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Darn Tough Steely Micro Crew Cushion Sock - Men's
Darn Tough Steely Micro Crew Cushion Sock - Men's
  • Performance Fit: No slipping, no bunching, and no blisters. True Seamless: Undetectable seam fusion for an ultrasmooth, invisible feel.
  • Fine Gauge Knitting: Unprecedented durability and our unique "put it on, forget it's on" feel.
  • Fast Action Wicking: Pulls moisture away from skin. Fast drying; Naturally Antimicrobial: Repels bacteria and odor.
  • Merino Wool: The ultimate fiber for breathability and comfort in all conditions.
  • Still made in Vermont, USA. Still unconditionally guaranteed for life.


A cushioned toe box is designed to integrate with steel toe boots and deliver extra comfort and warmth. The Steely feels as good at the end of the day as they do when you first put them on.

Like you, Darn tough knows a thing or two about hard work. It’s what their mill thrives on. They designed their Work line of socks to outperform even the toughest work conditions with no days off. Bombproof construction and attention to detail deliver durability day after day, year after year. Darn Tough's unique performance fit provides reams of comfort and a sock that keeps up with you no matter what. Low maintenance, high yield. From searing heat to bitter cold, if you’re out there working, Darn Tough work socks are with you.

Worker on tractor wearing Darn Tough work sock

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  • ASIN: B07BQ634MZ
  • Item model number: 2007
  • I was a dedicated Smartwool fan. But about 6 months ago I purchased 3 pair of these Darn Tough socks for a hiking trip in Nepal. My experience with Smartwool is that they'll last ONLY IF you wash them every two days. Well, that wasn't possible in Nepal. Anyway, these Darn Tough socks were great. And I'd easily get 5 days wear without odor build-up. Most important, they showed absolutely no sign of wear after 2 months and about 10 washings. They really were tough! My Smartwools would have disintegrated under the same use. I'm gonna go with Darn Tough from now on. The Smartwools do feel cushier when I first put'm on. But, once on, both brands perform the same... except the Darn Toughs are much more durable and can handle abuse (straight wearing for day after day), while the Smartwools show degradation in the heel if you wear them more than two days. BTW, I only buy Darn Tough's 'boot heel' style of sock. I haven't tried their thinner socks.

    My husband started a new job, and he was coming home with his feet aching, and he was developing sores and rashes on his feet. His feet were being destroyed from his steel toe boots and wet socks from the rain. So after waterproofing his boots, getting him a shoe dryer, and it still not improving I then decided he needed new socks. Someone recommended these, and I saw the price and hesitated. I finally gave in and purchased them. After 3 days of him wearing them. We bought another..... he now has 3 pairs. His rashes and sores are gone. Best damn socks ever. Worth every single penny!!!!

    First impressions:

    I wore these for six hours right after I received them. They are soft, smooth, and truly seamless. Even after six hours, the socks did not move an inch; they did not sag, twist, or bunch. My feet were dry after removing them, and the socks don't smell at all. This is after six hours inside a steel toe leather boot while running around an auto mechanic shop.

    The full cushion toe is perfect for steel toe boots, you can barely feel the steel toe from inside the boot. My boots run a little big and I slip around a little bit in them; no pilling whatsoever.

    I hear that these last for years of constant wear, so I'll check in later on that note.

    In conclusion, worth every penny so far.

    *** Update:
    After putting almost three years on some of my pairs of these socks, they're still holding up well. A few pairs are getting just a bit thin in the back of the heel, but they are far from "worn out". Keep in mind that I'm wearing these at least once a week for work - so call it 150 wears and washes and they're still good socks. Darn, they're tough!

    Original review:
    I wear a size 12 and bought the large socks. They fit, but just barely. If you're a big 12 I would buy an XL. I love these socks. I bought two pair and have loved wearing them all day so I bought three more pair today - these will be the only work socks I wear all week. What's so great about them? The heel and toe box are both full cushion (these are the orange parts) and are soft and squishy to protect my toes in my boots. The top of the sock is rather thin, which is great for ventilation. The shaft of the sock fits snugly without being restrictive on my calf. I bought these partly-wool socks to combat the nasty odor of my sweaty dogs, and it works so far. These are a good combo of weight and cushion for a heavy summer sock. I think for winter use I would get a sock with a bit more material all around for warmth.

    These are expensive, but so long as Darn Tough carries through on their lifetime warranty, I figure that I can spend $20 per pair now and never buy more socks for the rest of my life. Not a bad deal. You won't regret buying these for work socks.

    After reading a recommendation for the Darn Tough brand online I decided to splurge on a pair of these socks for work. I've always been the type to just buy a big bag of cheap cotton socks a couple times a year and toss them as soon as they start to get holes.

    After receiving these socks I wore them right out of the package for a workday and ordered enough pairs for an entire week after I got home! These things are great and worth every penny. The extra cushioning helps loads with fatigue and the fabric stays dryer than the white cotton I'm used to.

    As an added benefit they don't trap the smell like cotton does either.

    If you're tough on socks, or just on your feet all day, it's worth giving a pair of these a try. I'll never go back to the big bag of cotton cheapies.

    We purchased 2 pair of these as a gift for my brother. He bought me 2 pair at the same time... LOL... anyway, they are great... I tried them on when I had a cold recently and they made me feel oh so much better... may have cured my cold or at least lessened it. Now I wear them out to the garage... out to bbq and out to get the mail... I live in the country... sort of upscale country but they are perfect for going from the TV room out to BBQ or just to pop outside and not have to chase down a pair of shoes... REALLY GREAT PRODUCT and holding up very well to washing every 2 days... I like these so much, I am going to make them part of a gift pack for my neighbors next holiday season... Socks + Wine + Gingerbread cookies... Honestly, try these 1 time... wear them for at least 2 hours and you will be HOOKED !

    I now own about 8 pair of "Darn Tough" socks. From the over the calf to the just over the ankle ones. I have become a big fan. Price may be a little scary at first, but the comfort and durability makes it worth it. I have worn them for working in the yard in both hot and cold weather and to my surprise during hot weather my feet do not get over heated and cold weather they feel toasty. So they are all weather socks. The over the calf ones stay over the calf. I definitely feel the extra cushion in the sole as it is like walking on a nice plush carpet.

    Bought these after a friend highly recommended Darn Tough. Generously thick at the foot, comfortable fit and feel great with it without footwear. I haven't had them outside yet, but expect comfortable warmth in a boot as they were notably warm compared to the 'Walmart special' work socks that I changed out of as soon as these arrived at my door. Looking forward to purchasing additional pairs.

    These will be the last work socks you'll ever need to buy! Extremely comfortable, very breathable and the warranty on these can't be beat. Worth every penny; I'd not hesitate to recommend these to anyone needing the highest quality work socks.

    Absolutely love these. If you guys made a running sock I dont think Id buy any other brand.

    I have 6 of these for work and easy 10+ hr days 6 days a week in heavy boots with a lot of walking and moving around. Not a single issue with these at all. Easily the best boot sock Ive had.

    Love the fit and finish and no pilling. I wear nothing but wool as they keep your feet warm in winter and cool in summer. Your better to spend a little more on a Darn Tough that buy 2 or 3 cheap pairs of socks.

    I had a another pair of darn tough socks in size medium but they were slightly too small and got pulled down all the time. Got these in size large and they're perfect. More cushioning too.

    Nice. Fit well and feel good. Time will tell if they are worth it!

    Bought these for my husband who works a construction job. He says they are the best socks ever. They actually fit a little big. He wears a 15 and the largest size is slightly too big, which is a nice change!

    You get what you pay for with these Sox. Luxurious comfort for work boots. Spoil yourself and get two!

    Great socks time will tell

    Not stinky

    Nice fit. The most comfortable socks. No slip.

    I bought two pairs of these and they're the first socks I go to out of the wash. I need 5 more pairs.

    Fine socks.

    Great sock, comfortable. First choice for my son in laws feet

    Darn tough are the only socks I ever buy now. They are properly sized, comfortable and durable