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THE II BRO Compression Shorts with Pocket Keep Phone/Keys Tight with 2 Pockets
THE II BRO Compression Shorts with Pocket Keep Phone/Keys Tight with 2 Pockets
  • 80% Nylon 20% Spandex
  • Wash on cool, Hang Dry
  • 100% of profits in April of 2018 will go toward Cancer Warriors Foundation. Our Patented Under Shorts now have a Custom Pocket with a real SILVER infused liner on LEFT and TWO pockets BOTH big enough for any phone.
  • Q: Does your phone bounce around and hit you in the testicles while running? A: “Nope it is tight and secure on my hip in a Silver infused liner that may SAVE MY LIFE.”
  • These shorts really can SAVE LIVES in multiple ways: Being a cancer survivor myself I pledge to give a significant portions of profits to Cancer Warriors Foundation
  • Q: Have you ever had your phone fall out of your pocket and smash on the floor while bench pressing? A: “Not anymore! Now that I have Compression Shorts with Perfectly Placed Pillow Top/Tight/Secure Phone Pockets.”
  • We're Men, We're Men is Tights! TIGHT TIGHTS! Women are working out in sports bra's all over the place. These shorts are most commonly worn as undershorts, however, your welcome to catch a breeze while staying connected and blasting your favorite music. 30 day 100% money back warranty


We have a chance to change the world with these shorts

Our shorts have a one of a kind patented silver pocket with radio frequency wave blocking silver lining. This can protect men's soft tissue area which is most vulnerable to cancer. Our founder survived cancer at age 15 and lost his heroic Father at age 17 from the same vicious disease.

Cameron Siskowic, former NFL & CFL player invented these compression shorts with pockets originally to avoid his phone bouncing around his basketball and weightlifting shorts pocket.

If Cameron's cancer scare leads to these compression shorts preventing just one case of cancer, then it's a WIN!"

The second pocket is an add-on so customers could put their credit cards, wallet, money, or ID cards during a workout or run. It does not eliminate the signal for all phones, but it does reduce potentially harmful cancer-causing radio frequency waves. These shorts are great for travel. Customers can hide their important travel documents or wallet while riding buses, trains, and subways. It can be great to keep important items in a secret pocket at a festival as well. If customers need to use BlueTooth while running or lifting weights, it is suggested to use the pocket on the right without the silver RFID protection pocket.

Even if you decide not to purchase these shorts, please be mindful of where you place your phone and the potentially harmful side effects. It's always best to error on the side of caution.

  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Package Dimensions: 10.1 x 6 x 0.7 inches
  • Date First Available: November 26, 2016
  • ASIN: B01N6BB9S0
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #53,897 in Sports & Outdoors (See Top 100 in Sports & Outdoors)
    • #4317 in Running Clothing
    • #27771 in Men's Shops
    • #794 in Men's Athletic Shorts

     Shorts are great all around. They work great for running and working out. I've never been a fan of carrying my phone with me while exercising because of the way it moves around in typical shorts. And it was always a pain to consider how I was going to carry my keys and cards around when running. These shorts take the stress out of that, and make my exercise routine way more enjoyable and stress-free. In the last six months I have started losing weight and have lost about 13 pounds so far. These shorts fit into my more active lifestyle. My wife likes the way I look in them since losing the weight, and knowing that she can reach me on my phone whenever I am out exercising.

    Over time, I've purchased 3 pair of these shorts. I'll describe the differences.
    Version 1 - I was very happy with my first pair. It had 1 pocket that could stretch to almost every phone size. Fits as expected.
    Version 2 - This pair was above and beyond what I expected. It had two pockets. One that was for phones and one for WALLETS! I couldn't ask for a better setup. Such an excellent change from v1.
    Version 3 - This change was perhaps the worst "upgrade" for these shorts. It now has two pockets that are phone size. Yes, phone size! If you carry two phones while exercising... well these are perfect. But no person that I know does that. I'd grade the current version as fair. Fits as expected.
    I do hope the company has a chance to address this issue.

    Im 5'6 over 135lbs. I'm not big on tight compression. I like the active close to skin but not uncomfortable or constricting feel. Bought the large like all of my compression clothes. Fits great. Side pocket is big enough for galaxy s6 with wallet case and right side pocket for my keys. Worn this for two days straight, 48hrs, love them.

    Update: Months have past now since I first bought them. Theyre still my favorite pair. I bought more since this review. Nothings come apart and still super comfortable. I use these for swimming, hiking, climbing, fencing, working out, runs, and overall most active things.

    I like the shorts. The mediums fit me perfectly - male, 5-10, 165. The only issue other than cost (I think they are expensive) the phone pocket is a bit small for my S8+ and thin case. It would not work with my folio case and I am worried that the pocket will stretch out over time and ruin the shorts. I have only used them 5-6 times so far and no issues. I'll update after a few months of use. I will say it holds the phone very securely when I run. There is no bouncing and I don't even notice the phone is there. It isn't easy to get to the phone however once it is in the pocket. That isn't an issue for me since when I am running I don't use the phone other than to listen to music. I can answer a call with my headphones. The pocket has a little flap that will prevent the phone from falling out. Once it is in the pocket, it is not going anywhere.

    So these shorts fit as expected. I wasn't looking for super high quality keep my stuff in place compression shorts. I was simply looking for something to keep my phone in place while i attempt to run. So far - i have worn these shorts about 6 times and i have not experienced any issues with the stitching or the Bluetooth disconnection that has been mentioned in the comments below. I own a Pixel 2 XL and have not had a problem. The phone fits perfectly in my pocket and stays in play while i run. It does pull my shorts down a little but not enough where they are tripping me or showing my behind as i run. overall i think these are pretty decent shorts for the purpose of having my phone stay in place while i run,

    I am 6’ 1” tall and weigh 145 pounds. The size medium works well for me. My iPhone 6 Plus in a Ballistic case is a snug fit in the pocket. The level of compression is perfect for me. It is not super tight fit like the big name compression shots but rather a close comfortable fit. My phone when positioned in the pocket sits pretty much centered on my hip and perhaps just a slight bit rearward. I use the shorts for running and after three distance runs I can certainly confirm that my phone is held securely in position. The days of my phone bouncing around in my running shorts pocket is a thing of the past. I find the quality and workmanship to be excellent. I also like the fact that they have two pockets. I have nothing negative to say about these shorts. Before purchasing these shorts I contacted the company using the link on their site. All my questions were answered quickly and thoroughly. I felt that they were personally interested in taking my questions and making sure I was satisfied. I highly recommend that you give these shorts a try if you are looking for something to securely hold your cell phone for whatever activity you may be doing. Five stars for sure.

    I have a 32 waist and the Mediums fit just fine. After wearing them for just 2 hours, the waistband has started to warp. Also, if you want a more compressive short, these aren't it. It doesn't feel like they have 4-way stretch and they don't wrap the skin as close as, say, Under Armour or my Hylete light compression shorts. The pockets are fine, it fits my Pixel 2 phone. I found better pairs from Take Five, Wolaco, and New Balance that also have pockets. I'd like to see a re-design of the waistband and 4-way stretch before I buyt these again.

    I've been wearing these almost weekly for a couple of years now and they are still going strong. I actually have 2 pairs and just came back to buy another just to realize how expensive they have gotten! I bought these 2.5 years ago for $14.99 and now they're nearly $40!!! I really love these shorts but that's a lot to ask (hence the 4 starts instead of the 5). The only 2 issues that I have with this is that they do tend to run a bit small. I understand that they are supposed to be compression shorts but I'm 5'4", 28 waist, and have decent size legs but I still get a pretty nice imprint on my waist when I wear these shorts. I would have perhaps been better off buying a medium. The other issue is that my phone does get wet after a run or heavy workout but I have a screen protector and a case so it's not that big of a deal. Other than that, great pair of shorts... just don't know if it's worth $40.