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Gildan Men's G2000 Ultra Cotton Adult T-Shirt, 2-Pack
Gildan Men's G2000 Ultra Cotton Adult T-Shirt, 2-Pack
  • Solids: 100% Cotton; Sport Grey And Antique Heather: 90% Cotton, 10% Polyester; Safety Colors And Heather: 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Pull On closure
  • Machine Wash
  • 0.7" high
  • 14" wide
  • Industry leading assortment of colors

Gildan is one of the world's largest vertically integrated manufacturers of apparel and socks. Gildan uses cotton grown in the USA, which represents the best combination of quality and value for Gildan cotton and cotton blended products. Since 2009, Gildan has proudly displayed the cotton USA mark, licensed by cotton council international, on consumer's product packaging and shipping materials. Gildan environmental program accomplishes two core objectives: reduce our environmental impact and preserve the natural Resources being used in our manufacturing process. At all operating levels, Gildan is aware of the fact that we operate as a part of a greater unit: the environment in which we live and work.

  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Product Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 0.7 inches
  • Item model number: G2000P2
  • Date First Available: November 18, 2017
  • ASIN: B07611Y7NN
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #31 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry (See Top 100 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry)
    • #3 in Men's T-Shirts
    • #21 in Men's Shops

    I recommend these T-shirts. I am 5'8" and 140", I do not like tight T-shirts so I bought a large. I am happy with it, although I am sure that a medium would have worked as well.

    I will compare the Gilden T-shirt with the Fruit of the Loom Platinum that you will see at Wal-Mart.

    Pro - The Gilden appears to be better built and the sizing was consistent on the two T-shirts that came in the package. The neck was smaller, without being tight. I am guessing that fabric around the neck will not wrinkle up, unlike many Fruit of the Looms. There were no loose threads, unlike many Fruit of the Loom. Gilden has heavier fabric, which is better most of the year where I live (east Tennessee). I do not want a see-through T-shirt. Also, no one who sees me would want me wearing a see-through T-shirt.

    Con - The Fruit of the Loom is much softer. Also, I think that the Gilden shrank significantly in the first wash. The shrinkage seemed to be in t in the shoulders and in the length. I would say that the T-shirt went from a large to a medium. It still fits but I had wanted a large T-shirt, not a medium. I washed the T-shirt in warm water with two minutes in the dryer on Energy-Saving. Gilden has a tag which is not as good as Fruit of the Loom (no tag). I cut the tag out without any problem and now the Gilden is fine. Gilden is slightly more expensive but both brands are inexpensive.

    Neutral - Neither brand bleeds color. I have only washed the Gilden one time so I do not know whether it will fade. My Fruit of the Loom T-shirts fade but it takes many washes for that to occur.

    I hope that this review is helpful to you.

    Update - June 2, 2020. The Gildan T-shirts that I bought previously held up reasonably well for the money. They did not shrink after the initial shrinkage. They did not fade. However, they did not get softer. Also, my guess about the necks was wrong. The necks on several of the T-shirts got wrinkly and did not lay flat. Washing was on warm and drying was three minutes on energy saver. I recognize that I have owned the T-shirts for awhile and they have gotten some use.

    I purchased some more Gildans to replace the ones that wore out. The new Gildans are much more like the Fruit of the Loom Platinums. I have not washed them yet. I bought Galapagos Blue and Orange in Large size. Both are 100% cotton. The new T-shirts are much softer and much thinner fabric than the prior Guildans. The necks seem smaller than the Fruit of the Loom Platinums that I own. I like that because I have a small head so I don't need a big neck. I am still 5'8" and 140 pounds and the Large is comfortable for me. A medium would fit me better; however, I am expecting shrinkage and I like a loose-fit T-shirt.

    I will let you know how well the new Gildans do after washing in warm water and drying for three minutes on energy saving heat.

    Notably, I have some old Fruit of the Loom T-shirts (like ten years or more) which are reasonably thick, reasonably soft, and still going strong after all this time. I wish that I had bought more of them.

    June 10, 2020 - After one wash in warm water and three minutes in the dryer, the new Gildans did not shrink or fade. Also, the necks did not stretch. However, the T-shirts did not become softer. Therefore, three out of the four results were good and one result was neutral.

    My husband actually has T-shirts older than our college-age grandson. Some looked as if he was present and against the wall at the Valentine's Day Massacre. I've slowly been trashing them as he brings them to be laundered and I was looking to replace some of his around-the house T-shirts. He likes them reasonably soft and medium weight. I sent off for a set of two of these and he really likes them. He wore them one right after the other, and the second they had went thru wash and dry cycle, he put them on again. Which made it appear that he'd been wearing the same shirt (after second wash) for six days. So, I sent off for 4 more in different colors and he actually scooped up the package and thanked me for getting them for him. He has never thanked me for buying him clothes! Do soak them in the sink in cold water to make sure the dye is not going to run first. So far shrinkage was minimum, but I am glad that I purchased on size up. This isn't dress wear, but these T-shirts are really nice and he wears them almost everywhere he goes. The colors are great and they look pretty darn good.

    I have purchased and worn Gildan cotton tee shirts for many years, decades really. These are disappointing. For specificity, I note these particular shirts were manufactured in Nicaragua, unlike Gildan shirts that I am happy with that were made in other countries.

    I won't make the mistake of buying Gildan shirts anymore unless I can inspect the garments in person first.

    I purchased shirts in 3 different colors through two separate orders. I have the same reaction to all shirts in all colors.

    FABRIC IS A BIT STIFF (award 4 stars): First the good things: Fabric quality is pretty good, though a bit stiffer-feeling than other Gildan tees I currently own. Take off 1 star for stiffness.

    GOOD STITCHING (award 5 stars): All the sewing and stitching seem to be well executed.

    VIBRANT COLOR( award 5 stars): The color is vibrant and seems durable after several washings already.

    UNCOMFORTABLE TAGS IN BACK OF NECK (award 2 stars): The fabric tags at the back of the neck are irritating. I removed them from every shirt. Plus, they are long skinny tags sewn in along one short side, so they always stick up out the back of the neck if not removed.

    SLEEVE AND WAIST HEMS ROLL UP (award 1 star): The hems on the sleeves and the waist roll up and stay up. They are hard to roll down. The more the shirts are laundered, the worse the rolling and staying rolled becomes. This makes the shirts a real chore to tuck in and unkempt looking at the sleeves when wearing.

    Used to be, ages ago before online shopping, that the big brands (Hanes, Fruit of the Loom) always made reliable t-shirts. Lately, not so much the case, and it seems to be more difficult to just find a comfortable, quality t-shirt that isn't overpriced. I rely on these for sleeping, along with a comfy pair of shorts, but my aged t-shirts, from Champion, are wearing out, and I can't find those anymore.

    So, looking at t-shirts I've liked, that I've bought at sporting events or motorsports events, I noticed a lot of them were Gildan shirts, and all of them were comfortable and durable and fit well. That's what led me to a search for that brand, and I found these.

    Ordered them up, and, for an affordable price, they are terrific, and just like the ones for which I pay twenty five bucks or more, when buying emblazoned with a logo or whatever at an event kiosk, so, yup, the same outstanding shirts, just far less pricey. Now that I've tried these, I'm going to order up some more, and finally retire my old worn out t-shirts that have served me so well all these years.

    A great find!

    These are my husband's favorite shirts, they are thick and durable. We will be buying more.

    As expected this shirt is heavy %100 cotton. It is what I was hoping for. I usually wear a LG to XL (I have broad shoulders and am carrying extra weight around the middle and chest). After reading other reviews I decided to buy 3packs of 2XL hoping they would shrink to my size. I added some pictures to show the side to side shrinkage (about an inch after 1 wash in warm water and heavy dryer setting. I was sick of getting that thin material in all the t-shirts from the big W and other stores. They are still a bit big but I know that after a couple more washes they will fit better. I wanted a heavier material for work and also to hide a bit of gut until I lose the weight. Because these are %100 cotton after time I'm guessing they might need folding or ironing (I only hang my t's and they didn't need after 1 wash). They have double stitching and a good quality neck...no stretching so far. The colour in 2 of the pics looks grayish but all six shirts were black (it was just the flash).

    I won't buy these again. I don't know if all Gildan t-shirts are like this, but the fabric is rough and hasn't softened in several washes. The fit, in this order and in another with long-sleeved shirts, is erratic. Half of the shirts fit and half were too small. I had to stretch the neck in most of them, even if the body fit. The length was good, though, which is important, but when half the order is unwearable, length doesn't bring much satisfaction. The order arrived on time and appropriately packaged.

    I bought these to replace shirts I've been wearing for nearly a decade that have stretched beyond recognition and were covered in holes. I enjoy wearing loose t-shirts while lounging indoors, and finding shirts that "fit" can be difficult for me as I'm very wide. Usually when I get a shirt that fits well on my shoulders, it's like a tarp everywhere else.

    These were a pleasant surprise. They fit alright on my shoulders and the length goes down to the edge of my stomach. They could stand to be an inch or two longer, but it's nice to wear a shirt that doesn't make me feel like I'm recreating a camping experience.

    These were as expected, fit well, didn’t shrink much when washed, are a nice colour and feel like decent heavy material.
    The only problem is I’ve been having many seams come undone, mostly the bottom hem is unraveling on both shirts, after not many uses.
    I got them as wok shirts, so it doesn’t matter a lot, but not a great sign of longevity.

    The material feels like good quality, especially for the price. It's a bit on the thick side, which is good for durability, but not so much for breathability. Not sure if this is an ideal t-shirt for a hot summer day.

    The fit isn't bad. It's a little tight for my taste, but still wearable. The neck is a bit narrow, but not too, too bad (not uncomfortable).

    The colour (yellow) is extremely vibrant. I quite like it, but it may be a bit too in your face for some people.

    Yo la usé para un vestido oversized
    Quedo muy bien
    La calidad es excelente, muy bien el color y material!

    Ordered these for my husband to wear to work. The material did not feel nice at all, very cheap, but we figured for the price it was still pretty good. It did not take long for holes to start appearing in the shirts (maybe a couple of months). He kept wearing them a bit longer only because they were worn as undershirts so you could not see the holes. However, you obviously do not want new clothes to have holes in them for no reason. Would not buy again.

    I am a big guy who is hard to fit, but these shirts fit me perfectly, with enough room for expansion so I don't have to be too concerned with whether they will still fit if I put on a few pounds. I like a very loose fit, so the 4XL is perfect for me, and it's a genuine North American 4XL, not just something that says so, but actually comes in Asian sizes (far too small) The cotton is very soft too, which makes them a pleasure to wear. Throw free Amazon shipping in, and you have quite a great deal for t-shirts. I am definitely buying me some more of these.

    Il est assez léger pour se porter aisément sous un polo ou une chemise, mais est suffisamment épais pour être porté seul également.T-shirt simple et parfait pour porter à la maison ou la fin de semaine! Tissu de qualité, la couleur reçue reflète celle commandée.

    Le col ne se déforme pas et le chandail reprend bien sa forme après le lavage. Tolère la laveuse et la sécheuse sans problème! À voir si cela perdure dans le temps.

    Très satisfait!

    Alrighty i'll admit it i am a bit of a Phatty.

    I am not small, not short but also not very tall. Rough and dirty i am 5'11" and Shoulder to shoulder 24" across and 48" all the way around at the widest point. Id say i am taller in the torso than average for my height.

    Often i will buy a 3xl tall to avoid the belly button shirt look.

    This shirt Fits decently, i wear my pants low... top of the back crack & under me wee belly and these shirts naturally rest at just barely covering the hem on my front pockets and cover my belt in the back.

    They are not the softest shirt i have ever worn. However they are a bit starchy but would say they are not itchy and comfortable enough to wear all day and into the night.

    I have washed them twice in cold water and dried them on extra low and they look fine i barely dry most my shirts for fear of losing an inch or 2 and turning them into crop tops. but under similar conditions i have had other shirts tighten up these have not.

    I have 4 of the darker Heather grey and 2 of the antique red.

    I am going to try and wash with some fabric softener & they could be a tad longer, but i am happy enough with them.

    If your prefer cotton fabric to synthetics, you will love this brand of t-shirt. Made of excellent quality, thick cotton knit fabric, these shirts make an excellent, easy to wear shirt on their own, or under sweaters, work clothes and uniforms. They are colour fast in warm water for heavy duty cleaning, or cool water for regular cleaning, and have minimal shrinking. They have a generous fit that stays consistent after many wearings ; allowing movement without being loose and sloppy. Their length is adequate to fit and stay tucked into pants without pulling out while working, and all seams are well finished and resist pulling, curling or tearing. They stay neat and tidy looking after many, many heavy wearings and washings. Highly recommended because of their great value and quality.

    Shirt feels pretty heavy, though not excessively so. Fits as expected. My first impressions were very good.

    But then I wore and washed it 2 times and one of the shirt's seams has come apart at the armpit AND at the end of the sleeve on the same arm. The other shirt seems to be holding up much better though under the same conditions so it seems like a quality control issue.

    If both shirts had held up well after washing, I probably would've given it a 4 or 5 star rating, but as it stands I can't recommend these shirts. You definitely get what you pay for with GILDAN products.

    I'm honestly surprised by some of the bad reviews for this shirt. For the price per shirt these are well worth it. Seriously, what do some people expect for a shirt that is under ten bux? Some people need to learn how to do laundry I think.

    If they have a negative it's that the shoulder seam rides a little low. Perfect for that oversized look but if you are looking for a fitted look these won't be for you. Other than that there isn't much else to complain about for an under 10 dollar shirt.

    Quality of fabric is there strong material is t-shirt for work only think i have with this is if you buy 5xl after first wash even if you follow advise your t-shirt will reduce in size it will become 4xl reduce every where even if you dont put it in drying machine. It really suck you have 4 choice loose weight give it or use it as a rag or give it.

    The product is great just buy bigger size 1 or 2 size more reduce in lenght and size.

    The shirts fit well, I have broad shoulders and they are still able to fit comfortably. The colour is not quite the same as in the picture, but not far off. They are a thicker cotton than the fruit of the loom shirts I have previously.