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Balega Ultralight No Show Athletic Running Socks for Men and Women
Balega Ultralight No Show Athletic Running Socks for Men and Women
  • 100% Other Fibers
  • Made in the USA or Imported
  • Hand crafted, high performance Ultralight No Show running socks are lighter and thinner to provide a true minimalist running feel
  • Ultrafine Hi-Tech performance yarns on a high needle counting knitting machine provides the sheerest, lightest sock on the planet while still providing the necessary protection
  • Reinforced cushioned heel and toe for comfort and durability and a broad elastic arch support in both the arch and ankle firmly keep the sock in place
  • Heel tab aids in preventing the sock slipping into your running shoe
  • Left/Right construction method ensures the perfect fit
  • Department Name: womens;unisex-adult

BALEGA ULTRA LIGHT NO SHOW SOCKS :: Speed away in the lightest sock on the planet in your Balega Ultra Light No Show Socks. Protect with reinforced heel and toe cushion while dual elastic bands in the arch and ankle keep these puppies firmly in place. A unique TripleY heel creates a deep pocket that forms to your heel for super fit and comfort.

  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 1 x 3.5 inches
  • Item model number: 212331
  • Date First Available: February 1, 2019
  • ASIN: B07M71BKVM
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #1,959 in Sports & Outdoors (See Top 100 in Sports & Outdoors)
    • #267 in Men's Sports Clothing
    • #7 in Men's Running Socks
    • #315 in Women's Sports Clothing

    I have a number of pairs of Balega socks which I've worn for running, and the Soft Tread is my favorite overall. Here's a few comparative thoughts.

    I've bought five different types of Balega socks in total:

    Balega Soft Tread No Show (Balega Soft Tread No Show - Royal BAL8926)
    Balega Ultralight No Show - THIS PRODUCT
    Balega Hidden Contour (Balega Hidden Contour Socks, Black/Yellow, Large)
    Balega Hidden Comfort (Balega Hidden Comfort Socks, Charcoal, Large)
    Balega Blister Resist No Show (Balega Blister Resist No Show Socks, White, Large)

    The Balega Ultralight are very thin and rather smaller--especially in comparison to the other models. I've bought size Large in every sock, and they vary quite a bit. If you like thin, small socks, you may like the ultralight. Or go a size big if you want them to fit more comfortably.

    On the other hand, the Blister Resist were way too thick and large. They had so much excess material that they felt horrible and my feet moved around in them. They are very hot. The material on the top of the foot is actually very thin, but the bottom makes up for it. That said, They make a comfortable sock to walk around in on my wood floors in the winter. Since I won't run in them, I give them use around the house.

    The Hidden Contour and Hidden Comfort are similar. The Hidden Comfort are a tad thicker. They are both a bit thicker and larger than the Soft Tread socks, but they are comfortable and nicer for winter weather, when I tend to wear them running. If I were buying more, I'd go for the Hidden Comfort. Mine have stayed superbly comfortable longer than the Hidden Contour and still feel more padded.

    I like the Soft Tread best because they are thick enough to be padded and comfortable, but I have to pull them snug on my feet so there is no room for my feet to move against the sock. Also, they are not so thick that I feel my feet get hot -- and I run in 100 degree Texas summer weather. Finally, the Soft Tread are made R and L foot specific, which I've found to be helpful for fit. The Ultralights are as well, but not the other three models, if I recall correctly. Though the Hidden Comfort came with an L on each sock, that stands for "Large", not "Left". Also, the heel tabs on a lot of these sock models, including this one, are great and do a lot to make sure the sock stays in place.

    Hopefully this review helps a few folks decide what Balega sock might be best for them if they're looking to purchase. If you have questions, comment and I'll try to answer them.

    I made fun of people who have dedicated right and left socks. I also made fun of people who wouldn't stop raving about Balega socks. (I spend a lot of time with runners--ultra and marathon types, so socks are a common topic... we are an exciting bunch.) Anyway, I will keep my mouth shut now, because these are indeed magical. I don't know how to describe them other than "silky," but that's the sensation you get with them, and it is pretty great. But beware, this is a gateway sock, and in all likelihood you will soon need another 6 pair for the rest of the days of the week.

    I used to buy whatever sock was thin and cheap. A sock is a sock, right? Turns out I was wrong.

    I first found these over at a Fleet Feet in Scottsdale when I was trying on new running shoes. They handed me a sock to use for the fitting and it was amazingly comfy and thin. Turns out it was a Balega. Because this version is very light and breathable and yet hugs the foot, they really reduce any kind of friction or irritation that might occur with cheaper/looser socks. They are of course seamless, which is a must-have in any sock these days. Plenty of pretty colors to choose from, as well as other versions--something for every runner. I would definitely NOT put these in a dryer, though. Like any good running sock, you want to wash them in cold water and air dry them.

    I went to Fleet Feet store and was told I have inflexible arches because they are very high. I was given the recommendation to purchase Superfeet GREEN Full Length Insole Size B, in addition to Balega socks, and life has been so much better ever since. Granted they were more expensive, but I have more energy throughout the day and I do not come home with sore feet after a day on the job. I work as a nurse and am on my feet for 12 hrs per day. I used to come home and get foot cramps every night with super sore, tired feet; however, this combination has been an amazing Quality of Life Improver!!!

    I’ve been wearing these socks for 10 years and love them. For the first time, I ordered them online. Within an hour of going on a short walk, the seams were busting and threads fraying. Not cool.

    I love my balegas, specifically this style without extra cushioning. I have really high arches so I love the arch support in the socks. They are very durable; I get quite a few runs out of each pair. In contrast, I wore a pair of feetures today that didn't provide the same level of support and left my feet hurting for about two hours after I got home. That never happens when I wear balegas. I highly recommend these socks.

    These are my favorite running socks. They breathe well and allow for just enough extra room in my shoes in the summer when my feet swell, thus preventing the dreaded black toenail. Prior to using this sock, I had three black toenails. The sock I used previously bunched up a little at the toes and became too thick on runs of 6 miles or more. I had even sized up a whole size with my running shoes and switching to these socks cleared up those issues. I have very small feet and these socks indeed feel like a second skin as they hug my whole foot. I love them so much that I started using them for my bootcamp classes too. The tab in the back has just enough cushion to prevent the back from sliding into the shoe. They also come in some really fun colors and it's been nice to move away from the typical white or black socks.

    These socks are AMAZING! They fit like a dream! When you are wearing them, there is no bulging or bunching, no seams that rub on any part of your foot, and they breathe so your feet don’t get hot and sweaty. At first, I bought them just for when I exercise, but they are so comfortable, that I wear them all the time. I promise that you won’t go back to conventional socks once you’ve worn these. They are worth every penny!

    I've been disappointed with Balega socks in the past, so was hesitant on this purchase, but I really like these. Slim, stay in place, wash well. They're pricey, but good good running socks.

    Looked quite small but got them on ok. Not actually worn them running as been v cold so using others but think they will be great.

    Good quality socks

    These socks make my feet feel so good. I use them with my gym shoes. They are wool which I believe is the best fabric for a person's feet - keeps your feet dry and smell free.!

    I am an avid runner but tend to get bad callouses on my feet. These socks basically cured that issue. They're the best, and I'm glad they sell them on amazon, since my favourite retail store stopped stocking them. I wear a size 6 runner and ordered a small.

    I love these socks, they're nice and thin, I don't get sweaty feet or blisters in them! Wish there were more colour options available!

    These are amazing running socks. I've used Feetures and these and both are amazing. I would say these are a bit warmer than Feetures so not as breathable for summer months.

    These are the best socks for Golf I’ve ever found. They stay in place and don’t have the annoying seam across your toes

    Weill buy again!

    Great fit and great for Running

    Buena calidad


    Little bit expensive but fit in!

    Comfortable, lighweight and stay in place.

    Golf et marche rapide mais je les trouves très minces!