. Since then, I’ve purchased several pairs. They’re the best I’ve ever owned. They feel great. They control temperature and moisture well. They come in a lot of colors. They seem indestructible—I still have the first pair and they’re in great shape. Given that durability, the price is fine—my other brands of socks have worn out long ago. And if you’re still not convinced, they come with a great warranty and are made in the good ol’ USA!

    These are the best socks I've found. Sure they're pricey but they are durable, comfortable, and have multiple weights of knitting that allows me to adjust the temperature of my feet. Who knew? My feet stay dry i.e. not cold in winter/not smelly all the time. Awesome. I'm a long haul driver that puts down 100,000 mi/yr. I'm in every kind of crappy weather you can imagine, my feet have never been better. Even that tiny bit of athletes foot between my toes, that would never go away, is gone. I know this sounds like snake oil but if it isn't the socks, it's one heck of a coincidence.

    I love Darn Tough and this is my second pair, though I do have some quibbles. The usual Darn Tough benefits are in full effect here: the merino wool and nylon blend keeps your feet dry and cool (WAY better than cotton or poly), and they’re well-made and durable (lifetime guarantee). But these lack the #1 feature I’ve seen in literally every other no-show sock, which is a small rubbery grip at the heel to prevent slipping. So strange. Also not a fan of the striped, multi-coloured designs that Darn Tough forces upon us — why can’t we just have a solid white or light grey sock?

    Lastly, Darn Tough’s naming conventions are stupid, so don’t get confused by them. Their No Show socks are nothing of the sort and definitely “show” above the tops of your shoes. If you want your socks to be truly hidden, buy these “Topless” models instead of “No Show”.

    Terrible socks bought suggested size for a size 11. I got them on but they cut circulation so bad feet swelled like balloons. And of course I opened them so can’t even send back.
    Wish I could find a retailer that sold socks by proper size instead of 8-12, like one size fits all.

    Have had these a few months and no problems so far

    I used to get really bad cracks on my feet, and don't seem to anymore. I have several pairs of Darn Tough socks, and try to wear them exclusively. Coincidence?

    Quality seems fine but description states Large is for size 10 to 12. I’m a size 10 and had marks around my ankles because they were too small. Unfortunately, item not eligible for return. Expensive to wear only twice.

    Quality is undeniable, size fits and stays in place as advertised!!! They are perfect for sneakers really no show however not as topless as I would like them to be for slip on or boat shoes.

    Continued great products from Darn Tough

    Love them. Great fit and quality

    Great seller & socks